Frederica Academy
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Frederica Academy Board of Trustees

Officers and Members

2017-2018 Board of Trustees Officers
Chairperson: Sandi Channell
Vice-Chairperson: Greer Brown
Secretary: Tracey Tennant 
Assistant Secretary: Ann McGlaughlin
Treasurer: Jon Osgood
Assistant Treasurer: Rich Levitan
2017-2018 Board of Trustees
Mr. Joel Arline
Ms. Laurna Been '83
Mr. Charlie Dorminy
Mrs. Kristi Harrison
Mrs. Delanie Haulbrook
Dr. Steve Hoover
Mr. Bob Kent
Mrs. Susan Myers
Mrs. Alannah O'Quinn
Mr. Patrick Parker
Dr. Zach Powell
Mr. Hank Rowland
Mr. Alfred Sams 
Mrs. Elizabeth Veal
Mr. Jim Walker
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