Knights in Extended Day (KiX)

The Frederica Academy KiX program (Knights in Extended Day), is available for FA students in Pre-Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.  Any one who may want to use the extended day services during the 2022-2023 School Year should complete a KiX form.  Ideally, all lower school students will have a completed form on file in case something comes up and a child needs to attend at the last minute.


KiX is located in The Knights Castle (the former Georgia Power building immediately to the right upon entering campus before you go through the FA Gate).  There are age appropriate activities taking place in different rooms. Older students are encouraged to work on homework during the time they are at KiX.   


The program begins at 2:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 p.m. Students enter the program at the conclusion of their regular school day.  When After School Programs begin, students can go to KiX upon completion of that activity as well.


The fee structure for KiX is different this year.  Attendance at KiX is billed on an hourly basis. “Frequent Flyers” receive a reduced rate based on how many hours a child is in attendance at KiX.  For multiple siblings, we offer a 10% discount for the oldest sibling.  All of this information is detailed on the KiX Registration Form.  Please click HERE to access the KiX Registration Form and to learn more about the KiX Program.


Click HERE to email Heather Day, KiX Program Director, for more information.