Health and Well Being

Our health and wellness programs develop mind, body, and spirit for the entire school community.

  • Health Education - educate the school community about various health topics
  • Healthy Environment - recognize environmental health and safety concerns,  promote a nurturing social environment,  develop and  refine School Crisis Plan
  • Health Services - coordinate health services and provide episodic and ongoing health care for students and school employees
  • Mental Health - provide health counseling, assess mental health needs and refer students and parents to school counselors or community agencies as needed
  • Nutrition - encourage healthy food options in lunchroom and classrooms
  • Parent/Community Involvement - promote community involvement in creating a healthy school environment
  • Physical Activity - promote healthy physical education, sports policies and practice
  • Screening - provide ongoing and regular screening of immunizations, hearing, vision, and other health parameters for students and faculty
  • Staff Wellness - promote healthy activities and a healthy environment for school staff 

Health Forms: Needed for School

Student Health Information & Consent

We collect updated Student Health Information and Parent Consent for Treatment each new school year during the online enrollment/re-enrollment process. If health information changes, please contact our school nurse.

Students with special medical conditions, severe allergies, or asthma will need a copy of an Asthma Action PlanAnaphalaxis Action Plan, or other Action Plan on file. The plan must be signed by a physician and returned to school before the first day of class. Please call our nurse to discuss any special medical concerns.

Pre-Participation Physical Exam Form 

(Athletic Screening) ​​​​- Required of each Middle and Upper School student each new school year. PPEs are provided at school each Spring and cover the child for the next school year. If parents opt to have their own physician do the exam, the Frederica forms must be used.

Click here for more information and access to the form.

Georgia Form 3231—Proof of Immunization 

(Obtain from your doctor or Glynn County Health Department) - This form is required for all rising PK, K, and 7th graders and also for new students from outside GA entering at any grade level. Form 3231 certifies that the child has all vaccines required for school attendance in GA.  Medical exemption from certain vaccines is indicated on Form 3231.  Parents who have objection to immunization (non-medical) will need to complete and file an affidavit -- GA Form 2208.  

Per GA law, during an epidemic or threatened epidemic, we will follow the recommendation of the Department of Public Health or the CDC regarding exclusion of un-immunized students.

Georgia Form 3300 - Proof of Eye, Ear, and Dental Exam 

(Obtain from your doctor, Glynn County Health Department, or our school nurse) - This form is required for all students entering school in PK or K, and for all new students from outside GA entering at any grade level.

Prescription Medication Form

This is necessary if your child is on any long term (greater than 2 weeks duration) prescription medication that will be given during the school day or on field trips. This form requires a physician’s signature. Click here for the form.

If your child will be taking a short term prescription (for example, a 2 week antibiotic), we must have a note from the parents directing that the medication be given to the student at school. Specific information regarding medicine, dosage and administration time must be clearly stated. Prescription medication should be provided in a medication container with the prescription on the label. The medication and note should be delivered to the school nurse or receptionist in the front office. 

Health Topics and Tips

Heart-Safe School

Frederica Academy is a certified Heart-Safe School, as part of the ongoing program, Project S.A.V.E. We have maintained this certification every year since 2006. 

Project S.A.V.E. is a lifesaving program that was created to educate school systems and doctors about pediatric sudden cardiac arrest. The goal of the program is to raise awareness about the frequency of sudden cardiac arrest, possible early warning signs and the need for a timely response.

S   Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A   Awareness

V   Vision for Prevention

E   Education

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