Campus + Operations Preparedness

Readying the campus for the opening of school has proven a critical part of preparing to host every child, pre-teen, and teen enrolled at Frederica Academy as well as employees, parents, and campus visitors.

We now know with great confidence that the COVID-19 virus is transmitted both by contact with contaminated surfaces and via person-to-person; therefore, our preparedness efforts are focused intently on addressing both challenges. We also believe that moving classes, lunch, activities, and any other group gatherings outdoors when possible and practical will dramatically reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

To that end, we have:

  • Outfitted every classroom with a hand-sanitizing station.
  • Added hand-sanitizing stations in strategic, well-trafficked, convenient positions in all buildings.
  • Deactivated all drinking fountains while still providing stations for refilling personal water bottles.
  • Increased the thoroughness of the cleaning/disinfecting routine every day after school.
  • Provided each teacher with materials to disinfect surfaces in classrooms.
  • Encouraged teachers to establish a regular routine of disinfecting each classroom.
  • Created and strategically placed signage throughout the campus that reinforces the key elements of our campus safety plan.
  • Secured for the entire school year five tents to provide additional outdoor spaces sheltered from sun and rain on campus for gatherings such as lunch, classes, both large and small group meetings, after-school activities, etc. The two largest of the five tents, located on Sea Island Green in front of Corn Hall and at the entrance of the Athletic Complex, have capacities of 30+ students. Two of the smaller tents are positioned to support the daily drop-off and pick-up routines of the Middle and Upper Schools, and the final tent provides a covered area by the garden as a station for those students who require a secondary temperature check and visual screening of symptoms in the morning by Nurse Pope. An awning is also being installed on the Kayce Russell Terrace.
  • Installed new air handling units in Benefield Hall to improve air circulation in the Middle School.
  • Used a grant from the Terry Thomas Foundation to revitalize the Terry Thomas Lower School playground knowing how important recess, recreational play, and a “mask break” will be for younger students. The new sun shades will create new spaces for outdoor lessons as well.
  • Established training programs for all faculty, staff, and coaches on COVID-19 symptom recognition and all protocols for COVID-19-related conditions.
  • Established training programs for all tutors, substitutes, and community coaches on COVID-19-related protocols while on campus.