Frederica Academy has significantly increased its need-based student financial aid budget because of its partnership with the Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund.  Frederica Academy has raised over $4.4 million in Apogee financial aid funds since the program started eight years ago.

The Georgia Tuition Tax Credit Scholarship program allows Georgia taxpayers to receive an income tax credit for donations to registered Student Scholarship Organizations (SSOs).  Once pre-approved by the Georgia Department of Revenue, participating taxpayers make a donation to a registered SSO.  When making the donation, the donor designates a participating independent school to receive the funds.  Frederica Academy selected the Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund to be its primary SSO partner.

A donor must be a Georgia taxpayer and must designate one of the following filing statuses:
  • Individual filer
  • Married individual who files separately
  • Married couple filing jointly  
  • Member of an LLC
  • Partner in a Partnership
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp or Trust
Up to 75% of Georgia tax liability (Jan. 2022)
Up to 75% of Georgia tax liability