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About Us

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Our Mission

To maximize the potential of each student and to prepare him or her for college and adult life through the development of mind, body, and spirit.

Our Beliefs

Academics, athletics, the arts, and servant leadership provide the foundation for a meaningful, student-centered education.

Frederica Academy adheres to an Honor Code that fosters a culture of ethical character and trust.

Students learn best where there is a healthy and productive partnership among students, families, and the school.

Our curriculum and learning experiences are focused on building critical thinking and reasoning skills required for lifelong learning and by our global community.

The Golden Isles serve as a living classroom and create unparalleled learning opportunities for our students.

Frederica Academy is well served by a committed and engaged faculty who value continuous learning and professional growth.

Frederica prepares students not only for the journey of college life and beyond, but the experiences and excitement of today.

Our Goals

 1. Seek and retain quality students with diverse backgrounds, talents, and interests to ensure that incoming and existing students are prepared to be successful in a challenging and competitive environment. We will:
  • Identify, attract, and retain the best and the brightest students.
  • Build and maintain an enrollment that optimizes the overall student experience.
  • Maintain optimal teacher-student ratios.
  • Develop a marketing plan to increase enrollment with an immediate focus on Lower and Middle School enrollment.
  • Pursue an endowment strategy for financial aid and non-athletic, merit-based scholarships.
2. Hire, retain, and develop a talented, inspired, and dedicated faculty team that will fulfill the misson of frederica academy. We will:
  • Institutionalize talent identification and hiring best practices.
  • Actively promote and support continuing education, workshops, career, and graduate studies and/or specialized training opportunities for faculty and administrative staff.
  • Further develop a formalized and consistent evaluation system for all personnel.
  • Develop and implement a competitive, equitable, and confidential compensation program that is based on education, experience and performance.
  • Strive for faculty diversity.
3. Strive for academic excellence as we challenge our students to be passionate and inspired lifelong learners. We will:
  •  Continually assess, document and celebrate the curriculum map as it progresses through all divisions in order to ensure its relevance in preparing all students to be tomorrow’s problem solvers and to be fully prepared for college and adult life in an increasingly interconnected and changing world.
  •  Maintain and strive to enhance the supportive and nurturing relationships between teachers and students with regard to both academic achievement and personal growth.
  •  Define, develop and support criteria and resources for the Academic Center.
  • Incorporate local geographical strengths (e.g. coastal resources) into curriculum and student experiences.
  •  Call on outside expertise to bolster student enrichment.
  •  Leverage technology to facilitate and enhance optimal learning.
  •  Utilize STEM and STEAM assets (e.g. MakerSpace) and other learning initiatives while continuing to be vigilant researching and identifying developing educational innovations which will ensure that FA students remain exposed to the latest and most relevant learning tools and programs.
  • Continue to educate and advise students and parents about the college admission process by concentrating on the importance of standardized test preparation, Upper School course selection, the maintenance of competitive grades, a well-rounded resume, and reaching students’ academic potential and best college placement fit.
4. Nurture and develop the whole child to be today’s engaged student and tomorrow’s effective leader. We will:
  • Design and implement curriculum and programs that consistently uphold the objective of our mission to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of all students.
  • Promote educational programs for students (and parents) that address important societal issues and opportunities that affect today’s youth.
  • Expand and develop a signature arts program to include more performing arts (drama, music, instrumental, speech) offerings during and after the school day.
  • Energize servant leaders to seize opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Offer a variety of athletic experiences which best serve the needs and desires of our community.  Ensure that every program is led by a talented and respected coach and has the resources needed to ensure student-athlete safety, success, pride and enjoyment.
  • Promote participation in a diverse offering of athletic programs; position each scholar athlete for success in the classroom and on the playing field with a focus on character development and team building.
  • Position and promote FA Athletics as a marketing asset in order to support the stated goal of attracting the best and brightest students.
  • Maintain and support a financially successful summer program that delivers a positive experience and a recruitment platform for current students as well as local and island visitor prospects.
5. Develop and maintain a campus master plan to meet the growing demands of excellence in academics and extracurricular programs. We will:
  • Develop a comprehensive Master Campus Plan that:
    • Ensures student safety measures and campus security systems meet acceptable levels. 
    • Assesses and prioritizes deferred maintenance on campus.
    • Identifies and assesses opportunities for land expansion if appropriate and feasible.
    •  Looks for creative uses of outdoor space for academic learning, experiential learning, and physical activity.
  • Develop and implement a safe and more cost-effective fleet transportation program.
6. Expand our financial strengths and resources while demonstrating responsible financial management and oversight supporting long-term financial sustainability. We will:
  • Maintain an annual balanced budget.
  • Develop a long-term business model that relies less on operational fundraising and seeks to identify non-tuition-based revenue sources.
    • Create methods to maintain affordable tuition levels.
    • Create a strategy to increase endowment funds and review and maintain best practices for the Board management of our endowment funds.
    • Develop strategies for capital and incremental funding of important strategic initiatives of the school.
7. Foster, mobilize, and celebrate a vibrant, interconnected, and united community of learners, educators, and other stakeholders who value the mission of frederica academy and actively promote it. We will:
  • Embody our mission in our decisions, operations, interactions, and communications.
  • Articulate a philosophy, vision, and set of shared beliefs which define who we are and align our collective expectations and actions.
  • Create a culture that inspires stakeholders to support and promote Frederica Academy with one another and with others within the broader community.
  • Expand and formalize stakeholder development that will support FA through the generations.
  • Continue to build and enhance the school’s alumni relations program.
  • Leverage the individual and collective capabilities of the FA Board of Visitors.
  • Optimize the 50th Anniversary celebration to celebrate the school’s heritage and leverage the milestone to position the school for future success.
  • Position Frederica Academy as an integral and respected member of the Golden Isles community.

Our Philosophy

Frederica Academy is a coeducational, nondenominational, independent, college preparatory day school offering the highest quality education for students of all races, creeds, and nationalities.  The mission of Frederica Academy is to prepare students who demonstrate the ability to be academically successful and who aspire to a higher education to realize their potential and to respond to the expectations of a democratic society.  Each student is viewed as unique so that special qualities may be recognized and developed.  The school fosters an atmosphere where high moral standards of conduct within the Judeo-Christian tradition are practiced, and there is a stated honor code.  Support from parents and the community is actively sought in maintaining these high moral and academic standards throughout the learning process and in the learning environment.

Frederica Academy’s position is that the education of its students requires regular attendance in all obligations.  The academic exchange between the teacher and the students is of paramount importance.  All other activities are considered complementary.  Therefore, every effort is made by the faculty, coaches and administration to maximize the time a student is in the classroom. 

Education, as distinguished from training, is a process of blossoming from within rather than one of manipulation from without.  It occurs when inherent abilities are stimulated by an environment conducive to growth.  Growth implies change:  a stretching, a transcending of boundaries.  Education is dynamic and the school becomes the change agent. 

Close relationships are a significant characteristic of life at Frederica Academy.  We form a community based on mutual trust and participation by all students, parents, faculty and administration.  Because of this spirit, the government of daily life at this school is made as simple as possible.  Students are given the freedom to practice expected self-control and to accept personal responsibility for their actions.  The basic rules regulating our common life are intended to ensure consistency, fairness and a sound environment for education.  

Frederica Academy aspires to provide those resources of faculty, curriculum, and environment which best enhance student opportunity for intellectual, physical, moral, social, and aesthetic development.  Frederica Academy inspires and leads its students to become self-motivated in their pursuit of excellence and prepared for future opportunities in education and in the exercise of citizenship in a democratic society.

Our Community


Our five decades have been founded on nurturing, enriching and preparing students for the grade levels that lie ahead and the life experiences that await.  The bond that connects our caring faculty to students throughout their academic life adds profoundly to our students’ preparedness.


Our student-teacher ratio of 8:1 ensures a learning environment that maximizes individual needs and potential.  Academic Centers for each division offer customized support for students in every grade.  In shaping life-long learners, we combine traditional classroom settings with innovative teaching methods.


We offer more than a dozen AP courses, college dual enrollment, and online learning for students.  Integrated, technology-based programs, such as Chromebooks for all students in grades 5-12, and project-based learning initiatives prepare students for today’s challenging college environments.  Frederica students achieve significantly higher scores on tests that colleges value most: SAT, ACT.  100% of our most recent graduating classes were accepted into one of their top three college choices.


Campus-wide relationships that connect ages and grades to promote opportunities to work and learn together are a tradition at Frederica Academy.  Our integrated curriculum promotes seamless transitions for students from year to year.


Respect, enthusiasm for learning, striving for achievement, developing and practicing effective communication skills, and demonstrating a steadfast commitment to Frederica’s Honor Code are standards we uphold as a school community.
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