Frederica Academy

Education Customized for Each Student's Needs

At Frederica Academy, our goal is to provide the rigorous curriculum, proper environment and personal encouragement that each student needs to help him or her achieve academic excellence. To that end we strive to: 
  • Maintain optimal student/teacher ratios. (Currently FA student/teacher ratios are:  Lower School 11:1, Middle School 16:1, Upper School 11:1)
  • Continually assess the curriculum and its relevance in preparing all students to be tomorrow’s problem solvers and to be fully prepared for college and adult life in an increasingly interconnected and changing world.
  • Leverage technology to facilitate and enhance optimal learning. 
  • Capitalize on area strengths and incorporate into curriculum (e.g. coastal resources). Support criteria and expand the resources for the Academic Center. 
  • Continue to educate and advise students and parents about the college admission process by concentrating on the importance of standardized test preparation, upper school course selection, the maintenance of grades, and reaching students’ academic potential. 
  • Develop and refine our early childhood program to maintain its excellence in current practices and to integrate methods which reflect research in education and brain development for the young learner, Pre-K through First Grade. 
  • Bolster our counseling programs across all three divisions. Bolster our testing programs across all three divisions. 
  • Maintain strategic role of Media Center and expand its capabilities to better meet the evolving needs of its users.
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