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Welcome to the Media Center!

Media Specialist - Dottie Barrow

Media Center Mission Statement

To promote literacy and the enjoyment of reading, viewing, and listening for young people of all ages and stages of development, to provide expertise in the use of information and instructional technologies, and to provide resources and activities that contribute to the curriculum and to lifelong learning.

The Library Media Center is the resource center of the school. The LMC houses the Susan Heisey Been Library, the Knights Reading Room, and the Technology Department. Frederica Academy’s LMC has print editions of various reference publications available and subscribes to print editions of newspapers and periodicals, as well as several password-enabled, online databases that include reference materials and resources. We have two desktop computers for students use in the LMC and provide students with instruction on the use of online databases in collaboration with academic classes.

Our collection is searchable online through our automated catalog and we house hundreds of books, both fiction and nonfiction, that serve our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. The Knights Reading Room holds our entire Lower School picture book collection, in addition to the Lower School nonfiction collection, while the main library area serves to home the Lower School chapter book collection in addition to the Middle and Upper school fiction and nonfiction collections.

The Frederica Academy Library Media Center is open daily to students and faculty from 7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. The LMC is also available throughout the day for individuals and small groups to study and access resources and help from the media staff. Teachers may sign up on the LMC calendar to schedule time to bring entire classes. Collaboration with the media staff is always available and the Media Specialists or Media Center Assistant is available at all times.
Operational Procedures

Bringing classes to the Media Center:
Teachers should check with the Media Specialists prior to bringing classes to the LMC.
Teachers are required to come and remain with their class when entire classes are using the Media Center.
Students behavior is the responsibility of the teacher.
Checking Out Materials by Students:

Students checking out more than three items at any given time must have special permission from the Media Specialists or Media Center Assistants.
Regular books are loaned for a two-week period with renewal by permission of media center staff.* Books on reserve are loaned for three days or overnight by teacher request.
*Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students loan period is one week.
Reference books are to be used only in the Media Center. Students may check out old encyclopedias overnight or on weekends to be returned by 8:00 a.m. on the following school day.
Back issues of magazines may be checked out overnight.
All materials checked out to a student become the sole responsibility of that student. Materials are to be returned by the due date. Charges for damaged or lost materials are as follows:
Lost books - $15.00
Lost magazines - $3.00
Damaged materials - To be determined by Library Media Center staff.
Putting Materials on Reserve:

Teachers may request that media (both print and non-print) be placed on limited check-out (i.e. three day loan or overnight loan) for class projects and/or term papers.
Teaching Information Access Skills: 

The Media Specialist will give instruction in research skills to students in grades 3-5 and as needed to students in grades 6-12.
If any teacher needs instruction in the use of materials or equipment in the Media Center, the Library Media Center Staff will be available to provide this instruction.
Supporting the Library Media Center

Gifts of used materials that an individual may wish to donate to the library are subject to the Library Media Center’s gift acceptance policy. Gifts to the media center will be accepted upon the same basis as purchased materials. The LMC also welcomes volunteers who have been approved by administration.

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