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Connor Landis Frederica Scholars Award

Frederica Academy created the Connor Landis Frederica Scholars Award, a prestigious merit-based award to be offered each year to a new, rising sixth grade student. The award was established to honor the memory of Connor Landis, a Frederica student who passed away in June 2009 after a valiant nineteen-month battle with brain cancer.

A member of the Class of 2015, Connor continues to be a true inspiration to all who knew her and her story. Before her diagnosis, she was a loyal friend and bright student who exhibited a true passion for playing soccer. After her diagnosis, these qualities did not change. Her friendships remained strong, her spirit remained bright, and her competitive nature was directed from the sport she loved toward a new endeavor; fighting cancer. Supported by her parents and sister, alongside the entire Frederica Family and local community, Connor demonstrated unwavering faith and undaunted optimism. With the strong belief that "it's all about the attitude," and the confidence that her faith, family, and friends would be there by her side, Connor never lost hope and never lost her smile.

In the spirit of Connor's memory, the award will be given annually to one student entering Frederica Academy in sixth grade who demonstrates a clear ability to enrich the overall excellence of the school in the fields of academic excellence, leadership potential, and extraordinary character. Much like Connor, who showcased a true passion for playing soccer, applicants should demonstrate a similar passion and commitment toward one or more extracurricular activities.

      Academic Excellence - The applicant must hold a strong grade point average from
      elementary school while completing a challenging curriculum. Standardized test scores
      should reflect the same. The student should rank in the top of his or her class;

      Demonstrated Leadership - By presenting an outstanding record of participation in
      school or club athletics, the arts, student government, church and civic activities, or
      community service, the applicant displays demonstrated potential to be a leader at
      Frederica Academy.

      Extraordinary Character - Recommendations from teachers, school administrators, and
      community leaders should reflect the applicant's superior character. (Feel free to submit
      any number of recommendations.)

To be eligible for the award, an applicant must:
  • be a new student applying to the 6th grade
  • conduct an on-campus visit with an interview 
  • write an essay in approximately 250 words on why they feel qualified for this award  
  • create a portfolio spotlighting the applicant's accomplishments
Additional recommendation forms must be completed and describe the applicant's passion for one or more extracurricular activities.

All application materials are available by contacting the Office of Admission at 912-638-9981 x 106. To be considered for the 2019-2020 school year, applicants must have their paperwork, portfolio, and on-campus visit complete by March 31, 2019.

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