Lower School

Discovering Frederica Academy’s Lower School

Each student who enters the Lower School is an individual at a different developmental level and maturity. We help our students to develop and grow in warm, nurturing classrooms where they “learn by doing.” Students in the Lower School become confident in themselves through exploration of new concepts, taking risks, sharing their ideas and learning from others. 


Because school is where students become lifelong learners, we challenge each student to reach his or her greatest potential. Additionally, we promote respect, responsibility and resiliency, all of which are essential in helping students become self-reliant and ready to move on in their learning experiences.

Lower School Curriculum

Challenging the minds of our youngest students and preparing them to face the future as flexible, confident and enthusiastic learners is the hallmark of the Frederica Lower School. 


Because of our commitment to a low student-teacher ratio, every Lower School classroom has a dedicated and highly-trained teacher. This allows each child to receive the small group and one-on-one attention that he or she deserves. It also begins to build a sense of trust in the learning process as well as the confidence to ask questions that will serve our students as they go through school. At every grade level, our teachers seek to foster a love of learning and teach strategies to help students develop as critical thinkers, communicators, and caring and responsible people.


One of the highlights of our Lower School is our specialists. Parents, when talking about their children’s experiences, enthusiastically praise the difference that these experts in their fields make in the overall curriculum. To that end, we have specialists serving students throughout each week at all grade levels including Spanish, music, visual arts, media, physical education, counseling and technology.


Lower School children love to get their hands dirty. We take advantage of their natural curiosity and sense of adventure by putting this love to use on campus and off. Exploring our outdoor environment, going on field trips and taking journeys in the upper grades give students a look at the world beyond their classroom. These experiences are designed to complement our curriculum, and all give students the chance to learn team-building, leadership, problem-solving and help to strengthen the bonds between friends and teachers.

Rebecca Pruitt

Frederica Academy 

Lower School Director


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