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What is a School Counselor? The school counselor is a specialist who works cooperatively with the educational staff, parents, and community. She is also a child advocate assisting students with their social, emotional, and educational development.

What is the purpose of a School Counseling Program?


“Studies indicate that the presence of comprehensive school counseling programs is linked to an array of positive student outcomes ranging from better attendance to a stronger sense of connection to school.”


 (Dimmitt, C., & Wilkerson, B. (2012). Comprehensive school counseling in Rhode Island: Access to services and student outcomes. Retrieved from


1. Prevention - FA prevention model is constructed through:


“Research shows that through intentional efforts, school counselors can positively influence the social norms that fuel destructive rumor spreading by junior high students.”


 (Cross, J. E., & Peisner, W. (2009). RECOGNIZE: A social norms campaign to reduce rumor spreading in a junior high school. Retrieved from



“A clinical study showed a stronger presence of school counselors in elementary schools reduces misbehavior and significantly improves boys’ academic achievement.”


 (Carrell, S. E., & Hoekstra, M. (2014). Are school counselors an effective educational input? Retrieved from


2. Intervention - Your child or teen might be a recipient of:
  •  Topical Group discussion such as Social and Friendship Skills, Managing Anxiety, Study Skills, etc.
  • One on One sessions when he/she, a teacher or parent requests it to explore things like anxiety, divorce/loss, emotional regulation, anger, focusing, social challenges, etc.
  • Referrals to professionals or programs in the community as needed or requested.


“Research supports the value of a range of interventions delivered by school counselors, with particular value associated with group counseling interventions.” (Whiston, S. C., & Quinby, R. F. (2009).


Review of school counseling outcome research. Retrieved from


3. Resourcing - Equipping and communicating with our parents is a top priority!
  •  Lower School Guidance topics and parent resource will be included in LS teacher newsletters each week.
  •  We will offer several parent webinars throughout the year on topics such as Cybersafety, Communicating with Teens, Love and Logic, etc.
  •  We can set up a face to face meeting or phone call anytime.
  •  “Nook of Books”- I am working on creating a resource library for parents to check out books, videos, etc.
When should I contact the school counselor?
  • Academic concerns

  • Divorce, separation, and family changes

  • Drug and alcohol concerns

  • Experiencing loss, death, and grief

  • Peer relationship issues

  • Problem solving skills

  • School adjustment issues

  • Stress reduction and coping skills

  • Study skills
How does a student meet with a school counselor?
  • Appointment made by the counselor.

  • Appointment made by the student.

  • Parent referral.

  • Teacher referral.
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