School Life

Frederica Academy seeks to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which students whose abilities range from average to superior, may flourish. Our goal – to make good students, great!


The Board of Trustees and the Administration of the school believe that a well-rounded and rigorous academic experience produces students who are equipped to meet the needs of an increasingly global society. Therefore an emphasis is placed on whole child development by offering instruction in the arts, foreign language, physical education, writing, and a solid core curriculum at every grade level. In addition, virtue, integrity, respect for others, and service are stressed in the development of a student’s moral compass. Knowledge and goodness are considered fundamental to a young person's ability to lead a full, rich, meaningful life.


Frederica Academy recognizes that they are in a partnership with parents. Hence the school will help to create and maintain a community of parents, through Parent Association, social events, lectures and group meetings, to assist them in the intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual development of their children. Dedicated teachers, small class sizes, individualized attention, and the development of higher level thinking skills will create excitement for learning.


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