Health and Well Being

Our health and wellness programs develop mind, body, and spirit for the entire school community.

  • Health Education - educate the school community about various health topics
  • Healthy Environment - recognize environmental health and safety concerns,  promote a nurturing social environment,  develop and  refine School Crisis Plan
  • Health Services - coordinate health services and provide episodic and ongoing health care for students and school employees
  • Mental Health - provide health counseling, assess mental health needs and refer students and parents to school counselors or community agencies as needed
  • Nutrition - encourage healthy food options in lunchroom and classrooms
  • Parent/Community Involvement - promote community involvement in creating a healthy school environment
  • Physical Activity - promote healthy physical education, sports policies and practice
  • Screening - provide ongoing and regular screening of immunizations, hearing, vision, and other health parameters for students and faculty
  • Staff Wellness - promote healthy activities and a healthy environment for school staff 

Nikki Pope

Frederica Academy 

School Nurse


Email Nurse Pope

(912) 638-9981 ext. 492