Middle School

Discovering Frederica Academy’s Middle School

In Frederica's Middle School, learning is fun. Students engage in a variety of creative learning activities that spark their interests and imaginations. But this doesn't mean our classes are easy. Our standards are high; our Middle School curriculum is challenging. Students are expected to master skills in math, science, language arts, and social studies, to achieve competency in the application of computer software to their core academic courses, to build a solid foundation in the foreign language of their choice (Spanish or Latin), and to participate in fine arts and physical education classes. 


Honor Code

Our Honor Code teaches honesty, integrity, and respect as the cornerstones of the type of student we seek to produce. A clearly defined honor system emphasizes important values, and our Exploratory courses help address issues critical to young people in the throes of adolescence and enable our students to experience a variety of topics in small group settings.


Middle School Curriculum

The curriculum in our Middle School reflects a mix of traditional, self-contained and departmentalized courses of study in all of the major academic areas. Unlike programs that offer students a brief sampling of electives, our Middle School requires each student to study a foreign language, art and music each year. In Middle School, we focus on balancing basic skills development through our formal curriculum with the enrichment and exploratory opportunities so important to early adolescent social, emotional and physical growth. 


Our goal is to help each Middle School student become a self-directed learner who can work productively with large and small groups of peers. Our teachers model teamwork by working together to develop an interesting, challenging Middle School curriculum, interdisciplinary projects and other class activities. 


Class field trips are a big part of the Middle School experience, helping students to learn more about themselves and each other and to expand their knowledge of the world. Carpe Vitam ("seize life") is a unique, week-long Middle School program that takes experiential learning to the mountains for our students to gain self-confidence, interact and build relationships with their peers and teachers, and develop a strong sense of teamwork. 


Our attention to each individual student’s learning style and talents distinguishes our Middle School program as a nurturing transition from Lower to Upper School.

David Nelson

Frederica Academy 

Middle School Director


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