About Us

Frederica Academy is a coeducational, nondenominational, independent, college preparatory day school offering the highest quality education for students of all races, creeds, and nationalities.

The mission of Frederica Academy is to maximize the potential of each student and to prepare every student for college and adult life through the development of mind, body, and spirit.

Each student is viewed as unique so that special qualities may be recognized and developed. The school fosters an atmosphere where high moral standards of conduct within the Judeo-Christian tradition are practiced, and there is a stated honor code. Support from parents and the community is actively sought in maintaining these high moral and academic standards throughout the learning process and in the learning environment.

Education, as distinguished from training, is a process of blossoming from within rather than one of manipulation from without. It occurs when inherent abilities are stimulated by an environment conducive to growth. Growth implies change: a stretching, a transcending of boundaries. Education is dynamic and the school becomes the change agent.

Close relationships are a significant characteristic of life at Frederica Academy. We form a community based on mutual trust and participation by all students, faculty and administration. Because of this spirit, the government of daily life at this school is made as simple as possible. Students are given the freedom to practice expected self-control and to accept personal responsibility for their actions. The basic rules regulating our common life are intended to ensure consistency, fairness and a sound environment for education. Regular attendance at school and in classes is greatly valued, for absence from school removes students from both the learning process and important community building opportunities.

Frederica Academy aspires to provide those resources of faculty, curriculum, and environment which best enhance student opportunity for intellectual, physical, moral, social, and aesthetic development. Frederica Academy prepares its students to be self-reliant, active learners and responsible citizens who pursue excellence in all endeavors.

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