Knights Table

About Us

Welcome to the Knights Table!  With Chef Sunny at the helm, The Knights Table crew provides lunch and morning break service at Frederica Academy each full day that school is in session.  The Knights Table is located in Hamilton Hall and there are tables for dining in Hamilton Hall as well as outside.


The goal of the Knights Table is to balance good nutrition in our food offerings along with what the students want to eat!  To meet this goal, food is prepared in the Knights Table kitchen by Chef Sunny and her crew but each month’s menu is also sprinkled with offerings from local restaurants like Chic-Fil-A, Grandy’s and Mellow Mushroom.  Please check the menu in the Sunday email each week or on the website ( to see what is being offered for the main entrée.  This year we will have a salad bar available for build your own salad or sandwich.  Most days, there is a soup of the day and you can always find prepackaged items like yogurt, string cheese and prepared sandwiches available for purchase.  Powerades, Body Armor, fruit juices, milk and water are also found in the cooler each day.


Mondays are usually the days when outside food vendors are brought on campus, Mexican style food is offered on Tuesdays, and Fridays are always Pizza Day!  Mellow Mushroom is one of our favorite pizza vendors but stay tuned and check the menu for other types of offerings on Pizza Day this year!  Chef Sunny and her team showcase their culinary skills on the other days of the week.


1st through 12th grade will go through the lunch line each day to make their lunch purchases.  Of course, students are welcome to bring their own lunch and eat with their class.  The microwaves will be back in use this year.  If you are sending your child with something to be heated, please be sure that they are trained in how to use a microwave and how to handle hot items.


PreK and Kindergarten students eat in their classrooms.  Again, students are welcome to bring their own lunch OR you can order either a Bento Box or a “Big Kids” lunch each week.  The order form is included here or is available on the website under  These forms are due no later than Monday morning each week.


Middle School and Upper School also have access to Morning Break which is offered daily at 10am.  There are hot breakfast items, like eggs, grits, breakfast casserole and breakfast biscuits and offerings change daily.  All of the cooler items are also available for drinks and other lite bites.


Please be sure to provide allergy information for your children to the School Nurse as the Knights Table staff works really hard to be aware of allergies and to insure students are being safe.  We also ask that you discuss what students are able to purchase in the lunchroom as it is difficult for lunchroom staff to turn children away or police what they are purchasing.  If you do not wish for your child to charge things in the lunchroom, please stress that with them.


We are excited to serve the students this year and we welcome parent and student suggestions all year long.  Please email us at or stop by anytime to talk with Chef Sunny.