Covid-19 Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is employed to prevent the future spread of an infectious disease. For our purposes, it identifies people in our student or faculty body who have contracted COVID-19 and people who they may have come in contact with.  Identification and communication of these exposures has proven to be helpful to interrupt the disease from spreading.Our policy is based on, and where needed exceeds, CDC recommendations and local public health protocols.

Frederica Academy will do primary contact tracing for students and employees who test positive or are presumed positive as it relates to contact at school.  Primary contact is defined as someone who is within six feet of a positive/presumed positive person for 15 minutes or longer. As our students will be socially distanced the requisite amount at all times and wearing masks except when outdoors and distanced, interactions in our classrooms do not qualify for “high-risk exposure.” Still, in common courtesy for the community that we have built and in complete transparency, if a student/staff tests positive or is presumed positive, Nurse Pope will contact all parents of students in classes with that student and/or all parents of students who take a class with the teacher that is positive. These people will not be required to quarantine or test. They will simply be notified to watch for signs or symptoms.

For our return-to-school policy for anyone who has tested positive, that person should isolate for ten days from the date the test was administered.  The person should also have improved symptoms for 72 hours without fever-reducing medication.

If a person is identified as a primary contact to a Covid-positive case, that person must quarantine  14 days from the last known contact with the positive case.

If someone has not been tested but reports that they are symptomatic, the school is requiring a negative test or quarantine for 14 days. That person must also be symptom-free for 72 hours before returning to school.