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What Frederica Academy Students are Doing this Summer

Megan Trowbridge, a rising eighth grader at Frederica Academy, is showing her love for philanthropy early on. After noticing a homeless man in need, Megan decided to take action and created her Compassion Project, raising a total of $405.00. Here is what Megan had to tell us about her experience working on the project.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the Compassion Project. How did you come up with the idea for it? 

A: My original idea was to give a three-wheeled bike to a homeless man outside of Walgreens that had trouble walking around, but by the time I was able to raise the money, I stopped seeing him by Walgreens.

Q: Why did you choose to donate to the Memory Matters house? 

A: My family is passionate about helping those with memory issues. My parents own BrightStar Care and have many patients with memory issues. My mom is also the president of the board for Memory Matters, which is where I got the idea to donate a fish tank for their sunroom and art supplies. I wanted to give something to Memory Matters that could be enjoyed by the people who visit there.

Q: How did you go about raising money for the Compassion Project? 

A: We raised money at school by sponsoring dress down days and setting up donation boxes around campus. A lot of the money I raised came from a raffle with a FA swag bag donated by the Booster Club. The bag had a t-shirt, a Yeti cup, a hat, and some other things. 

Q: What are some valuable lessons you've learned throughout this project?

A: A valuable lesson I learned was it feels good to put others before yourself. Helping others brings joy to my heart, so I love doing it when I can. 
I want to give a big thank you to Mrs. Toomey, Mrs. Lee, and Coach Mathis. I give the biggest thank you to Mrs. Holt. She was by my side the entire time helping me think of ways to raise money and spread the word about my project. She also gave me supplies to make the donation boxes and posters.


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