Gateway Capital Campaign

Frederica Academy Gateway Capital Campaign

In 2022, Frederica Academy embarked on a $10,000,000 capital campaign, entitled The Gateway Campaign.


This campaign will improve and strengthen the FA student experience. Constructing and maintaining first-rate facilities that serve an expanding student body (possibly as many as 550 students) creates: 1) more opportunities for friendships and more opportunities to learn from peers; 2) more teachers who add a wider variety of interests, expertise, and teaching styles to the classroom mix; and 3) more diversity of curricular programming both in terms of levels of courses and variety of courses.


Expanding and strengthening our academic and extracurricular programming is critical to FA maturing. Providing generations of students with a high quality educational experience is the surest way to solidify the brand of the school over time, and the momentum created by this campaign and the resulting school improvements will define this chapter of the school’s positive legacy.


As of May 2024, more than $10 million in gifts, pledges, and challenge commitments has been raised that will fund all of the Gateway Campaign projects.


Once all of the Gateway Campaign projects are completed, we will turn our attention with great enthusiasm to previously identified high priority facility needs not included in the Gateway Campaign, and topping that list is the construction of a second gym.

Please contact John Pope in the Advancement Office regarding the Spring 2023 Gateway Challenge Gift Campaign.


John Pope

Associate Head of School

Chief Advancement Officer

(912) 223-5700