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Naviance Family Connection

Naviance Family Connection is a web-based service designed especially for students and parents.  Ninth through twelfth grade students and their parents will receive their own log-in information to Naviance, which will help make decisions about colleges and careers.  Naviance is linked with College Planner, a service that the College Counseling Center uses to track and analyze data about college and career plans, so it provides up-to-date information that is specific to Frederica Academy.

Parents and students can click here to access the program.

Through Naviance, students will be kept well informed about the college process.  They can explore their college options through the “College Search” and “College Match” tools and can keep track of their applications.  Students can view their standardized test scores and GPA, and compare their statistics to past Frederica Academy applicants who successfully applied to the same college or university.  Students may also keep track of the colleges/universities visiting Frederica Academy, through the “College Visits” feature on the site.

Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to explore Naviance’s career search and assessment tools, to help broaden their knowledge of the various careers and educational opportunities available.  They are also encouraged to utilize the résumé building features, which will allow them to keep track of their work, community service, extracurricular activities, and honors and awards.  Freshmen and their parents will receive their Naviance account information after their first semester of high school.

Juniors are encouraged to explore the many college search components of Naviance, as well as create their prospective college list under “Colleges I’m Thinking About.”  This is an extremely useful feature which allows students to develop a list of schools they intend on applying to.  Once students enter their senior year, they should begin moving the colleges in their prospective list to an active list, “Colleges I’m Applying To.”  This helps Frederica Academy’s College Counseling Center keep track of the colleges each student is applying to and the status of his/her applications.

Juniors and seniors interested in exploring scholarship opportunities should regularly check the “Scholarship List” under the “Colleges” tab in Naviance, as new scholarship opportunities will be added weekly.

Through Naviance, seniors may also view the status of their teacher recommendations and the submission of all additional documents sent by Frederica Academy.
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