Upper School

Personal attention and individualized instruction that promote success for every student are the hallmarks of a Frederica education. We truly care about our students as people. 


We also encourage our students to be outstanding scholars; our curriculum is demanding. We expect students to work hard and achieve to their highest level of ability, creating an academic environment of rigor that is also meant to be nurturing.


Upper School Curriculum

Our Upper School encourages students to be self-starters who are globally aware, respectful of others and technologically adept. Upper school classes are small, averaging 13-15 students, reflecting our commitment to assure in-depth relationships between teachers and students. Our students learn to think critically and communicate effectively in an atmosphere that allows them to take more personal responsibility and assume greater leadership roles within the Frederica student body.


The curriculum in the Upper School provides countless opportunities for intellectual growth, in-depth exploration, and reflective thinking as students wrestle with complex ideas and contemporary issues. Technology facilitates student engagement and growth toward a global outlook.


The "heart" of our Upper School is our talented faculty who combine love of their disciplines with true affection for their students. It is their dedication and willingness to go the extra mile to see a student succeed that makes our program unique. Teachers are always available for students before and after school, during lunch, and/or by appointment for tutorial sessions. The curriculum they teach is designed to prepare students in the best way possible for the rigors of college, while giving them confidence, bolstering their skills and helping them manage their time effectively. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum in all core subjects, Frederica has an extensive offering of Advanced Placement courses and other advanced courses. 


The success of our program speaks for itself. We maintain a 100% college acceptance rate for 100% of our seniors year after year, evidence that our academic program serves our students well as they move on to college careers at institutions appropriate to their skills and interests, including some of our nation’s most selective schools.

Mike Temple

Frederica Academy 

Upper School Director


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