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Alastair Campbell Awarded 2nd Place in Speech Contest

Alastair Campbell was recently named the Second Place Winner in the Rotary Eastern Zone High School Speech Contest. He competed against students from high schools throughout southeast Georgia after winning the St. Simons Island Rotary Speech Contest earlier this year.Alastair Campbell was recently named the Second Place Winner in the Rotary Eastern Zone High School Speech Contest. He competed against students from high schools throughout southeast Georgia after winning the St. Simons Island Rotary Speech Contest earlier this year.

6th Grade Teams Advance to Odyssey of the Mind State Finals

Frederica Academy had three sixth grade teams recently participate in the South Georgia Regional Odyssey of the Mind competition in Hawkinsville, Georgia. These teams worked together over the past few months to problem solve; choreograph dances; and create scenery, props, costumes, and skits as part of their first-ever Odyssey of the Mind experience. Two of the teams placed second in their respective divisions and will advance to the Georgia Odyssey of the Mind State Finals which will take place at Columbus State University.

Region Science Bowl Champions

The Frederica Academy 11th and 12th grade Science Bowl Team won the Regional Science Bowl competition at Armstrong Atlantic State University on Saturday.
Teams competed from both public and private schools in the southeast region of Georgia. In the competition, two teams battle as questions are asked and players buzz in to answer. If they get a question correct, they are given a tougher bonus question in which the team can confer. The 11th and 12th grade team members were captain George PoulakisRyan McHughJohn Mitchell Brock, and Constance Sullivan. They went 7-0 for the day, defeating every other team at the competition.
The 9th and 10th grade team also competed for Frederica. Those team members were captain Britton SullivanDylan McHughAustin MitchellWilliam Brock, and Garrett Squire. They went 3-3-1 in their matches finishing in fourth place overall, which is an excellent outcome for such a young team.

The 11th and 12th grade team will continue on to the state competition which will be held at Armstrong on Saturday, February 24th. 

FA St. Simons Rotary Speech Contestants

Ryan McHugh and Alastair Campbell did a spectacular job representing Frederica Academy at the St. Simons Island Rotary High School Speech Contest last Tuesday. Alastair won First Place in the competition and received a $1,000 scholarship. He was accompanied by his mother, Nicole Campbell '84. Congratulations, Alastair!

Kindergarten Visits Thrive Senior Assistance Residence

Kindergarten had a great opportunity to give back to others! While visiting Thrive, a local senior assistance home, the children sang Christmas carols and delivered handmade Christmas cards. The residents then gave the children candy canes decorated as reindeer. All who were in attendance were blessed by the Christmas cheer!

Third Grade Jubilee School Pen Pal Project

Third Grade students wrote pen pal letters to students at our Sister School in Haiti last week. Mrs. Barrow will deliver the letters when she visits the Jubilee School next month. She will also share a video of our students writing their letters during her visit.

This week, Mrs. Barrow is collecting items for her upcoming trip. If you are interested in supporting students at the Jubilee School, please drop off the following items in the Media Center no later than Monday, October 30:
  • Luggage (Checked Bag size) to be used to carry supplies to Haiti
  • Radios
  • Children's books with cassette tapes of CDs (in English)
  • Small toys or hard candy for the prize box
  • Children's books in French
For more information, please click HERE to email Dottie Barrow.  Thank you!

Upper School Service Leadership Project

While sophomores and juniors were taking the PSAT exam last Wednesday, freshmen and seniors joined Communities in Schools at Risley Annex to help pack bags for their Backpack Buddies program. The bags contained meals for students in need.

Author, Lauren Wolk Visits Frederica Academy

 Ms. Wolk spent lots of time with our students talking about her book, but she shared so much more than simply insight on her novel. She talked a great deal about her experiences growing up and the stories she collected throughout her life. She told our middle schoolers the value of all of their experiences--both the good ones and the bad--and to remember them. She emphasized the power of their individual voices, even now as middle schoolers, relating them to a tsunami that begins with one drop of water and becomes something so much larger when it joins with others. Ms. Wolk was so impressed with our students and their thoughtful questions and connections.
Click HERE to view and download more photos taken during Ms. Wolk's campus visit.
Click HERE to read an article in The Brunswick News regarding author Lauren Wolk's visit to Frederica Academy last week. It was a wonderful day with such an interesting and accomplished artist, writer, and teacher. 

GIYO StringOn! Program Visits Frederica Academy

Dear Frederica Academy Community,
Our friends from the Golden Isles Youth Orchestra (GIYO) came to Frederica Academy for the StringsOn! Program this past week. They worked with our Fourth and Fifth Grade students and introduced them to the joy of playing the violin. On the last day, some even played the Cello and Double Bass. They were so excited! And so were we. We are thrilled to have GIYO involved on our campus. We are currently in discussions with GIYO representatives regarding a more expansive, year-round Strings program for our Lower School with hopes to expand it to the Middle School next year.
Click HERE to see more photos taken during the GIYO StringsOn! Program.

We have quite an impressive Fine Arts Facility with plenty of room to grow. I have shared a vision with our Administration that will take three years for us to accomplish. With a little hard work, we can certainly do it. Imagine if you will, a full Symphonic Band Program with strings, brass, woodwinds and percussion. Out of this full band, we can create a Jazz Band, string quartets, and many performance options. We have already brought the instruments out for our 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders, and they are excelling in their music. They are already reading music, and making almost the right notes on their horns. Sometimes it is very challenging, but we are having so much fun!

I truly believe that we can all work together to bring to the Golden Isles the sound of music from our students at Frederica Academy. It will take a little time, but our amazing students can be the best. Please click HERE to email me should you want to get together to talk about a shared vision for our music program or if you have instruments you would like to donate to the school. We are in the process of creating a wish-list of items we need and would certainly welcome financial or in-kind donations to help us continue to grow our music program.

Finally, I am so honored to be a part of your child's life. It is a joy to watch our students discover music and focus on music reading. We have a wonderful adventure ahead of us all. I do look forward to meeting you soon.
Christopher Smith  
Director of Fine Arts

Developing Mind, Body, and Spirit…

August 28, 2017

Taking on what he expected to be a challenging experience, rising Frederica Academy senior, Joe Levitan, spent much of his summer participating in and working for Overland Summer Camps. Focused on teaching fourth through twelfth graders how to be better individuals and team members through outdoor adventures, Overland has been inspiring youth since it was founded in 1982. To get an accurate understanding of the experience and impact it has had on Joe’s life, read the excerpts below from his summer reflection.
My summer in Alaska started with a wet six days in the Chugach backcountry. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed and leaders bred. My friend got sick and we had to evacuate a couple days early. After the Chugach, we drove up to Palmer for our two day, sixteen-hour wilderness first aid course. My instructor’s name was Deb and she was one of the most intense, most terrifying, and most amazing individuals I have ever met. Later that week, we kept heading north to the Kesugi Ridge for our four day, second backcountry. Mount Denali is breathtaking, literally. The group powered through and after those quick four days we were ready to ice climb the Matanuska Glacier. I am confident when I say that climbing that glacier was and is the craziest thing I have ever done. We then plunged into the Talkeetna backcountry for our last six days of the trip. Our group’s leaders, Ben and Emma, sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the show. My peers and I basically ran this trip by ourselves. It was awesome to see how everyone in the group worked so well together, and we really did fit the description of a well-oiled machine. Our last day was cloaked with a sadness to be leaving all the great friendships but also a sense of gratitude and excitement for the future. Overall, my trip to Alaska was and is the most life-changing experience I’ve ever had.


As soon as I left Alaska, I was lucky enough to be thrown right back into the Overland community. My internship in Williamstown, Massachusetts, while different than my experience in Alaska, was equally impactful. My time spent here in Williamstown has consisted of working in the office, helping with gear, and joining groups in the field as a leader figure. It has been truly amazing seeing Overland in the eyes of a student and later in the eyes of an employee. I’ve been able to interact with leaders as more of a peer and hear what actually goes through their heads when they are leading a trip.  Also, I’ve seen just how much goes into making a company like Overland run. I thank everyone at Overland for taking me in.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from my trip in Alaska is how to be open with myself and to new ideas. Through spending extensive amounts of time with so many amazing and different kinds of people, I’ve learned how to be prepared, how to listen, how to reflect, how to take criticism in a positive and effective way, how to understand the ways in which my actions can affect the people around me, and how to not rely on others to help me accomplish or complete my tasks but instead to take ownership and do it on my own. I have also learned the power of compassion, kindness, and acceptance. Something else that I have learned is to be responsible for myself and to always be prepared for whatever it is I am doing. The environment that Ben and Emma created made it vital for members of the group to always be on top of their own “stuff.” And, through having to always be ready for a day in the woods, I’ve learned valuable skills that I will bring with me wherever I go.  I’ve learned to not judge others for their actions. I haven’t been in their shoes, so how do I know what reasoning they have behind their decisions.

My transition from student to support staff has been amazing. Being able to put my skills to use in the field and in life in general has changed me for the better. I have observed leaders’ strengths and also weaknesses and how their different styles of leading affect the group dynamic and environment in general. A specific strength I observed was while hiking Pinecobble with a BA group. A girl fell and hit her knee and was quite nervous. One of the leaders walked over to her and did a breathing exercise with her that was amazingly calming even for me to watch. I’d never seen someone so calming and helpful before in a situation like that. I’ve been aware of my voice during my time with the groups and leaders. I’ve been aware of how and when to share my ideas and also when to sit back and observe. I’ve felt extremely comfortable with talking through situations with leaders and students alike, whereas before my AKL trip, I would not have been.

The biggest challenge that I faced this summer was being my best self when I was hungry, tired, or sick. I need to get better at not letting those things affect me. All of the things I’ve learned, I am going to bring back home with me. I’m going to put full effort into everything I do. I’m going to be aware of how I affect other people. I’m going to always be prepared for the things I do, and if something goes wrong, use my skills to figure out a solution. I am going to be open with myself to people. I’m going to bring new ideas to my community that I know are there but nobody has intentions of talking about. And finally, I am going to try and be selfless.

Developing Mind, Body, and Spirit…

From golf courses to law courses, this scholar athlete has set her sight on a legal career. Mary Ellen Shuman, graduate of the Frederica Academy class of 2013, has been accepted into and plans to attend the University of Georgia School of Law this fall. After spending four years on the University’s golf team and earning her degree in finance from the Terry College of Business, she is ready to take on a new challenge.

The University of Georgia School of Law is regarded as one of the nation's top law schools, and it is the only place Mary Ellen applied. She had a great experience at the University of Georgia during her four years of undergraduate studies and could not see herself anywhere else. When asked what motivated her decision to attend law school, Mary Ellen explained, “I always knew I wanted to do something with sports, but I did not know which route I wanted to take.” After considering graduate school for sports management, she decided instead to apply for law school last December. With her law degree, Mary Ellen’s career goal is to work for either a sports team or agency. If she works for a sports team, she would be interested in working with football or baseball. Regarding where she wants to work, Mary Ellen said that she eventually wants to end up back on St. Simons, but in the meantime, she wants to be somewhere in the Southeast such as Nashville, Charlotte, or Atlanta.

When asked how her experience at Frederica Academy prepared her for college and law school, Mary Ellen responded “I feel like they really go hand in hand. I was clearly prepared for college after graduating from Frederica. I learned the importance of building relationships with teachers and the discipline of knowing how to sit down and study.” Now, her only concern is adjusting to the different teaching style. Her finance courses were mainly lectures; however, in law school theclasses are much more discussion based. To prepare for the LSAT, she took a month-long prep course that was three hours long, three nights a week. The course was taught by a third-year law student, which Mary Ellen said was really helpful. She commented that, “He took time to answer all of our questions about the law school, even if it was as simple as what people wear to class.” Currently, Mary Ellen is back at Frederica Academy interning with the accounting department for summer 2017

Developing Mind, Body, and Spirit…

Megan Trowbridge, a rising eighth grader at Frederica Academy, is showing her love for philanthropy early on. After noticing a homeless man in need, Megan decided to take action and created her Compassion Project, raising a total of $405.00. Here is what Megan had to tell us about her experience working on the project.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the Compassion Project. How did you come up with the idea for it? 

A: My original idea was to give a three-wheeled bike to a homeless man outside of Walgreens that had trouble walking around, but by the time I was able to raise the money, I stopped seeing him by Walgreens.

Q: Why did you choose to donate to the Memory Matters house? 

A: My family is passionate about helping those with memory issues. My parents own BrightStar Care and have many patients with memory issues. My mom is also the president of the board for Memory Matters, which is where I got the idea to donate a fish tank for their sunroom and art supplies. I wanted to give something to Memory Matters that could be enjoyed by the people who visit there.

Q: How did you go about raising money for the Compassion Project? 

A: We raised money at school by sponsoring dress down days and setting up donation boxes around campus. A lot of the money I raised came from a raffle with a FA swag bag donated by the Booster Club. The bag had a t-shirt, a Yeti cup, a hat, and some other things. 

Q: What are some valuable lessons you've learned throughout this project?

A: A valuable lesson I learned was it feels good to put others before yourself. Helping others brings joy to my heart, so I love doing it when I can. 
I want to give a big thank you to Mrs. Toomey, Mrs. Lee, and Coach Mathis. I give the biggest thank you to Mrs. Holt. She was by my side the entire time helping me think of ways to raise money and spread the word about my project. She also gave me supplies to make the donation boxes and posters.

Developing Mind, Body, and Spirit…

William Brock returned from his time in Washington, D.C., more energized than when he left. A rising sophomore at Frederica Academy, William jumped at the opportunity to serve with twenty other high school age youth from Wesley United Methodist Church. The mission trip this year would take the group to the nation’s capital, serving children and the homeless.

Hardly a summer vacation, William and his fellow volunteers slept on the floor of a church and waited in line for showers. Days would be divided between a vacation Bible school type experience and service opportunities.  The program, hosted by a D.C. church, is one that engages different youth groups all summer. Each week, a new group arrives to serve and operates out of the church.

 Time spent with children each day consisted of singing worship songs, arts and crafts projects, Bible study sessions, and group games with a spiritual theme. When asked what was the most rewarding part of the experience for him, William responded that “Just seeing the kids’ faces when we said we were going to play with them.” He added, “I expected to go and just help a few kids, but I came away with lifelong connections. Some even found me on Instagram. I expected to change a kid’s life, but they changed mine.”

The two primary service opportunities that the group supported were at the D.C. Central Kitchen and Thrive DC. At D.C. Central Kitchen, William’s primary responsibilities were in food preparation. While there, the kitchen was feeding over 5,000 people a day. William spent his time preparing 440 pieces of chicken for the next day’s meals. The program at Thrive DC provides the homeless community with toiletries, socks, shoes, sandals, laundry opportunities, and a chance to shower.  Clients come in three days a week to pick up grocery bags full of food.

At the end of each mission trip, the youth leader announces the trip for the following year, and it obviously excited William. Invigorated from his recent experience, he already told his mom, “I’m going to Costa Rica next year, for sure.” One to lead by both word and action, William said, “I definitely encourage other students to do the same” and go on a mission trip.
Frederica Academy

Developing Mind, Body, and Spirit…

Kate Walbridge, a rising eighth grader at Frederica Academy, has a career path in mind, and she is using summer 2017 as the first step to reach her goal. Twice a week, Kate can be found at the Island Animal Hospital on Saint Simons Island where she spends time learning about her passion, veterinary medicine. As a volunteer, her responsibilities range from doing laundry, to cleaning kennels, to operating machinery, to running bloodwork, and to supporting staff. On occasion, Kate also has the opportunity to observe surgeries.


 Typically a quiet young woman, Kate’s enthusiasm for becoming a vet seems to bring out another side to her. After frequent visits to the Island Animal Hospital with her family dog, Kate became familiar with the staff and knew that this was an opportunity she wanted to seize. Traci Crankshaw, hospital manager, said that the hospital does not typically have volunteers, especially ones as young as Kate. Thinking back on their email correspondence, Traci recalls being shocked to learn of Kate’s age because her emails had been so thoughtful and well written. When asked how she attained the position, Kate smiled out of the corner of her mouth and said, “I guess I was kind of persistent.” And it is evident that her persistence is paying off as Kate already has plans for future summers to gain more experience. According to Dr. Jaclyn Luckstone, it is this kind of hands-on training that will one day set Kate apart from her classmates. “In my experience at vet school, the people who become the best vets are those who had a lot of experience,” commented Dr. Luckstone.

 Kate’s favorite aspect of volunteering at the hospital is experiencing the many situations that arise and learning how to diagnose different issues. While rewarding and fun, Kate admits there are sacrifices that come with this opportunity. She said that “friends are going places, but I have a responsibility here.  But, I feel like it’s worth it.” This awareness and maturity on Kate’s part are positioning her for future success. Maybe one day her classmates will be bringing their pets to see Dr. Walbridge.


FA Science Bowl Teams Dominate Event

The FA Science Bowl Teams had a busy weekend.  On Friday, February 24, 2017, both of our Upper School teams competed in the College of Coastal Georgia Math + Sciences Expo Academic BowlIt is a competition between local public and independent/private schools with science and math questions where teams take a written test and then do a buzzer competition.  The winner of the written test then plays the winner of the buzzer competition in a final buzzer match to determine the champion.

The 11th and 12th grade team which consisted of captain George Poulakis, Alex Dunn, Nick Noltes, Constance Sullivan, and John Mitchell Brock, won both the written test and the buzzer competition and were declared champions without having to go through a final round.

The 10th and 11th grade team which consisted of captain Ryan McHugh, Alastair Campbell, Britton Sullivan, William Brock, and Lucy Worthy, won the buzzer competition and played in a final round competition vs. Glynn Academy, winning in sudden death overtime questions.

It is the second year in a row Frederica has won both divisions of the Coastal Georgia College tournament.

On Saturday, the team went to Savannah to compete in the State Science Bowl sponsored by the Department of Energy.  We qualified for it in January by winning the region competition.  Although we managed victories against Statesboro High and Lowndes, we didn't secure enough points to advance to the National tournament in Washington D.C.  The good news is we have a very young team, with everyone who competed at state returning next year for another try.

It was a great year for our students and we are very proud of their accomplishments!

- Tom Willis

2017 Sports Hall of Fame

On Saturday, February 11, 2017, Frederica Academy inducted the 2016-2017 Class into its Sports Hall of Fame. Inductees included the 2009-2010 Girls Soccer team, the 2010-2011 Boys Basketball team, Steve Morris '77, Brian Greenwood '91, Marci Phillips Clifford '00, and Morgan Brian '11.

Click HERE to read more about each inductee.
On Friday, the new members were recognized in front of a school assembly.  Additionally, Morgan Brian '11 was honored by having her jersey retired.  On Saturday evening, the inductees formally joined the distinguished club in front of family, friends, and teammates at at the 2017 Induction ceremony.

2009-2010 Girls Soccer Team, represented by:
Left - Right: Madi Bush, Addie Dobson, Kasha Rzeszutek, Morgan Brian, Brittany Landis, Coach Charlie Morgan)

2010-2011 Boys Basketball Team, represented by:
(Front Row Left - Right: Mac Patch, Khari Pressley
Back Row Left - Right: Landon Barrow, Malcolm Mann, Lucas White, Ridge Harrison, Sam Heery, Coach Ed Wilson,
Billy Shuman, Jr., Shaun Tatum, Sam Boling, JP Conway

Steve Morris thanking his family for their support

Morgan Brian being introduced by Coach Charlie Morgan 

Click here to see more photos from the Friday school assembly
Click here to see more photos from the Saturday induction ceremony
Click here to see more photos from the Morgan Brian jersey retirement ceremony

Congressman Buddy Carter Visit

Congressman Buddy Carter, R-1, took time out of election day on Tuesday to meet with students at Frederica Academy to discuss his job and his thoughts on the election. Carter spoke with a U.S. history class at Frederica, which had the opportunity to ask him questions ranging from what daily work he does in Washington D.C., to what had been his coolest moment in office so far. We will be sending a group of Upper school history students to Washington D.C. so they can see the post election action with their own eyes!

Mrs. Walbridge Announced as the 2016 Frederica Academy Teacher of the Year

I am pleased to announce that Nikki Walbridge, our very talented and dedicated Middle School and Upper School English Teacher and English Department Chair, is the 2016 Frederica Academy Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Walbridge is a master teacher whose inventive and student-centered teaching serves as a model for us all.

Nikki Walbridge is in the tenth year of her teaching career and her third year as a member of the Frederica Academy faculty. Having worked as an online and in-person tutor for many years while her children were young, Mrs. Walbridge served as a tutor for several Frederica students before returning fulltime to the classroom in 2014.

Mrs. Walbridge has pioneered many new programs for her students and has assumed significant leadership roles for important school initiatives during the past three years.

In 2015, Mrs. Walbridge served as the architect and committee chair for the school's Frederica Promise and was a valuable consultant to the Board of Trustees as it developed a new Strategic Plan and value proposition doctrine earlier this year.

In September 2016, Mrs. Walbridge hosted critically-acclaimed author Vince Vawter for a day-long visit to our campus. Mr. Vawter opened the day with a Middle School assembly and then met with several English and Literature classes to discuss his book, Paperboy. Mr. Vawter's visit was a huge success because Mrs. Walbridge had the passion and vision to engineer the opportunity and because she planned every detail of his time on campus with great precision. This initiative was an extension of several other programs Mrs. Walbridge has created to help champion and promote reading in the Middle School.

Mrs. Walbridge has also utilized her keen organizational skills and joy for experiential learning to organize and execute our eighth grade Carpe Vitam trip to Washington, D.C., over the past three years. In doing so, she has become quite an expert on the history and landmarks of our nation's capital and adolescent travel needs.

Although Mrs. Walbridge's talents and attributes are vast, they all embrace her unwavering commitment to making Frederica Academy a better school for our students and our families. Mrs. Walbridge has earned a reputation for being available for her students and for being the consummate team player with respect to helping her colleagues whenever needed. She not only helped write the Frederica Promise, she brings it to life through her selfless words and deeds.

Mrs. Walbridge holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Sociology from the University of Florida and a teaching certificate from the Mercer University Graduate School of Education. She is married to Greg Walbridge, and they have two children enrolled at Frederica Academy: Kate (Class of 2022) and Trey (Class of 2025). Gus, their yellow lab, completes the Walbridge family.

When not teaching and planning, Mrs. Walbridge enjoys riding bikes around St. Simons as well as cooking, writing, reading, and traveling and spending time with her family.

Mrs. Walbridge will be recognized at a ceremony hosted by the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce this evening. The annual event recognizes and honors the Teachers of the Year from the twenty-six public, private, and independent schools in Glynn County.

One teacher will be named the Glynn County Teacher of the Year during tonight's dinner at the Sea Palms Resort & Conference Center. Although Mrs. Walbridge and the other non-public school teachers are not eligible for the county award, we are grateful to be included in tonight's program and are proud to spotlight Mrs. Walbridge's impressive accomplishments as a Frederica Academy teacher. We are also pleased to be able to showcase her extraordinary educational and professional background.

Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Walbridge on being named this year's Frederica Academy Teacher of the Year. We are indeed grateful for her many lasting contributions as a tireless educator and life-long learner.


John T. Thomas

Head of School

National Honors Society Inductees

Frederica Academy would like to formally congratulate the newest members of our National Honor Society. These students truly embody the four pillars of being a Frederica Academy Knight: Scholar, Leader, Servant, and Honor.
Jack Byrnes Nic Dixon Whitney Ponsell
Sara Gierc Macall Dyer George Poulakis
Tony Heyward Emily Harrison  Anna Jane Powell
Aubrey Maulden Thomas Hogan Matthew Runyan 
Sam Thomas Joe Levitan Arden Simmons
Bennett Ward Shawn McElroy  Curran Squire
Maddie Anderson Ally Meacom Ryan Steilen 
Jenifer Arellano-Mendoza Trevor Moores  Adrienne Stubbs
Abby Brock Sam Morales Constance Sullivan
John Mitchell Brock Jake Myers Maddie Veal
Reese Brown Piper O’Quinn  Hannah Yarborough 
If you see these exemplary young men and women throughout their community, please congratulate them on their success.

Vince Vawter Visit

Newberry Award winning author, Vince Vawter, visited Frederica Academy to discuss his novel Paperboy, the summer reading selection, with each grade. Introduced by Jane Fraser, President of The Stuttering Foundation of America, Mr. Vawter discussed the details and humanized having a stutter in both past and present day America. Each grade level had breakout time with Mr. Vawter, allowing them to bond as a grade and have an in depth discussion with a professional author. 

Upper School Retreats

On Friday, August 26th, Upper School students participated in Upper School Retreat Day. On a joint retreat, our Freshman and Seniors participated in team building activities at the Epworth Ropes Course. It's always great to see the leaders of our Upper School build relationships with the new freshman.


Sophomores participated in a Communities in Schools project at Borroughs-Molette Elementary School in Brunswick, helping organize lunches and other administrative duties for the school.



Our Juniors went on an kayaking excursion, creating unforgettable memories all the while. It's always great to be a Frederica Knight and this year is no different!


Another Successful Derby Day!

Each year, it seems that the build up and hype around Derby Day seems to sweep the Golden Isles. Parents, faculty, alumni, and residents alike look forward to the annual Frederica Academy fundraiser. And each year, the staff and faculty involved in the planning and execution of the the event show everyone why the hype is warranted!
We are still tallying the numbers, but there is no denying the success of this year's auction. The winners left happy, Frederica raised funds, and parents, faculty and guests truly enjoyed themselves! We would like to thank everyone that helped us make this year's event a resounding success, including our photographers at The Dark Room.
To enjoy their work, check out our Derby Day Flickr album here!

Congratulations Graduates!

Although it's always sad to see a class leave, we could not be more excited for the class of 2016. Full of their own unique potential, we are sending off a class of athletes, budding scholars, jokesters, and best friends. 
We are sending our graduates all over, as far as Brywn Mawr and as close as The University of Georgia. A truly special class, we cannot wait to see what they accomplish as they step off of the island and into their futures.
Relive this magical day for the class of 2016 with our video here! For pictures, including individual graduate headshots, check out our Flickr album!

Happy Easter From Frederica Academy

Our Lower School students experienced many old-fashioned Easter celebrations this past week,
from a proper egg roll to an invigorating sack race.
Please enjoy the photos of their joyous experiences here!
Happy Easter to all!!

Baseball Senior Night

As we begin to compete for the state championship, we would like to thank our fans for an incredible baseball season. We would not be where we are today without each individual on our roster and every fan that has spent countless hours traveling to and from baseball tournaments, practices, and other school sponsored athletics events!
Particularly, we would like to thank our seniors and their families and friends for their unwavering support. On May 4th, 2016, we celebrated our annual senior night to honor these young men and their supporters. To see the entire album from the evening, please visit the album on our Flickr profile by clicking here.

Middle School Readers Reap Rewards

L-R  Adam Elsharkawi (6th), Fina Dooley (6th), Caroline Lokey (7th), Molly Mitchell (7th), Asa Fritchman (8th)
During the month of February, FA  Middle School students buried themselves in their books, tablets and computers as they competed in the "Just Read It!" Middle School Reading Contest, sponsored by the Parent Council.  This is the second year for the Read-A-Thon, in which  the students are encouraged to read as many books and articles for pleasure as possible and then record the minutes in their  reading logs.
On Friday, the Sixth Grade Class was recognized as winners of the most minutes read as a class! As their reward, they  enjoyed a "self serve" ice cream bar celebration. Congratulations sixth grade!
On Monday morning, the individual reading contest winners were recognized during the Middle School Assembly. Coming in at first place was seventh grade student, Molly Mitchell, who read for a  staggering 3,829 minutes (over 63 hours)! She was followed closely by sixth grade student, Adam Elsharkawi, who read for  3,462 minutes. Third place went to another sixth grade student, Fina Dooley, who read for 2,410 minutes. Rounding out the  top five readers were eighth grade student, Asa Fritchman and sixth grade student, Caroline Lokey, who each read enough to earn  Honorable Mentions. This year the first place winner was presented with a $50 Amazon gift certificate, the  second place winner  received a $20 iTunes gift card and the  third place winner was given a $10 iTunes gift card. Congratulations top readers!
Special thanks to the FA Parent Council for sponsoring this activity and to  8th Grade English teacher, Nikki Walbridge, for creating such an inspiring and fun contest for all of the students in Middle School.  Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year's  Read-A-Thon! All readers are winners!

And Your 2016 May Day Queen Is...

The sun was shining on to the Sea Island green as parents, grandparents, and friends alike filed into the tightly packed rows of seats. The air was abuzz with anticipation and the hands were filled with sweet tea and lemonade. 
On Frederica Academy's annual May Day, no one quite knew who would be crowned the 2016 May Day Queen. While hushed rumors swirled the hallways on the weeks leading up to the event, with each candidate embodying the very factors that make Frederica great, everyone eagerly awaited the faithful day someone would don the famed flower crown. Along with the classic May Pole ritual, our crowd was rewarded by a beautiful rendition of the Frederica Alma Mater by our lower school students and the moving words of upper school students and Frederica Academy Head of School, John Thomas.
As the younger students walked down the brick aisle donning bowties and colorfuldresses, you could all but hear the crowd's anticipation for the Senior May Court to make their first appearance. The Senior May Court walked out of Corn Hall and greeted their relatives and friends with cheery smiles and waves. Upon announcing the court and their escorts, Mr. Thomas formally announced Frederica Academy senior, Brooke Bourne, as the May Queen. After the crowd roared their support and thundered their applause, we all directed our attention to the celebratory May Day Pole to watch the dazzling performance by a selection of our lower school girls. A day we look forward to each year, May Day is an unforgettable experience for the Frederica Academy students, friends, staff, and family.

Thank you Frederica families, faculty and friends!

Saturday, February 20, 2016  The weather at sunset could not have been more beautiful than it was for this year's Parent-Faculty Oyster Roast, held on Sea Island's Rainbow Island. Many thanks to the Frederica Academy Parent Council for sponsoring this wonderful evening and to the folks at Sea Island for doing a terrific job hosting the celebration.

We express our heartfelt appreciation to Tracey and Jonathan Tennant for chairing this year's Annual Fund and to Kristi Harrison for her outstanding leadership as the Board Development Committee Chair. To the faculty, parents, board members and friends who have all contributed to this vital campaign, we sincerely thank you for helping us Bridge the Gap!

To view and download photos from the Oyster Roast, click on the picture below .

FA Team Visits Our Sister School in Haiti

On February 12, 2016, Frederica Academy teachers  Dottie Barrow, Laura Edenfeld, Mary Catherine Lyons, and John Plough, along with volunteers  Janice Thomas,  Sharon Roberts, Peggy Russell, and Laura Thimons made the  1,100 mile trip from  Saint Simons, Georgia, to the Jubilee Blanc community in Gonaives, Haiti. With them, they brought suitcases packed with sorely needed  medical and school supplies, packages  from sponsors for their "adopted" students,  letters from pen pals and a whole lot of love and encouragement for the young Jubilee students,  their families and teachers.
Dottie Barrow describes the trip:
"We had an amazing trip visiting our sister school in Haiti last week. We took approximately 1,000 pounds of medical and school supplies donated by Frederica families, teachers, Christ Church, and local dentists and doctors. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.
Part of our team worked in the clinic and part worked in the school. Our focus was to deliver much needed supplies, encourage and support the American and Haitian teachers and nurses, and share and model new ways of teaching.
Jubilee School currently employs 17 Haitian teachers. While extremely dedicated their training as teachers is  limited and  rote memorization is the primary method of instruction.
One of the most important aspects of the trip is being able to take manipulatives and then role model how to use them in the classrooms. The teachers gratefully embraced these ideas and the children loved playing games that  reinforce math skills. To provide opportunities for creative play, we took supplies for making puppets and the older children entertained the younger ones as they learned how to create a puppet show."
Frederica Academy is proud  to be in active partnership with the Jubilee School and Jubilee Kids Inc. If you would like more information about the  Jubilee School  Sister School program and how you can  get involved, please contact Dottie Barrow. To see more photos from the Jubilee mission trip, click here and here.


2016 DAR Essay Contest Winners Recognized

From Left to Right: Elizabeth D. Hamilton, Regent Fort Frederica Chapter NSDAR; Nikki Walbridge, MS English teacher;
Alastair Campbell, Adam Elsharkawi; Garrett Squire; Lucy Worthy; Ellie Runyan; Cason Cavalier; James McCallum;
Jeannie Ferguson, MS Social Studies teacher
On Thursday, February 11, 2016, the Fort Frederica Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution recognized the local winners of the 2016 American History Essay Contest, at their monthly meeting in the First Presbyterian Church Social Hall, on Saint Simons Island. The winning writers for each grade level represented were given the opportunity to read their compositions for the audience.
The title of this year's essay for Middle School students was, "A Colonial Family's Reaction to the Stamp Act". Students were asked to research the topic thoroughly and then write their essays from the perspective of colonists who were forced to grapple with the tax levied by the British Parliament on all printed paper, in 1765.
Frederica Academy students embraced the subject and swept the awards in sixth through eighth grade, winning first and second place in each grade. The winners were:
Sixth Grade: Winner: Adam Elsharkawi
                   Second Place: Ellie Runyan
Seventh Grade: Winner: Garrett Squire
                       Second Place: Cason Cavalier
Eighth Grade: Winner: James McCallum
                      Second Place: Lucy Worthy
At the High School level, the NSDAR partnered with the National Italian American Federation, in sponsoring the 2015 - 2016 Christopher Columbus Essay Contest. The title of this year's essay was, "Columbus and Lindbergh: A Journey Across the Atlantic". Writers were asked to compare and contrast the two Atlantic voyages and discuss the initial impact and long-term consequences of these historic journeys.
The local winner for this year's contest was ninth grade student, Alastair Campbell, who also won the 2015 - 2016 NSDAR Middle School Essay contest for the entire state of Georgia.
Congratulations to all our student who participated in these challenging essay competitions and many thanks to the families and teachers who encouraged and supported them!

The Frederica Academy Annual Fund

To learn more about the importance of the Annual Fund to Frederica Academy
and how you can participate, please click here to get the full explanation from
a graduating senior and a Kindergartener, who happens to be her little brother!  
If you have not yet made a commitment to this year's Annual Fund, it isn't too late!
Click here to make an online gift .
You can pay now or defer your payment until June 30.

The Annual Fund Oyster Roast will take place on
Saturday, February 20, at 5:00 p.m.,
at Sea Island's Rainbow Island.

 Everybody who supports the Annual Fund
is welcome to attend,
regardless of the size of their gift.

FA Model UN Team Earns Top Honors


This past weekend, the Upper School Model United Nations team traveled to Georgia Southern University, in Statesboro, Georgia, to participate in the 45th Annual High School Model United Nations Conference. Upper School History teacher and Model UN sponsor, Susan Mullis, recounts the details of their successful weekend:
"The Frederica Model United Nations team was recognized as the Distinguished School and received top individual awards in the 45th Georgia Southern High School Model United Nations Conference, held February 4-6, 2016. The conference is one of the oldest Model United Nations programs in the nation, with 22 schools and over 400 delegates throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida participating in the competition.
The Distinguished School Award recognizes the performance of the entire school team during the three-day simulation of the United Nations' General Assembly and its committees of the Security Council, African Union, Human Rights Committee and Organization of Islamic Cooperation. In preparation, the students researched, debated and proposed solutions to complex global issues such as terrorism, environmental degradation, human trafficking, and nuclear proliferation. Frederica's team of 22 delegates represented the nations of the People's Republic of China (Alex Dunn and Nick Fraser in General Assembly, Chris Osgood in the Security Council, and Ryan McHugh in the Human Rights Committee), Mongolia (Kaitlyn Goodbread and Ivey Jorgensen), Turkey (Sara Gierc and Tony Heyward), Benin (Anna Jane Powell and Hannah Yarborough in General Assembly and Malik Tatum in African Union), Cameroon (Whitney Ponsell and Arden Simmons in General Assembly, Sarah Higgins in the Islamic Conference, and Alastair Campbell in African Union), the United Arab Emirates (Reese Brown and Emily Harrison in General Assembly and Mackenzie Morgan in the Human Rights Committee), Nicaragua (Lily Brown and Sara Seckinger) and Sri Lanka (Hannah Kolsch and Zhane' Waye).
Several Frederica students were recognized for the top individual awards. Juniors Alex Dunn and Nick Fraser, representing China, were designated as the Outstanding Delegation, marking Frederica's fourth capture of the Outstanding Delegate or Delegation award in the last six years.  The China delegation authored two of the resolutions on the conference agenda and Nick Fraser was elected as the Caucus Chair for the Asian-Pacific Caucus. The pair ably led Asian countries in handling emergency sessions dealing with ISIS and with North Korea.
Sara Gierc was elected as Caucus Chair for the Islamic Caucus, which authored the resolution to resolve the ISIS emergency session. Sara and fellow Turkey delegate Tony Heyward were recognized as a Distinguished Delegation for their performance.
Freshman Hannah Kolsch and Zhane' Waye were recognized with Honorable Mention for their strong representation of Sri Lanka in General Assembly. Hannah authored two of the resolutions selected for debate at the conference, a remarkable feat for a first time participant!
Freshman Alastair Campbell was designated as a Distinguished Delegate for his portrayal of Benin in the African Union.  Freshman Ryan McHugh, representing China, was recognized as Distinguished Delegate in the Human Rights Committee.
Congratulations to all of these hardworking students for their achievements. My fellow Model UN sponsor, Jody Bradford and I are extremely proud of our team."
Susan Mullis
(To see additional photos from the conference, click here.)

Send Some Love - And School Supplies, Too!

February 12 - 20, 2016
On February 12th, a team of FA teachers, parents, and friends including Dottie Barrow, Mary Catherine Lyons, Laura Edenfield, John Plough, Janice Thomas, Peggy Russell, Laura Ann Thimons and Sharon Roberts, will travel to Haiti to work with our sister school (Academie la Saline) and Klinic Jubilee, in Jubilee Blanc. They will be taking medical supplies and school supplies with them on this trip.
If you would like to donate to the school supply needs, please choose from the following list and drop off your donations in the Media Center:
  • Plastic sleeves for putting paper in 3 ring binder
  • Glue (stick or liquid)
  • Easel Pads
  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Hot Glue Gun glue mini size
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Adult Scissors
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Black Pens, blue, and red
  • Index Cards
  • Construction Paper
  • Candy
  • Toys for Prize boxes
Click on the photo below to see a wonderful year-end wrap-up for 2015, at the Jubilee School.

Hundreds of Reasons to Celebrate at Frederica Academy Today!

January 28, 2016 - The 100th day of school at Frederica Academy never slips by unnoticed and in the Lower School, our students have come to expect some fun counting activities, games involving 100, and even snacks composed of hundreds of yummy items, to help celebrate this milestone event. This year, perhaps because it's been fairly bleak and dreary of late, and the winter blahs have been going around, our Lower School teachers decided to ratchet up the level of excitement for this day and make it one for the books.
It started with first through fourth grade teachers, Jennifer Waters, Charlotte Floyd, Terri Hill, Claudia Schneider, Suzanne Rackley, Katy Youmans, Jan Payne and Lynn Sucilsky, dressing up as 100 year-old versions of themselves. Their students were thrilled! Taking a different tack over on the fifth grade hall, Carla Cate and Melanie Howell dressed as 100 day-old babies, complete with baby bottles! Meanwhile, PreK teachers Erin Dyer and Anna Barrow sported lightbulbs atop their heads proclaiming, "100 Days Brighter!" and Kindergarten teachers, Christy Manor and Catherine Squire were the queens of smarts, wearing, "I am 100 days brighter!" crowns. There's nothing quite like seeing a teacher dressed up in some strange or funny way to get students excited about the activities they're doing.
Our students took part in a wide range of one hundred based activities, too. They built towers with hundreds of cups, did exercises in sets of one hundred, put together one hundred piece puzzles, strung Cheerios by the hundred, took one hundred giant steps outside, and even did lessons in probability involving one hundred. When it came time for lunch, Nurse Byer, our nutrition guru at Frederica Academy, joined the students in Hamilton Hall, where she tallied up the total of Lower School children who had eaten fruit or vegetables, hoping that there would be at least one hundred - and there were! One hundred and ten students ate either fruit or vegetables at school today, thanks to the final push by our Kindergarten students, who demolished a tremendous amount of fruit, as their early afternoon snack.
Probably the most important and meaningful lesson learned today, about the number one hundred, was experienced by our fifth graders. For weeks they have been gathering school supplies, hoping to collect at least one hundred items to donate to Communities In Schools of Glynn County, which works with local schools, helping children in need. Today they presented their collection of well over one hundred school supplies, including shoes and clothing, to CIS representative, Allison Ross. Ms. Ross thanked the students and explained to them how important these backpacks, notebooks, markers, crayons and everything else would be to the children receiving them. Our students happily helped her pack up all the items to take to Burroughs Molette Elementary School, knowing they had learned the best lesson of the day - it is more blessed to give, than to receive.
To learn more about Communities In Schools, click here. To see more photos from 100th Day, click here.

Second Grade Goes to Sweden - Almost...

January 21, 2016  If you've ever seen the massive cargo ships that ply the waters between Saint Simons Island and Jekyll Island and wondered exactly what they're doing and what they're carrying, now you can just ask one of our second graders! Thanks to fabulous FA dad and Brunswick Harbor Pilot, John Beimler, our second grade class had a fascinating field trip to the Wallenius Wilhelmsen roll-on, roll-off cargo ship, Carmen, while it was in port at Colonel's Island, on Wednesday. They learned all about transporting cars, trucks, construction equipment and even helicopters! 

Their recent studies of compasses came in handy, too, when they explored the bridge of the ship and got to see the navigation equipment up close. Captain Beimler explained the difference between magnetic and gyro compasses, and along with Captain Ulf Deutgen, (skipper of the Carmen), showed them the myriad of controls that operate the giant car carrier. Bringing an enormous ship like the Carmen across the Atlantic Ocean is no easy task and piloting it safely into a harbor ringed with sand bars and affected by very high and low tides, like the Port of Brunswick, is difficult and exacting work.

Many thanks to Captain Beimler, for taking time between piloting ships on Wednesday, to lead this field trip and to Captain Deutgen, for graciously escorting our students around his magnificent ship, while they learned about one of the most vital businesses in the Golden Isles economy. They enjoyed their exciting time aboard the European vessel and were very grateful for the the delicious lunch of "Swedish spaghetti" with Swedish ice cream treats for dessert, too! (To see more pictures from the visit to the Carmen, click here.)

At Frederica Academy, we're all here to teach - and to learn.

One of the unique advantages of having a PK-12 school like Frederica Academy, where all grade levels, from Pre-Kindergarten through twelfth grade, share the same campus, is that it provides ample opportunities for students of different ages to interact with and learn from each other. Though Lower, Middle and Upper Schools are primarily housed in separate facilities, it is never more than a short walk for the students to visit each other in the different buildings. The PreK students parade through the fifth grade wing at Halloween and Easter, so that the "big kids" can see their costumes and finery; Upper School students visit Lower School classrooms, to read stories; and Middle School and Upper School socialize during their shared morning break time.

In addition to the casual cross-grade-level interactions, our older and younger students are also engaging in more and more structured teaching and learning activities, as they are encouraged to "mix it up" by their teachers and school directors. 

In the spring of 2015, our Middle School Technology students began teaching Lower School math students how to operate Sphero robots with iPads, as part of their basic technology education classes. At the beginning of the 2015 fall semester, Upper School students accompanied the Kindergarten to the fair, where they quickly learned crowd-calming techniques from the experienced Kindergarten teachers, as they provided one-on-one attention to the small children.
Towards the middle of the semester, Upper School English students visited the Middle School English class, where they shared their video productions of Edgar Allen Poe poems and short stories. This allowed the older students to practice their skills in verbal presentations, while at the same time teaching the younger students about various ways to interpret literature and how to use technology to create interesting material. 

The 2015 fall semester ended with a flurry of cross-grade, cross-curriculum cooperative learning experiences, especially during One Hour of Code Week, when Middle School technology students assisted Upper School math students, fourth graders helped with first graders, and fifth graders worked with faculty, teaching the basics of coding.

One of the most exciting cross-grade, cross-curriculum projects that culminated in December, was the production of "The Worst Day Ever", a story written by Jennifer Waters’ third grade homeroom class and brought to the big screen by the students of Mr. Plough’s Upper School Media Production class. Mrs. Waters explained how this process began.
“John Plough came to me and asked if we had any writings his class could use...and I said, “I have JUST the thing!’”

She went on to explain the writing process that the third grade has been using this year and how the story evolved that Mr. Plough’s class would eventually as the script for their production.

"Every day in Lower School we have a writing block of time. In third grade, we call it Writer's Workshop, where the students work on their writing while going through the five formal process steps of writing. There has been a big push in Lower School towards writing and everyone is working on going through the writing process with a focus on the "6+1 Traits" of Writing. 

This story (The Worst Day Ever) was with a key focus on the writing trait called "organization" where we had to organize the school day into its proper order. Then, the students got into small groups and chose one section of the day to write about the worst thing that could possibly happen during that block of time. The children went through the writing process as a group, and when our story was in its final form, all students enjoyed a copy of the book where they were given the opportunity to illustrate their pictures. 

I loved that it was a class book, not just one student. All ten of my homeroom third graders were a part of this project.

We did see the teenagers filming one day, but it didn't register with my students really as to what they were doing with their work. Then, Mr. Plough came to my classroom and we surprised my homeroom with their final project - the MOVIE! First, we partnered each Lower School student with an Upper School student. Then, we sent them to different areas in the room and in the hallway to reread the story together. Afterwards, we sat everyone in the classroom, turned off the lights and presented the movie! The third graders were so surprised and many were speechless! They were amazed that their writing could actually be a real movie. We talked about the process the Media Production students went through to make it, and how they had to brainstorm their ideas in groups as to how to portray our writings. 

This is a very unique gift we have at Frederica Academy – the ability to nurture the relationships between all students, big and small. I look forward to working on more projects like this!”
At Frederica Academy, each student plays an integral role in a community of learning and teaching, and all are valued for their contributions. Our teachers will continue to nurture cross-grade, cross-curricular engagements, as a valuable part of a well-rounded education for students of all ages.
(To see the completed video version of "The Worst Day Ever" click here.)

Head of School Award Winners Announced

January 19, 2016  This morning, at Upper and Middle School Assembly, the recipients of the Head of School awards for the fall semester were announced. These are students who have maintained the highest grade point averages in sixth through twelfth grade. Middle School students must make all A's and Upper School students must maintain at least a 90 percent grade point average in all academics. Congratulations to all of these high-achievers!
Sixth Grade Head of School Winners: (L-R) Helen Arline, Zoe Linert, Claire Belechak, Roy Boyd, Fina Dooley
Adam Elsharkawi, Carter Jules, Jill Lanzone, Ellie Runyan, Charlie Runyan, Ramie Shingler, Andrew Kaminer,
Cole Lawrence, Jon Phillip Spiers, Thomas Veal, Kate Walbridge, Spencer Sullivan, Madison Morgan 
(Not Pictured: Josephine Brock)
Seventh Grade Head of School Winners: (L-R)  Caroline Lokey, Bekah Brooks, Molly Mitchell, Clayton Moores,
Kenny Quinn, Cate Seymour, Virginia Anne Tennant, Sarah Sarzier, Garrett Squire, Georgia Waters,
Madysson Patron, David Weaver
Eighth Grade Head of School Winners: (L-R) Michael Mitchell, Worth Pickens, Colton Myers, Erica Daley,
Mary Joy Gul, Courtney Hogan, Chloe Linert, Josie Leavy, Alle Riden, Britton Sullivan, Gracie Veal,
Lucy Worthy (Not Pictured: William Brock)
Ninth Grade Head of School Winners: (L-R) Hunter Stephan, Kate Worthley, Sara Seckinger, Margo Noltes, 
Rebecca Riden, Kelly Quinn, Mackenzie Morgan, Ryan McHugh, Hannah Kolsch, Will Grimm, Brandon Dunn,
Alastair Campbell, Lily Brown, Harrison Akridge (Not Pictured: Evyn Lundy)
Tenth Grade Head of School Winners: (L-R) Hannah Yarborough, Maddie Veal, Constance Sullivan,
Adrienne Stubbs, Ryan Steilen, Curran Squire, Matthew Runyan, Whitney Ponsell, Piper O'Quinn, Joe Levitan
George Poulakis, Jake Myers, Emily Harrison, Sam Morales, Reese Brown (Not Pictured: John Mitchell Brock)
Eleventh Grade Head of School Winners: (L-R) Jack Byrnes, Alex Dunn, Bridget Fairless, Nick Fraser, Sara Gierc,
Ali Goodman, Sarah Higgins, Maggie Holt, Ivey Jorgensen, Nick Noltes, Chris Osgood, Connor Runyan,
Will Sandridge, Clare Seymour, Mary Banks Shelander (Not Pictured: Rayna Daley, Nina Poulakis)
Twelfth Grade Head of School Winners: (L-R) Christian Sullivan, Nick Steelman, Darren Pickren, Josh Owens,
Devin Higgins, Nick Harrison, Sophie deSola (Not Pictured: Manning Mercer, Simms O'Quinn)

Coding Takes Center Stage at Frederica Academy

December was an incredibly busy month at Frederica Academy, filled with holiday events, test reviews, field trips, exams, winter sports, community service activities, a book fair and coding. Coding? Yes, coding -- as in writing the lines of code that create computer software. This year, over 200 Frederica Academy students participated in's 2015 Hour of Code, which took place during Computer Science Education Week, December 7th through the 13th. Computer science has become an essential component of 21st century education and Frederica Academy students are regularly exposed to an array of code driven technological devices, like Ipads, Speros, Chromebooks and even 3D printers. Learning how to create the underlying codes that make these instruments operate, allows our students to apply the logic, problem-solving skills and the creativity needed in software engineering, a field that is expanding exponentially, as the demand for software code increases daily. Frederica Academy is committed to computer literacy for its students and was one of the few schools in the southeast Georgia region to host one of the 198,000 Hour of Code events registered worldwide.
Guided by Director of Technology and Media, Dottie Barrow and Lower School Media Specialist, Mary Catherine Lyons, students from Pre-Kindergarten through Upper School, and even several faculty members, took a crack at writing code, through the interactive games and programs found at Our Middle School Computer Technology students, who were already familiar with many of the programs, lent a helping hand to Upper School math students, as they began the programming process. Throughout the school, students and teachers became engrossed in the games, often toggling back and forth to see the actual lines of code they wrote as they progressed through the increasingly complex games. Some students enjoyed coding so much that they continued working on it at home. Second grader, Ameila McGlaughlin, became so enamored of the code writing process that she quickly shot past the line totals amassed her classmates and any of the other students any Frederica Academy for that matter, by writing over 960 lines of code during Code Week She continuing to write even more after the event officially concluded!
If you would like to learn more about One Hour of Code or just play a few of the games enjoyed by our students, click here. To read more about the Hour of Code events at Frederica Academy, check out the Brunswick News story here. To see our FA programmers hard at work, click here.
Here's what some of our FA Code Writers had to say: 
I liked code week. It was fun because I got to look
into Minecraft a bit, and even see what JEB looks
like. I enjoyed going through the levels, and building
a house.
- Emerson Lewis 
I really enjoyed coding today, and I hope to do it
again soon. My favorite part was definitely when I
looked at the actual codes, and saw everything I
had done. 

- Alexandra Murphy
Thank you both for allowing me to participate with
the 5th grade. Coding is fun and you are both very
patient teachers.  

- Catherine Holt

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Season has been most joyfully celebrated at Frederica Academy this year with musical performances, plays, field trips, parties and community service projects. To see a beautiful photo compilation video of the highlights, created by Media Specialist Mary Catherine Lyons, click here.

The Last Harvest of 2015

Over the last few weeks, the fall crops that were planted by the Lower School students in the Frederica Academy Organic Garden have been coming in by the bucket load. On the Monday before winter break, our third graders marched out in the morning dew and got busy clipping their bed of greens and then gathered some samples from the fourth grade bed. Third grade teacher, Jennifer Waters, described the process and how the greens were used.

“We harvested collards and kale from the third grade garden. We also harvested four different types of salad; some from the 3rd grade garden we grew and some from the 4th grade garden that they shared. The different salad greens were romaine, red speckled lettuce, butterhead lettuce, and arugula. 
We brought everything to Chef Sarah and she prepared the following for our ‘taste test’:

• Cooked collards
• Banana-apple-yogurt-kale smoothies 
• Salads

She washed the salads and served them in separate bowls. There was a small amount of oil and vinegar dressing available, if the children wanted to try it, but the idea was to really taste of the different salad greens. 

The children were delighted! We heard lovely comments like, ‘Can I have more salad, please?’ And ‘May I have seconds on the smoothie?’ The cooked collards were enjoyed, too! 

The most popular of the salad greens was the "red speckled lettuce". Many students were also pleasantly surprised at how spicy the arugula was. We observed positive peer pressure when students encouraged their classmates to try something they were reluctant to taste, and when they did try it - they liked it so many times! 

The idea that they planted all this from seed, watched it grow, harvested it together, and then brought it to Chef Sarah, where she prepared our harvest for the taste test, is such a unique part of our Lower School curriculum. The important lesson of ‘where’ our food comes from and how it grows is priceless. Children tasting the difference in fresh, nutrient dense, right-outta-the-garden food, versus grocery store produce that has been flown across the country, is incredible! We have incorporated math, science, writing, and reading in our garden studies, but the list of the life-long lessons of what experience in the garden teaches children, is beyond measure.”

New Lower School Director Announced

Newly appointed Lower School Director, Terri Hill and retiring Lower School Director, Annmarie Torres
Dear Frederica Family and Friends,
Last year, Annmarie Torres announced that she would retire as our Lower School Director at the end of this school year.

I am pleased and proud to announce that Ms. Terri Hill has accepted my offer to be the Lower School Director at Frederica Academy beginning June 1, 2016.  Ms. Hill graduated from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Early Childhood Education. She has taught Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 3rd grade; consulted in character education and reading and writing literacy; and she has served as a Lower School Director at a prior school.  Ms. Hill will continue her stellar work with the 1st grade through the end of this school year and work closely with Ms. Torres to assure a smooth transition.
Annmarie Torres has made an amazing impact on Frederica Academy, and her confidence in Ms. Hill confirms my belief that this is a great appointment for our school. I am particularly excited for Ms. Hill to apply her deep knowledge of active, student-centered curricula, and abiding character education as we strive to grow and improve with every year.

As we are ahead of the hiring curve for 2016-2017, we will have time to celebrate Ms. Torres and welcome Ms. Hill to her new position in the coming year.

Indeed, it is a great time to be a Frederica Academy Knight because Terri Hill will continue, with the rest of our faculty and staff, to embody the Frederica Promise

Merry Christmas,

John T. Thomas
Head of School

Try it - you might like it!

November 30, 2015 – When Jan Payne came back from a Thanksgiving trip to visit her parents at Carrigan Farms, in Mooresville, North Carolina, her father, Wade Carrigan packed her off with a little something special for her fourth grade students at Frederica Academy.
What Mr. Carrigan sent for the students was, in fact, not little at all – rather, it was one enormous radish and two giant white turnips! Mrs. Payne brought them to school on Monday and presented them to the amazed fourth graders. Then she washed the oversized produce and cut up snack-size pieces for her students. She passed around samples and everybody tried them. Most of the children really liked the crunchy, faintly sweet vegetables and even asked for extra bites. Eventually, Mrs. Payne cut up enough samples for all the children in grades 1 through 4 and offered each one of them a chance to try the raw vegetables. Out of all those students, only one declined the offer. Nearly every child enjoyed the turnip and radish snacks and said they would eat them again.

This was great news to school nurse, Deirdre Byers, who has made it her mission to encourage Lower School students to eat healthy lunches and snacks. She spent the month of October giving "Healthy Plate" demonstrations to each grade and then patrolled the cafeteria every Tuesday, looking for healthy lunches that consisted of at least half fruits and/or vegetables. She gave stickers to children who had healthy plates and added their names to a Healthy Rewards drawing. At the end of the month, the drawing was held and the winners were Ella Moore, McKenzie Brown, Hayes LeRoux and Maggie Dorminy, who each received a Bento box and a gift certificate. However, Nurse Byers was quick to point out that everybody who eats healthily wins, because they are treating their bodies to the good foods they need to grow healthy and strong, both mentally and physically. She urges all parents to continue offering their children a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables every day, because given the opportunity, most children will actually eat what is good for them – even turnips!

Homes for the Holidays and Homes for Every Day

On Friday, December 11, 2015, Mr. Bert Brown, from Habitat for Humanity of Glynn County came to the Frederica Academy Lower School Morning Meeting, to speak about the problem of substandard housing in Glynn County. Using the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf story as an analogy, he told the children that there are many decrepit dwellings in the local area, that are not safe and secure enough for the people who inhabit them. Then he told the students how Habitat for Humanity is trying to change that situation, by helping people build strong, safe, new homes for themselves with the help of Habitat volunteers. 

There are many Frederica Academy families already involved with this important work. Mr. Brown himself is a former Frederica parent. And though our Lower School students are still too young to help with actual construction on Habitat houses, Mr. Brown told them that there are still many ways they can help. They can encourage their parents to donate building supplies and used furniture to Habitat ReStore, in Brunswick. They can donate household items like new towels and cleaning supplies to the new homes. This year, as in several years past, our fourth graders collected gently used books, to donate to the children moving into the latest Habitat home. A beautiful rolling book bin was created for these books by Brigette and John McKeown, of Face to Face framing.

It's nice to know, that in this season of giving and caring, that an organization like Habitat for Humanity is working hard to help create safe affordable housing for as many as possible. Frederica Academy is proud to be part of this work. For more information about how you can help with Habitat, click here.

Piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick comes to Brunswick

November 19, 2015 - Frederica Academy Lower School students have been learning about piano prodigy Ethan Bortnick, in Amy Bishop's Music classes, for the last four years. Ethan is a remarkable young man, who began his musical career at age three and made his public debut at age seven, with his first appearance on the Jay Leno Show. At age nine, he had his own National PBS Concert Special and when he was ten, he was the youngest performer to headline his own national tour. In addition to his prodigious musical accomplishments, Ethan is also a dedicated humanitarian, who has raised over $40,000,000 for non-profits world-wide.
When it was announced by Golden Isles Live! that this fourteen year-old phenomenon would be holding a student outreach performance at the Glynn Academy Auditorium, on Thursday, November 19th, Mrs. Bishop knew her students would want to be there - all of them. So with the help of an army of parent volunteers, all the FA Lower School students in grades one through five headed to Brunswick to join a packed audience of children from all the public and private schools in Glynn County.
Young Mr. Bortnick did not fail to entertain his very excited audience. He played all sorts of music for them, from Mozart and Chopin, to Little Richard and Elton John. He played his own beautiful composition, "Anything is Possible" and even improvised several renditions of the theme song from, "Pokemon". Between songs, Ethan answered questions from the audience and played guessing games with them, pitting the students against their teachers. The students won - barely!
At the conclusion of the performance, Frederica students got the opportunity to stay behind and meet Ethan and talk with him about his charity work. He told them that he loved using his ability to make music to help raise money for so many worthy causes. Mrs. Bishop told Ethan about Frederica Academy's Sister School in Haiti, the Jubilee School, and how the Lower School fifth graders were currently selling bracelets to help the students and parents there. Ethan was delighted to hear about the initiative and told them that Haiti was important to him, too. He had participated in the 2010 recording of "We Are The World 25 For Haiti" which raised desperately needed funds for the earthquake stricken country. Mrs. Bishop then presented a "KNIGHTS" bracelet to Ethan and he graciously posed for photos with all the FA students, teachers and parents.
To learn more about Ethan Bortnick, his music and his philanthropy, click here and here.

Happy Thanksgiving from Frederica Academy!

 November 24, 2015 - Our Kindergarten class brought smiles and a few tears to the faces of their parents and teachers as they presented their annual Thanksgiving play, in which friendship played the central theme and no turkeys were harmed. When asked what they were thankful for this holiday season; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, families, friends, their teachers, and even dogs were high on their lists. We're thankful to have such a fine group of Kindergarteners!
Our first grade students have been studying the first Thanksgiving in depth for weeks. They learned the history of that gathering in Plymouth and studied the individuals involved. They explored the customs of the era and developed an understanding of what life was like for children three hundred years ago. Then they had the opportunity to reenact the historic celebration at the two hundred year-old Tabby House on the grounds of Epworth by the Sea - formerly the Hamilton plantation. William Bradford (played by Jonathan Byrd) made the official proclamation that there would be a day of remembrance and thankfulness, then the small Pilgrims and Indians enjoyed the feast, which included beans they had harvested from their own garden. The meal was followed by a visit to the Cassina Garden Club's, historic Slave Cabins, where the children learned specifically about colonial St. Simons. The day concluded with a lively game of Drop the Handkerchief, played on the banks of the Frederica River. To see a video of this wonderful event, click here. Happy Thanksgiving!

Frederica Hosts PGA Wives Wiffle Ball Game

 November 17, 2015 - Overcast skies and a little damp weather did nothing to diminish the excitement at the PGA TOUR Wives 4th annual Wiffle Ball Game on Tuesday night! Everybody participating had a great time, on the field and off, helping raise funds for the Blessings in a Backpack program at Altama Elementary School. Together, the PGA TOUR Wives Association/RSM and Davis Love Foundation donated $25,000! Frederica Academy PGA family members who helped make this rewarding event possible this year were Zach and Kim Johnson and Jonathan and Amanda Byrd. Many thanks to all who participated! For more information about Blessings in a Backpack, click here.

Veterans' Day 2015

November 11, 2015 This morning the students and faculty took time to remember and honor our United States veterans, during the 2015 Veterans' Day Assembly, in the FA Knights Gymnasium. The guest speaker for the program was Retired Chief Warrant Officer Jeff Dempsy, of the United States Marines. Officer Dempsey recounted his years with the Marines, in peacetime and in war, and spoke movingly about the most meaningful and difficult assignment in his military career - as a Casualty Notification Officer. Bringing the news to a family that their loved one will never return from war is a somber and heart-wrenching task. Officer Dempsey reminded the audience that serving in any branch of the U. S. military requires that you give your best in that service and even be willing to die for your country.
That is why we take the time to honor our veterans every year, on November 11th. Officer Dempsey gave a brief history of the holiday, telling the audience that what was originally known as Armistice Day, which honored those who served in World War I, became Veterans Day in 1938, and has since then been a day that all U. S. veterans, past and present, are recognized, honored and remembered. Officer Dempsey encouraged everyone to get involved with the veterans in their lives and hear the stories they have to tell and learn from them. The audience rose to its feet at the end of his speech.
The morning program concluded with a beautiful acapella rendition of "America the Beautiful", performed by Kelly Quinn, Georgia Waters, Misty Renard-Lascowski, Alexis Oliver, Alex Dunn and Officer Dempsey.

The Fight Against Cancer Continues

November 9, 2015 - On Monday afternoon, Seniors Manning Mercer, Sallie Tolleson and Simms O'Quinn presented a check for $735.00 to Blair Barneycastle, of the American Cancer Society's, Relay for Life. The check represented the entire proceeds from the October 15th Powder Puff Football game, which was organized and managed by the Upper School Student Council. Folks attending the game enjoyed an exciting evening, as the Junior and Senior girls played with passion, determination and a level of athleticism that made for one heck of a game. The Seniors were the victors, with a score of 21 to 6, but everybody won in this game, because it not only entertained the crowd, but it generated funds that will go towards research for a cure for cancer.
It is especially poignant to the Frederica Academy community that this check was presented today, as this evening we remember one of FA's long-time friends and most fervent supporters, Ms. Vicki Palonen, at a campus memorial service. Ms. Palonen, a well-loved member of the Golden Isles community and fixture on the sidelines for nearly every Frederica sporting event, passed away quietly on November 4, 2015, after a long battle with cancer. She is already missed tremendously. All the students and families who knew her well, were blessed by her life and now they honor her, as they work to help bring an end to the disease that claimed her life.

Happy Halloween from Frederica Academy!

October 30, 2015 - In a week that has seen a lot of travel by our students; the eighth grade to Washington, DC; the seventh grade to Camp Greenville, in South Carolina; the sixth grade to Camp Kanuga, in North Carolina; the first grade to Poppell Farms, in Odum; and a little closer to home for the Kindergarten, the Fair, in Brunswick; it's good to have everybody back home again! Today, while our Middle School students recuperated from their Carpe Vitam travels, the rest of the school mixed in some Halloween fun with their lessons. Our Lower School students dressed as their favorite story characters and the Upper School had their traditional costume contest. The day finished out with our fifth graders filling treat bags with Halloween goodies and toiletries for children at Safe Harbor. As one student remarked, while adding a toothbrush to the bag he had decorated, "We need to be generous!"

Lending a Helping Hand

Frederica Academy proudly announces the formation of a new student organization on campus this year - the FA Student Ambassadors. The brainchild of Sophomore, Constance Sullivan, the Student Ambassadors are a group of dedicated upperclassmen who welcome visitors, assist parents and families, give tours, and lend a hand wherever they are needed. 
On Friday, the Student Ambassadors got the opportunity to help with preparations for the upcoming RSM Classic. Frederica Academy will serve as the uniform distribution headquarters for the 1200 volunteers, who will be helping during the golf tournament. A large truckload of shirts, jackets, hats and water bottles had to be unloaded and organized in the gym and our Ambassadors cheerfully made quick work of the assignment. 
To find out more about the FA Student Ambassadors, please contact faculty sponsor, Julie Ackerman at
The FA Student Ambassadors: Sharing the FA Spirit through Goodwill and Service

All Quiet on the Fifth Grade Hall Last Week...

October 22 - 24, 2015 Located in Rincon, Georgia, Camp Ebenezer is a favorite destination for all Frederica fifth graders. While at camp, the students develop an appreciation for the hardships faced by the Salzburgers, as they began a colony near Oglethorpe’s Savannah, in 1736.
In addition, the students develop an appreciation for reptiles native to the Georgia coast and have an opportunity to hold small alligators, large snakes and an even larger gopher tortoise.
Great fun was had by all as the class visited a restored school house built in 1904, and the Historic Bull Street Savannah Theatre. Exciting activities such as folk dancing and archery were wrapped in a meaningful character education message.
Overall, the Ebenezer experience is a “hands-on” learning experience where students build meaningful friendships in a beautiful, unspoiled landscape. 

Fall Fun Day

October 8, 2015 There was a hint of fall in the cool morning breeze on Thursday - just enough to make twelve already excited pre-K students even more eager to start their Fall Fun Day.They spent the morning scavenging, painting, bowling, beading, drawing, and playing their way through a cornucopia of autumn activities. As one group of small boys scampered by a class of first graders on a science expedition, an older brother remarked, "They're having Pre-K Fall Fun Day! It's the best day of the year!!"

Getting Out and Into the World

October 14, 2015 – After a morning of testing for the 9th, 10th and 11th grade and a health seminar for the 12th grade, the Upper School students did not return to their regularly scheduled afternoon classes on Wednesday. Instead, they went out into the community, to perform a wide variety of community services.

The 9th grade class went to America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, where they unloaded pallets of food and stocked the shelves at the food bank.  America’s Second Harvest offers this is free pantry, as well as other food assistance programs, to help eliminate hunger in the Golden Isles area. When 64% of local children go hungry every day and more than a third of families have to choose between paying for utilities or medicine, instead of buying food, this is no simple task. America’s Second Harvest needs community support. If you would like to get involved with this crucial work, please go to the Second Harvest website and read about volunteer and donation opportunities.

Our 10th grade students got a first-hand look at how some people think St. Simons Island is their trash can, when they grabbed the trash pickers and trash bags and cleaned up Gascoigne Park. In a fragile wetland ecosystem such as ours, trash and litter are more than eyesores. Discarded plastic bags, Styrofoam containers, cigarette butts and other non-biodegradable debris that makes its way into the marshes, rivers and oceans that surround the island, can poison the water and harm the dolphins, turtles and fish that live there. If you’d like to learn more about helping keep the Golden Isles clean, check out Keep Brunswick – Golden Isles Beautiful at:

The 11th graders got to put their digging, cleaning and landscaping skills to use, when they helped convert the weedy dirt patch in front of The Well into a beautifully planted, well-mulched garden bed. The Well, part of the FaithWorks ministry, is a place of respite for homeless people, where they can take a shower, use the laundry room, have access to a telephone and the Internet, and receive services from support groups. If you'd like to learn more about the work being done with our local homeless citizens and how you can help, go to the FaithWorks website for more information:

The Class of 2016 seniors made their way out to the headquarters of MAP International, near the Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, where they helped pack Trioral oral rehydration kits, for communities in crisis around the world. Since 1954, MAP has delivered over $5 billion in medicines and other essential supplies to non-profit partners, mission hospitals, clinics, and medical mission teams, shipping to more than 100 countries annually. Their mission is to advance the Total Health of people living in the world's poorest communities. To find out more about this remarkable locally-based organization, which helps on such an enormous international scale, please check out their website. They are always delighted to have Wednesday volunteers.

When life hands you lemons...

Friday, October 2, 2015 - The fifth grade recently plunged into the lemonade business and has been working hard, learning how to squeeze a profit from their venture. Before opening their retail outlet, “The Lemonade Shack”, they spent considerable time researching every aspect of their business, from the history of lemonade, to understanding the difference between gross and net profits.

Early in their research, they discovered that lemons are fairly expensive, so they approached a group of investors; Head of School, John Thomas; Director of Lower School, Annmarie Torres; Interim Director of Middle School, Jay St. John; and Director of Upper School, Mike Temple; for the capital they needed to get started.

They made a business plan, performed taste tests and even set up their business for Saturday sales, to test the market. It has been a project that they’ve explored from every angle. On Friday, they received recognition from Chick-fil-A, which makes thousands of gallons of lemonade annually for thirsty customers. Each student was given a “stress squeeze” lemon, fresh lemonade to drink, a gift card for an iced lemonade and a visit by the Chik-fil-A cow. For the hard-working students, it was a pretty sweet way to celebrate their business!


Congratulations to Cason Cavalier!

Cason Cavalier Wins the Drive Fore Juniors Classic:
11 to 12 Year Old Division  
On October 3rd and 4th, 2015, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia, to host the Drive Fore Juniors Classic, at Jekyll Island Golf Course (Indian Mound). The course was in great shape, playing conditions were good, and the tournament was exciting and competitive for the two full days of golf. On Saturday, the first day of the tournament, the skies were overcast, with a nice breeze that kept the day pleasant. On Sunday, we were blessed to have another great day of playing conditions, with the rain holding off, except for a light and short mist, which was a great way to cap off the tournament. Winners in all five age divisions will receive an automatic bid to the Tour Championship on December 5th and 6th, 2015. The weekend was unbeatable all around, and the top ten finishers also received points towards end year honors, which include state teams, all HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup.
b 11-12 dfjcIn the boys 11-12 division we had two competitors battle it out both days, with each posting great outings overall. Our champion, Cason Cavalier, was from around the corner on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Cason came out and torched his home course on Saturday, shooting a very impressive 75, which gave him a pretty comfortable lead on his competitor. Cason had great command of his shots out there on the wet course, and was able to really set himself up for quality shots all weekend long. Finishing along with Cason, we had Edward Stephens Jr., the youngest competitor in the entire tournament. Edward really seemed like he was having a great time on the course, which is what we here at HJGT strive for. Edward gave 110% out there and didn’t let anything stop him from having a great tournament. Overall, the boys 11-12 division had a very exciting week, and every competitor in the field displayed two high quality rounds of golf.
(Article excerpt from

FA Lower School Artwork Shines at CoastFest

Saturday, October 3, 2015 - ​Frederica Academy Lower School students made an excellent showing at the 2015 CoastFest Art Exhibit and Contest. This year's theme, "Life in the Salt Marsh" brought out the students' creativity in a variety of media. 
Our students received thirty-nine Honorable Mention ribbons; two Second Place ribbons for Gigi Cate and Maddie Baldwin; three First Place ribbons for Amelia McGlaughlin, Briley Johnson and Jackson Byrd; and last, but not least, Prestley Wetzler won the GRAND PRIZE ribbon for all students, from all the schools, in the elementary division of the competition!
Congratulations to Prestley and all of our other talented students for creating such beautiful and well-received work! Many thanks to art teacher, Leigh Lane, for guiding the students through the creative process.
    Ameila McGlaughlin - 2nd Grade                         Briley Johnson - 4th Grade                       Jackson Byrd - 3rd Grade 
                                               Gigi Cate - 1st Grade        Maddie Baldwin - 4th Grade

First Grade

Carson MacLeod   Honorable Mention

Elijah Falken                   Honorable Mention

Fortune Hicks                    Honorable Mention

Gigi Cate                          2nd Place Ribbon

Jacob Gordon                    Honorable Mention

John Jeffrey Simmons        Honorable Mention

JT Holmes                         Honorable Mention

Libby Certain                     Honorable Mention

Madison Brown                   Honorable Mention

Second Grade

Amelia McGlaughlin           1st Place Ribbon

David Beimler                    Honorable Mention

Keegan Mathis                    Honorable Mention

Mary Ford Fitzjurls             Honorable Mention

Matthew Kuchar                 Honorable Mention

Patrick Dunn                      Honorable Mention

Third Grade

Bo Holmes                          Honorable Mention

Emily Wyrick                       Honorable Mention

Harrison Wetzler                 Honorable Mention

Jackson Byrd                       1st Place Ribbon

Maidee Brown                     Honorable Mention

Mavry Driggers 3                 Honorable Mention

McKenzie Brown                  Honorable Mention

Mitchell Peck                      Honorable Mention

Patrick Mitchell                   Honorable Mention

Philip Fairman                    Honorable Mention

Zane Blackmon                   Honorable Mention

Fourth Grade

Alex Peterlin                      Honorable Mention

Briley Johnson                    1st Place Ribbon

Catherine Murphy                Honorable Mention

Francie Frazier                   Honorable Mention

Gillian Sullivan                   Honorable Mention

Jonas Coyle                        Honorable Mention

Kirkland Cannon                 Honorable Mention

Maddie Baldwin                  2nd Place Ribbon

Mila McClendon                  Honorable Mention

Mildred Reeves                   Honorable Mention

Fifth Grade

Alexandra Murphy               Honorable Mention

Brooks Smith                      Honorable Mention

Chip LeRoux                       Honorable Mention

Emerson Lewis                    Honorable Mention

Henry Beimler                    Honorable Mention

Prestley Wetzler               Grand Prize Elementary Division

Thomas Mitchell                 Honorable Mention

Walker Larkin                    Honorable Mention

Whitmarsh Tennant            Honorable Mention

A Gator in the Gym!

October 1, 2015 - The Lower School got to meet a very special gator at their Thursday morning assembly - the legendary Harlem Globetrotter, Larry "Gator" Rivers, that is!
He immediately grabbed the audience's attention by demonstrating some of his extraordinary basketball handling skills, like spinning the ball on the tip of his finger, making baskets while facing backwards, and dribbling the ball in every style imaginable. The students and teachers whooped and cheered with delight. Then he began to talk with the students about the importance of getting as much education as they could and then sharing their knowledge and God-given talents with others.
He reflected back on his own life and stunned the audience when he told them that he learned to play basketball by first reading about how to play basketball, before he ever hit the court. He punctuated his important words with dazzling basketball moves that kept the children totally engaged. Then he invited a large group of students to come down and play catch with him, in the crazy sleight-of-hand Harlem Globetrotter way, for which they are so famous. He even managed to sneak in a few more lessons about science and physics while they threw and caught the ball.
He concluded his message to the students with some important thoughts. He told them to always keep reading and researching to find the information they need in their lives. He encouraged them to get their grandparents to play catch with them and share their wisdom. Finally, he emphasized that they need to work with focus and determination in all they do, whether it's in their school work, the sports they play, or just getting along with one another, in order to accomplish their goals in life.
The exciting and uplifting assembly concluded with the Director of Lower School, Annmarie Torres, learning to spin the basketball on the tip of her finger!
Larry “Gator” Rivers and some of his fellow Harlem Globetrotters legends are coming to the Glynn Academy gym on Oct. 3 for an afternoon that will culminate in a legends game.
The day will begin on Oct. 3 with a youth, 3-on-3 basketball clinic from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. for children who are in third-grade and older. 
A meet and greet with the players will be from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
The game itself will begin at 4 p.m.
A health fair and give-aways will also accompany the event.
Live music will be presented by Conni Laine and Red on Red.
The event is being sponsored by Joy 100.3 FM gospel radio and the National Basketball Retired Players Association.
General admission to the game is $10 and youth clinic admission is $5.
Children attending the clinic will also need a ticket for the 4 p.m. legends game.

Homecoming 2015

Monday, September 21st, was the first day of Homecoming Week at Frederica Academy and what a week it was! Everybody, from the youngest Pre-Kindergarten students to the Seniors in the Class of 2016 got into the FA spirit. Even the teachers let down their hair and joined in the festivities! The exciting week culminated with a very lively Pep Rally on Friday, followed by the decisive win by our FA Football Knights in the Homecoming Football game with Robert Toombs Christian Academy. (Read more about the game in the Brunswick News here.) At halftime, senior Manning Mercer was crowned as the Homecoming Queen. On Saturday night, at the Homecoming Dance, senior Malik Tatum was crowned as the Homecoming King. It was a great week to be an FA Knight!

National Honor Society Inducts New Members

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - This morning, at a special Upper School Assembly, the National Honor Society welcomed twenty-five students to its ranks. Being selected for membership in the National Honor Society is both an honor and a responsibility. NHS members are chosen for displaying exemplary character, a commitment to scholarship, a willingness to work in positions of leadership and a desire to serve others. They must also satisfy at least the following requirements:
- attend a National Honor Society member school in grades 10 through 12
- maintain a cumulative grade point average of 85 percent
- preserve an excellent record of behavior in and out of school
- participate in leadership roles in school and/or community activities
We congratulate all of the new members in the National Honor Society
on their achievement!
 2015 NHS Inductees 
Front Row (L-R) Darren Pickren, Megan O’Sullivan, Lexi Harmon, Maggie Manor, Clare Seymour, Nina Poulakis,
Kaitlyn Goodbread, Sarah Higgins, Will Sandridge, Bridget Fairless, Taylor Strehle, Alex Dunn, Hunter Levitan
Back Row (L-R) Mary Banks Shelander, Amy McBride, Maggie Holt, Brandt Mitchell, Nick Noltes, Coleman White,
Nick Fraser, Christopher Osgood, Connor Runyan, Rayna Daley, Ivey Jorgensen (Not photographed: Grace Cart)
Frederica Academy National Honor Society 2015 - 2016
Front Row (L-R) Ivey Jorgensen, Maggie Holt, Clare Seymour, Sarah Higgins, Nina Poulakis, Kaitlyn Goodbread, Maya Stuckey, Lucy Candler
Middle Row (L-R) Cameron Anderson, Manning Mercer, Darren Pickren, Megan O’Sullivan, Lexi Harmon, Maggie Holt, Brandt Mitchell, Will Sandridge, Christopher Osgood, Taylor Strehle, Alex Dunn, Hunter Levitan
Back Row (L-R) Simms O’Quinn, Devin Higgins, Josh Owens, Christian Sullivan, Malik Tatum, Mary Banks Shelander, Amy McBride, Coleman White, Nick Noltes, Nick Fraser, Bridget Fairless, Connor Runyan, Rayna Daley, Nick Steelman, Nick Harrison, Hollis Veal
(Not photographed: Grace Cart)


Deep Thinking

Thursday, September 24, 2015 - Learning about the earth and the environment is an integral part of education at Frederica Academy and our first grade students are already deep into their study of the ocean this year. To enhance their lessons, last week, Jeffrey Benson of Ocean Wonders, brought his touch tank exhibit to the classes, so they could see living anemones, coral, crabs and starfish “up close and personal”.
This week, they learned just how one can get down deep into the ocean, to visit these creatures in their natural habitats. Certified PADI SCUBA instructor, Judy Wright, of the Island Dive Center, came to Frederica Academy with a full set of diving gear, complete with an air tank, buoyancy compensator device, air regulator, mask, fins and an extra snorkel, to demonstrate how to use the equipment that allows people to swim to great depths in the sea. Mrs. Wright leads diving expeditions off the coast of Georgia, as well as in the waters surrounding Florida, the Bahamas, the West Indies and the Caribbean.
Over the years, first grade teacher, Charlotte Floyd, has been a member of many of Mrs. Wright’s diving teams. She has made dives from nearly every Caribbean island, as well as dives near Belize. Some of Mrs. Floyd’s favorite dives have been to an ancient undersea volcano caldera, off the coast of Dominica; to the sea cliff walls near Bonaire; and to a site known as “The Aquarium” in the warm waters of the Cayman Islands. Mrs. Floyd eagerly shared accounts of her diving experiences with her students today, as they watched a slideshow featuring photos of the sea creatures that she, Mrs. Wright and the dive teams have encountered during their adventures. The students were mesmerized by the pictures of sea turtles, sharks, enormous fish, spiny lobsters and even a coral that looked like Cookie Monster.
Next week, the first grade will continue their study of the ocean as they head to East Beach, for lessons on fishing with a seine net.
Cookie Monster Coral

Junior Alex Dunn Stuns the Cross Country Community

September 21, 2015 - When reading the list of activities and accomplishments in the high school career of Frederica Academy student, Alex Dunn, it would be easy to believe that this talented and bright young woman is on her way to college now and not just beginning her junior year. This straight A student is a member of the Science Bowl team, the Math Bowl team, the Model UN team, the STEM Club and the FA Equestrian team. Now she's added Cross County running to her portfolio and like everything else Alex undertakes, she is working hard to be the best in the field. The results have been stunning. Read about Alex's amazing running feats in this in-depth story in the Brunswick News, by Benjamin Wolk.

2015-2016 Science Bowl Teams Announced

September 22, 2015 - On Tuesday afternoon, Upper School Science teacher Tom Willis announced the names of the students who had earned places on the Science Bowl teams for the 2015-2016 school year. The students were selected for making the top scores on the qualifying examination.
This year's A Team (11th and 12th grade students) will be led by Christian Sullivan - as captain, who will be working with Devin Higgins, Darren Pickren, Alex Dunn and Nick Noltes.
This year's B Team (9th and 10th grade students) will be led by Ryan McHugh - as captain, who will be working with John Mitchell Brock, Constance Sullivan, Will Grimm and Alastair Campbell.
The Science Bowl teams will compete in local, region and state tournaments which will be held in January and February. They look to build on the success of the 2014-2015 Frederica Science Bowl teams, which took first place (Team A) and second place (Team B) at the 2015 College of Coastal Georgia Science and Math Expo. Practice begins next week.
Team A: (Front Row) Darren Pickren, Alex Dunn
(Back Row) Devin Higgins, Captain Christian Sullivan, Nick Noltes
Team B: (Front Row) Captain Ryan McHugh, Alastair Campbell, Will Grimm
(Back Row) John Mitchell Brock, Constance Sullivan

2015 SAT Results Are Back

The College Board released its Class of 2015 SAT results earlier this month. We just received our final College Board report and want to share key data with you.
We are pleased to announce that our composite average is up this year and continues to lead local, state, and national averages. 
We are especially pleased with a significant improvement in our math scores.  Our mean math score increased 10 points over 2014 and has increased by 32 points in the past four years. This has been a priority for our Math Department.
Our writing score is also up slightly (5 points) compared to last year and our critical reading score remained relatively flat (down 1 point).
Click here and here to read an article that appeared recently in The Brunswick News regarding area public high school data relative to Georgia and national results.
Please let me know if you have questions regarding our SAT scores or other college counseling matters of interest to you.
Laura Nevins 
Upper School Counselor and Director of College Placement

Summer of Love

This month, Golf Georgia, the official publication of the Georgia State Golf Association, features former Frederica Academy student athlete, Dru Love in its cover story. To read the full length feature written by Stan Awtry, with photographs by Kate Awtry, click here.

Students Awarded for Academic Excellence

On Monday, August 31st, the Head of School Awards were presented to the Middle School students who earned that honor during the second semester of the 2014 - 2015 school year. The Head of School Award is the highest academic award at Frederica Academy, given only to students who maintain an A average in all of their academic classes for an entire semester. We are so proud of each and every one of these hard-working students. Congratulations, all!
Sarah Seckinger, Kelly Quinn, Riley Derrick, Kate Worthley, MacKenzie Morgan,
Harrison Ackridge, Will Grimm, Alastair Campbell, Brandon Dunn, Hannah Kolsch
Britton Sullivan, Josie Leavy, Lucy Worthy, Michael Mitchell, Chloe Linert, Colton Myers,
William Brock, Alle Riden, Erica Daley, Courtney Hogan, Mary Joy Gul
Kenny Quinn, Cason Cavalier, Clayton Moores, Virginia Anne Tennant, Caroline Lokey,
Molly Mitchell, Cate Seymour, Rebekah Brooks, Garrett Squire

Congratualtions to Nick Steelman!

Nick Steelman, a member of the Class of 2016, has been selected as a National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist.

The National Merit Scholarship Program, conducted by National Merit Scholarship Corporation, is an annual academic competition for recognition and college undergraduate scholarships. The competition is open to all U.S. high school students who meet published participation requirements.  Students enter the National Merit Program by taking the PSAT.  
The National Merit Scholarship Corporation recently announced the Semifinalists' names, representing less than 1% of the nation's high school graduating seniors,in the 61st annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for National Merit Scholarships worth more than $32 million that will be offered next spring.  To be considered for a Merit Scholarship award, Semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the Finalist level of the competition.  About 90% of the Semifinalists are expected to attain Finalist standing, and about half of the Finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar title.

We congratulate Nick and wish him well in the next round of competition! 

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Frederica Academy Back-to-School Barbecue TODAY!

Lower School Sneak Preview - 4:00 to 5:00 PM

Barbecue in Hamilton Hall & FA Gym - 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Varsity Football Showcase on the Field - 6:15 PM​

Picture Day - August 20th

Students in Pre-K through Grade 11 and faculty/staff will have their photos taken for the yearbook on Thursday, August 20.
Click here to access the student order form for photos.

For more information, click here to email Paige Browning.


I am excited to serve as Frederica Academy's new Community Service Director and am eager to share preliminary ideas for the school's renewed commitment to community service as we prepare for the opening of the new school year.

You will hear more about our first semester service plans in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I write to let you know about a Teen Clothing Drive to benefit Safe Harbor. The collection will occur between 10:00 AM through 11:30 AM, on August 5, 6, and 7. It will take place each day in front of the main Administration Building and will be coordinated by volunteers from the Class of 2018.

As you are cleaning out closets this summer, please set aside gently used teen clothesshoes, and backpacks for the FA Sophomore Class Teen Clothing Drive.

Safe Harbor is located in Brunswick and serves children in need of a safe, loving environment.  Your donations will help deserving teenagers in our community get off to a great start as the new school year begins.  Click here to learn more about Safe Harbor. 

Please click here to contact me via email should you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting this effort.

Warmest regards.

Catherine Squire
Frederica Academy Community Service Director

Congratulations Thomas Hogan!

Thomas Hogan stands between Ole Miss head golf coach Chris Malloy (left) and assistant coach Kyle Ellis.
Wednesday, August 5, 2015School hasn't even started yet and rising 10th grader, Thomas Hogan, is already making news by verbally committing to play golf for Ole Miss. Congratulations, Thomas! To read more about this talented young student athlete, click here.


It is with great enthusiasm that I write to let you know that we have secured the donor support needed to complete the construction of the proposed instructional Arts Center. We are still raising money to furnish and equip the Arts Center, to cover initial operating costs of the new facility, and to endow additional programming in the Arts. Although construction will likely not be finished by the opening of school, we anticipate being able to occupy the space soon thereafter.  

I am also pleased to announce that John Plough has been appointed as Frederica Academy's Director of Fine and Performing Arts ("Arts Director"). The Arts Director role is a new academic leadership position. It will reach across all divisions and will promote and support all disciplines in the Fine and Performing Arts educational curricula and related enrichment programs. Mr. Plough will report directly to me and will serve on the Administrator Leadership Team. His appointment is effective August 1st.


In addition to his administrator responsibilities, Mr. Plough will function as the Department Chair of the Arts Department and will teach Middle and Upper School courses in theater and drama as well as Upper School courses in audio and video production, broadcast journalism, and film. He will also work closely with FA Friends of the Arts parent leaders to build stakeholder and community support for our Arts programs.


Mr. Plough has served as Theater Director at Darlington School in Rome, Georgia, for the past three years. Darlington is a coeducational day and boarding school with an enrollment of approximately 800 students in grades pre-K to 12. During his tenure at Darlington, Mr. Plough directed original work, Shakespeare, large-scale musicals, comedy, drama, and children's theatre; cultivated student writers through a writers' afterschool workshop; created and taught new courses in video production and broadcast journalism; introduced a media literacy component into the theatre and drama curriculum; created an annual film festival for students to write, shoot, and edit a film over the course of one weekend; and helped lead and promote Rumpus, Darlington's annual signature student life event.


Mr. Plough was an immensely popular teacher and Arts leader at Darlington. In recognition of his outstanding service, he received several prestigious awards including the Brown Faculty Award, the House Senate Faculty Award, and the Woods Fellowship Award. A prolific video blogger, Mr. Plough frequently used social media to promote Rumpus and other Darlington cultural events. Click here to watch a video which showcases his talent and demonstrates his broad appeal to young people.


Prior to assuming his position at Darlington, Mr. Plough taught at the University of Georgia Department of Theatre and Film Studies and has worked professionally in regional theater, television, and film as writer, director, and actor. Mr. Plough holds a B.A. in Electronic Communications and Multimedia from Assumption College, and an M.A. in Theatre Education from Emerson College. He also studied Performance and Dramatic Media at The University of Georgia.


Mr. Plough played and coached college basketball and continues to love sports. He spends his free time swimming, listening to audio books, and playing with his two chocolate labs (Beans and Pajamas).


Please join me in welcoming Mr. Plough as a new member of the FA family and in expressing our appreciation to the donors who made completion of the Arts Center possible. 


John Taliaferro Thomas
Frederica Academy Head of School 

Congratulations Zach Johnson!

July 20, 2015  While his boys were busy playing hard and learning lots at Soccer Camp and "Into the Woods" Camp at Frederica Academy this morning, their dad, Zach Johnson, was tied up in a three-way, four hole playoff in Scotland, where his birdie-birdie-bogey-par performance earned him the victory in the 144th British Open championship! Congratulations to Zach and his wonderful family! Your Frederica family is so happy for all of you!  
“I feel like God gave me the ability to play a game. I try to take it very seriously. I realise it’s just a game. I’m just a guy from Iowa that has been blessed with a talent, and this game provides great opportunity. I don’t want to make it any bigger than what it should be. This isn’t going to define me or my career, at least I hope it doesn’t. It’s not my legacy. Granted, as a professional athlete and as a golfer I’m going to relish this. I’m going to savour this. I’m humbled by this. But my legacy should be my kids, my family.”
                              - Zach Johnson on winning the British Cup today

Congratulations to Dru Love!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015, Sea Island's Seaside Golf Course - Former Golf Knight, Dru Love, didn't win the 2015 Georgia State Golf Association Amateur Championship the easy way today. He fought through five grueling play-off holes to secure the victory. Read the recap below, courtesy of the GSGA, for all the exciting details. We're so proud of Dru, here at Frederica Academy!

2015 Amateur Championship

Sea Island GC


Dru Love Wins Georgia Amateur Championship
Local favorite birdies fifth playoff hole to clinch title 


Final round recap video


ST. SIMONS ISLAND, Ga. --- Dru Love battled through five playoff holes to win the Georgia Amateur Championship at 8-under-par 272 (66-67-69-60) over two other players. The 94th playing of the annual state championship took place on the Seaside Course at Sea Island Golf Club, July 9-12.

Love's even-par 70 on Sunday was his toughest round over the four-day tournament, as well as the most uneventful. That is before the playoff. He recorded pars on the first nine holes for a 35. On the backside of the course, where he was 11-under-par over the first three days, he made par on 10 through 14. On 15, Love made the first of his two birdies on the day, adding the second on 16. On the 192-yard par-3 17th hole, he made bogey for his even-par 70 final round.

Once the 72nd hole was played, three players were tied at 8-under-par 272. In addition to Love, Greyson Sigg of Augusta (69-69-67-67) and Sean Elliott of Sandy Springs (74-69-65-64) shared the top spot on the summary sheet. These three would replay 18 as the first playoff hole, and they would remain tied over the next four extra holes. The playoff, which consisted of five holes total (18, one, 17, 18, one), would be settled on number one green where Love made birdie to clinch the Championship in front of his family and friends surrounding the green.

Love is a rising junior at the University of Alabama, where he also is a member of the perennial power golf team. This victory came at the first GSGA competition Love has played in. He's never qualified before for the state championship, but this year with it being hosted by his home club, he took advantage of the familiar setting. Trey Rule of Eatonton (73-64-70-66) and Zachary Healy of Peachtree Corners (71-64-70-68) tied for fourth at 7-under-par 273. Will Chandler of Atlanta finished sixth at 6-under-par 274 (74-64-67-69). Travis Williamson of Brunswick came in seventh at 4-under-par 276 (68-71-70-67). Two players, Scott Wolfes, Jr., of St. Simons Island (71-71-69-66) and Tim Arnoult, Jr., of Decatur (71-67-69-70), tied for eighth at 3-under-par 277. Doug Hanzel of Savannah (72-71-67-68) and Benjamin Shipp of Duluth (70-66-72-70) round out the top 10 on the final leaderboard at 2-under-par 278.

The shot of the tournament came in the final round as Rule made his first hole-in-one on the 223-yard par-3 12th hole with a 4-iron. Rule, who plays at Mercer University, finished in a tie for fourth at 7-under-par 273 (73-64-70-66). He earned a share of runner-up honors at last year's Georgia Amateur.

Robert Mize of Columbus, winner of last year's Georgia Amateur Championship played at Idle Hour Club in Macon, finished this year in a two-player tie for 22nd at 3-over-par 283 (69-70-72-72). The other past champion in the field was David Noll, Jr., of Dalton, who won in 2003 and 2011. This week Noll tied for 17th at 1-over-par 281 (75-71-71-64).

After 36 holes of play, 71 players made the cut at 8-over-par 148 or better.




Qualifying Sites     
Middle Houston Lake Country Club, Perry June 1 Scoring/Pairings     
Atlanta North Governors Towne Club, Acworth June 1 Scoring/Pairings
Northwest Fields Ferry Golf Club, Calhoun     June 8 Scoring/Pairings
Southeast Savannah Quarters CC, Pooler June 15 Scoring/Pairings
Northeast Lane Creek Golf Club, Bishop June 15 Scoring/Pairings
East West Lake Country Club, Augusta June 15 Scoring/Pairings
West Green Island Country Club, Columbus      June 16 Scoring/Pairings
Atlanta East Cherokee Run Golf Club, Conyers June 22      Scoring/Pairings
Atlanta South Newnan Country Club June 22 Scoring/Pairings
Southwest Kinderlou Forest Golf Club, Valdosta June 25 Scoring/Pairings


"Last Chance" Qualifier Results

This "Last Chance" qualifier was open to male amateur golfers who missed the original entry deadline or players who failed to qualify at one of the 10 qualifiers.



Monday, July 13, 2015 The excitement of the USWNT Women's World Cup victory continued this week, as Sports Illustrated Magazine announced that it would feature all twenty-three members of the team, and their coach, on separate covers of the magazine. Read more about it here in Sports Illustrated. If you'd like to order a copy of the magazine with our own Morgan Brian on the cover, click here.
This followed the historic first celebration of any women's team with a ticker tape parade in New York City, on Friday, July 10th. To read more about this unprecedented event, click here.
Frederica Academy and all of Morgan's friends and supporters the Golden Isles area are thrilled that this remarkable young woman is receiving the accolades she deserves. Her spirit and determination, coupled with her strong work ethic and good heart, have been part of her life since childhood. To hear, in Morgan's own words, how she learned to apply her strengths and talents towards attaining her goals, click here. To read an interview with Morgan in The Brunswick News, click here.

Athletic Director Ed Wilson Discusses Morgan Brian in a Television Interview

Monday, July 6, 2015 - The feelings of jubilation and pride for hometown girl, and Frederica Academy alumna, Morgan Brian, have swept over Saint Simons Island like a tidal wave in the wake of the dramatic win by the US Women's National Soccer Team, of the FIFA Women's World Cup. To get a little background on the determined little girl, who grew up to be such a huge influence on the soccer field, Ashley Liotus, of WJCL-TV, in Savannah, came to Frederica Academy to talk with Athletic Director, Ed Wilson. Click here to hear Ed's fond reminiscences of Morgan's five years of dominating the soccer field and the classroom, at FA.






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July 6, 2015
For the folks in the Golden Isles area and from Frederica Academy, in particular, the thrill of the Fourth of July fireworks on Saturday night, signaled the beginning of the build-up of excitement, for the explosive win by the US Women's Soccer team, in the FIFA Women World's Cup. And what a win it was - USA: 5 Japan: 2! Congratulations to all the players and to our own Morgan Brian, whose drive, determination and selfless play on the field, contributed tremendously to this victory. Read more here about how the youngest player on the team re-shaped the game during the World Cup play-offs.
Here at Frederica Academy, we couldn't be more proud!

Frederica Academy Salutes the United States of America

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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Move-In Day for John Thomas


                                                                   July 1, 2015 


Dear Frederica Friends,


Moving is always a challenge.  Months of anticipation and projection of what will go where and how life will be in a place where we are not yet is at once chaotic and clarifying.  In moving, I have relearned that my family (including dogs), a t-shirt and shorts, comfortable shoes, and bath towel are pretty much sufficient basic necessities. And on this island, air conditioning is really helpful too.


Today, July 1, is moving day for me at Frederica Academy.  The boxes, books, and pictures are going with me to Corn Hall.  That is where I choose to locate my office: among students and faculty who are part of the lifeblood of the school. Offices are great for private meetings and important reflection, but classrooms, games, performances, and community events are truly where Frederica Academy lives and thrives.  Corn Hall may be a home base, but there is a large playing field of activity to attend and support.


Frederica Academy is on the move along with me.  We are transitioning from an energetic and transformative interim period to new leadership and programming.  I will elaborate on our many initiatives and enhancements in subsequent communications, but for now, I express gratitude and excitement to lead a great and talented team of administrators, faculty, and staff.  Mr. St. John will remain a colleague, and he has become a good friend.  He, too, has made a move to a new home which is located in the Benefield Hall Middle School Building.  


Moving is always a challenge, and our (I can say that now) school is kinetic in preparation for the most important year for the school: the one coming up.  We will remain mission focused, developing mind, body, and spirit, with a dogged quest for excellence that is unique and important.  


I am grateful for the welcome we have received.  We are humbled to be among you.  I am excited to be on the move with Frederica Academy. It is a great day to be a Knight.  


I look forward to getting to know you in the weeks and months ahead. In the meantime, please reach out to me if you think I can be of assistance to you or your family. 


Very truly yours,


John Taliaferro Thomas
Frederica Academy Head of School 


"What a week!"

Interim Head of School, Jay St. John, had this to say about a
very, very busy week at Frederica Academy:
"What a week!  Middle School choral program, Fifth Grade production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Upper School Honors Day program, Grandparents and "Special Friends" Day, May Day with Lower School music, the May Queen and Court, The May Pole with the 4th and 5th grade students, and on Saturday, Derby Day! This Frederica Academy community knows how to get it done. I was completely dazzled by each and every event (I was so dazzled at Derby Day that I joined the band and sang a late, great Joe Cocker song!). In addition to all of these successes  were some very lofty athletic achievements:  a golf state championship, both soccer teams and the baseball team advancing to their next level toward state championships, and the track team with a very impressive showing on Saturday at the finals of the State Track Meet. What a reflection of who we are as a community developing mind, body, and spirit! It was truly a week of joy."
The FA Varsity Golf Team won the Georgia Independent Schools Association
(GISA) Region AAA Golf Championship!
Congratulations to Thomas Hogan, Joe Levitan, Gray Johnston, Hampton Jenrette,
Pope Arline and Coach Tom Willis! 
The Middle School Chorus gave a wonderful Spring Concert performance
that wowed their very enthusiastic audience.
To see the entire program, please click here.
It was a huge night at home for the FA Varsity Soccer teams on Wednesday when they played
and defeated Monsignor Donovan, solidifying their places in the Final Four!
The Lady Knights have a record of 11-3-1, putting them in the number one seed position.
The Knights currently have a record of 12-1-1 going into Friday's game against Deerfield-Windsor.
The long-awaited and highly anticipated Fifth Grade musical play, "Beauty and the Beast" was performed
for a packed audience in Hamilton Hall.
The dazzling show was followed by the traditional cast party in the Gymnasium lobby.
To see the program for the show, please click here.
Early Friday:
On Friday, at 8:30 AM, the Upper School Honors program took place in the Gymnasium.
Parents, families and friends were on hand to recognize Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors
for their outstanding achievements throughout the school year
and Seniors for their body of hard work throughout their high school careers.
Possibly one of the most beautiful events that can happen anywhere, May Day - Grandparents Day 
at Frederica Academy was a delightful experience for everyone!
To see a slideshow of the whole day of singing, dancing,
crowning the May Queen, and grandparents visiting the classrooms, click here.
On Saturday, May 2nd, Hollis Veal held off other runners to win the State Championship
in the 400m Dash with a time of 51.27 - a personal best!
Just a few hours later, our 4x400m Relay team, comprised of Rett Thompson, Eric Tatum, Tyree Tresvant,
and Hollis Veal finished 3rd in the Region, finished 8th overall, getting on the podium at state.
Saturday Night:
As the sun slowly set on the final day of the busy week, the fun at Frederica Academy's
signature fund-raiser, Derby Day, began. Beginning with the traditional Kentucky Derby viewing,
Frederica friends and supporters got in the spirit of the event during the exciting live and silent auctions
and kept up the energy throughout the dance party that followed. It was a great night and we
thank all who helped make it such a success.




May Day - Grandparents Day Celebration

May Day - Grandparents Day
at Frederica Academy is a joyous celebration of spring,
our children and their beloved families.
We thank all the grandparents, parents and special friends
who joined us on Friday, for this beautiful day
of singing, dancing, pageantry and visiting.

Who Says First Graders Can't Do Scholarly Research?

It started out simply enough.  Presidents’ Day was approaching, so studying iconic Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln was on the agenda for Charlotte Floyd’s First Grade class. One day, Mrs. Floyd read Abe’s Fish, by Jen Bryant, to her students. This lively tale is based on an anecdote from Lincoln’s childhood and it caught the imagination of three young listeners, who decided that they must learn more about Abraham Lincoln.

Thus began the reading odyssey for three enthusiastic little girls, during which they read every book about Lincoln in the class library, including books written for advanced readers, well beyond the first graders’ years. That didn’t stymie the young researchers. They simply upped their game and moved on to the school library, where they tackled even more difficult material written about the Sixteenth President. Finally, when they had exhausted the resources at Frederica Academy, they implored their parents to help them obtain even more Lincoln reading material.

Throughout the girls’ self-driven reading marathon, Mrs. Floyd, (herself an avid George Washington scholar), cheered from the sidelines, by encouraging Elizabeth, Amelia and Mary Ford to research their subject from every angle. Their non-stop efforts and determination to know Lincoln carried them from simply reading for pleasure to the more focused world of scholarly research. Mrs. Floyd recognized this accomplishment, so on Friday, April 24th, the three girls were presented with Lincoln Scholar Awards, to acknowledge their hard work.

Teaching first graders to read has been Charlotte Floyd’s passion for many years at Frederica Academy. Seeing her young students’ eyes open to the world of the written word fills her with tremendous joy. Having three students embrace reading to the degree that the Lincoln Scholars have this year, has been one of the brightest highlights in Mrs. Floyd’s storied career.


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Earth Day is Every Day at Frederica Academy

The official date for Earth Day is April 22nd, but at Frederica Academy, students and families are committed to caring for the earth not just on Earth Day, but every day. Even the tiniest children in the school know the term, "Go Green!" We salute all who reduce, reuse and recycle. We also applaud those who use foot power and pedal power to travel to and from school!



Third Grade Authors Get a Pleasant Surprise

When third grade teacher Jeannie Ferguson returned from spring break, she found a very interesting letter in her school mailbox. It had come from Chad Zimmerman, President of Nationwide Learning and Studentreasures Publishing, the firm that had published the third grade class book, Uniquely Us! 
She could hardly wait to share the contents of the letter with the third graders, so she gathered the two classes together and read to them the exciting news that their book had been chosen as a winner in the 2014 -2015 National Book Challenge. All books published by Studentreasures are eligible for the contest, where they are judged for originality, story line, and illustration. The award for having been selected as a winning book was a $100.00 grant!
Mrs. Ferguson explained to the children that the money was theirs to use as they saw fit and opened the floor to suggestions. Hands were raised and ideas flowed. At the end of a very thoughtful discussion, the children had a pretty good idea about what they wanted to do with their prize money. Mrs. Ferguson explained the details: “We are going to have a small treat for the class to celebrate them as award-winning authors for sure. Then we are giving some money to the Jubilee School (our Sister School in Haiti) and a couple of books to our library. Any leftover money will go to another charity of the third grade class's choosing.”

Nobody Beats Our Fifth Grade's Beets!

The organic garden has been an important part of the Frederica Academy landscape for many years and a valuable educational tool for the students and faculty. 

In the summer of 2014, the opportunity arose to move the entire garden to its current location, as part of the total renovation and creation of the Terry Thomas Playground. The garden is now situated immediately behind the playing field, where students of all ages have easy, safe access to it, every time they visit the playground. The proximity has been a terrific boon for the classes as they grow and tend their crops there.

This past August, on a typically warm, muggy Saint Simons day, the Fifth Grade planted several varieties of beets in their designated raised bed. As beets are considered to be a cold weather root crop, (though the greens that grow above ground are completely edible and tasty), the class knew that their emerging beets would be safe in the chilly months to come.

As so often happens when life in a busy school becomes tumultuous and winter weather rears its ugly head sooner and more dramatically than expected, harvest time in the garden was delayed. So it was with no small amount of trepidation that when the beet crop, (which had been growing for eight months), was finally harvested two weeks into April, well beyond its 60-day growing cycle, it was feared that they might be too old and too pithy to be good.
When they emerged from the ground, the fifth graders’ beets were definitely bigger than anything store-bought, but they were still brightly colored and the leaves were crisp and green, so the students gathered their large vegetables and took them to Chef Sarah, to work her culinary magic. She admired the harvest and pronounced it fine to use and proposed making beet smoothies and beet brownies for the class -  an idea to which they readily voiced their approval.

The next afternoon, at the conclusion of a long rehearsal of their upcoming play, “Beauty and the Beast”, Chef Sarah presented an entire table of beet-centric treats to the fifth graders. By then, they were especially hungry and ready for a pick-me-up, but listened patiently, as she explained the cooking process, which involved roasting, skinning and pureeing the beets, and then mixing them with the other ingredients of the smoothie and brownie recipes


Finally, it was time to taste their harvest. Cups and straws in hand, the class sipped the smoothies. “Hey this is good!” and “I can taste the beets, but they’re good!” were two immediate responses. Then they tried the beet brownies. “They taste like chocolate cake!” and “I can’t even tell there are beets in here!” they exclaimed. It was a toss-up as to which beet treat the children liked best, but the overall sentiment was that both beet brownies and beet smoothies were extremely tasty and the children were very appreciative of Chef Sarah’s great work in the kitchen.


The satisfaction of growing a crop and then actually eating the results of that work is an ongoing lesson for all the Lower School students at Frederica Academy. The organic garden has been, and will continue to be, a living classroom, where students learn about the environment, cultivation, hard work and the joy tasting the fruits of their labors.


As March ended and April began, Frederica Academy was privileged to host a German Exchange Student on campus for a week. Leon Conyers, a student at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, who has family in Glynn County, spent the week auditing and teaching Upper School classes in Corn Hall, as part of his spring break. Our students warmly welcomed Leon and enjoyed getting to know him and learning more about Germany and Europe during his campus visit.
Leon's visit to David Gardner's U.S. History class was especially enlightening for the Frederica students. There he gave a comprehensive presentation that included details about the German government and its political and educational systems. The students in the audience were surprised to learn that compulsory education in Germany ends after age 16 and that children must choose the path to college or a trade as early as the sixth grade. Leon also described the ongoing effects of Germany's history in modern affairs and compared and contrasted U.S. policies to those in Germany. It was a thoroughly informative and engaging presentation, that created considerable dialog between Leon and the members of the history class.
His visit to an Independent U.S. school would not have been complete without attended a sporting event, so Leon took advantage of the opportunity to see the Girls' and Boys' Varsity Soccer teams go up against hometown public school rivals, Brunswick High School and Glynn Academy, on April 1st. He witnessed and experienced, first hand, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, along with the Frederica students, as the Varsity Girls trounced the Brunswick High team and the Varsity Boys fell to Glynn Academy by one point. It was an afternoon that had Leon still questioning the criteria for using the red card the next day.
Leon's visit to Frederica Academy was a wonderful learning experience for all involved and before returning to Germany, he wrote a short account of his adventures here.
"My visit to Frederica. It's hard to describe in one word, one phrase. It exceeded my expectations on all levels: educational, communal, athletic. The technology at Frederica - this may sound like a hyperbole, but it is true - felt like a time warp to the future for me. It and its use astounded me compared to the facilities I am used to in Germany. Some classes still use chalk boards at my school back in Berlin.
The thing that really stood out to me, however, was the sense of community I experienced at Frederica. Only having been at the school for four days, it truly felt like a home away from home. And it wasn't only that I knew the people I shadowed, the teachers whose classes I audited, but everybody in the Upper School greeted me, welcomed me and made sure I was doing all right. In Germany, I don't have a comparable relationship with teachers I have had for many years. The athletics program reinforces this idea; the school spirit is amazing and the feeling of a group dynamic is special. And I was only at the soccer game. I can only imagine what it is like at the football, baseball and basketball games!

It was also wonderful giving my presentation, and answering all the questions from the student body. They were insightful and through them I got a deeper insight into the American culture. Each grade level and even every class had their individual questions, which made it all the more fun to answer them. Thank you to both Mr. Gardner and Mrs. Mullis for giving some of their class time to my presentation. 

In conclusion, all I can say is "thank you" to Ms. Ackerman who did all the preliminary planning, Mr. Temple who made sure I was getting around all right, all the teachers who showed interest in my background and let me audit their classes, and finally, all the students that let me sit at their lunch table, let me use their lockers, provided me with directions, let me join them and follow them around - and even just smiled at me!

This time might have been short, but it will stick with me forever. Thank you." 

A Very Special Monday

April 13, 2015  Looking something like a contingent of Mardi Gras celebrants, the Frederica Academy National Honor Society headed to Brunswick’s Seldon Park on Monday morning, to assist with a Very Special Arts Day. This annual event is an eagerly awaited day of creative fun and festivity for children and adults with disabilities and special needs.

The theme for this year’s event was “Cirque d’Art” so volunteers were encouraged to dress the part in bright-colored wigs, hats, tutus, or whatever struck their fancy. VSA Coordinator Mardi Johnson fired them up saying, “Let’s all pull together to make this updated and modern theme be the BEST VSA EVER!” Excitement filled the air as the busses filled with participants arrived.

Jody Bradford, co-sponsor of the FA National Honor Society, along with Sheri Graham, described the myriad of events that took place throughout the morning. “They have lots of art activities set up for the students to participate in. Some examples are face painting, cookie painting, hat making, hula-hooping, ring toss, tumbling, and fun with parachutes, just to name a few. There were also local middle and high school students doing performances in dance, juggling, and gymnastics. Frederica Academy had 18 members of the National Honor Society in attendance, helping to run the various activities ,helping the special needs students enjoy the day, and helping with clean-up. Our students did a great job as always and I am very proud of them!"

Where Did All the Middle Schoolers Go?

March 23 - 27, 2015 The Middle School halls were curiously quiet last week, as students and teachers left the classrooms and headed out into the world, for some very hands-on lessons about subjects as broad as U.S. political history, to as small as the life cycle a salt marsh mud snail. 

Mike Temple, Head of the Middle And Upper Schools, explained why the Middle School Mini-Mester has become such an important part of the Middle School experience at Frederica Academy. 

“If we examine the trends and best practices of independent school education on the national level, many schools are expanding their programs to move beyond the classrooms and desks into the world of experiential education. In an interesting twist, the positive push towards experiential education is really a return to the first school's of Classical Greece. The Academy of Aristotle was called the "peripatic" or walking school. Aristotle taught by moving around Athens with his students, posing, asking and answering questions as his students learned with him and not from him. 

The Frederica Academy Middle School students and faculty took the week of March 23 - 27 to immerse themselves in the broader world right outside our classroom walls. Our 8th grade toured Washington DC as a Capstone project for their Middle School experience.  The 7th grade immersed themselves in our unique island tourism and history. Lastly, the 6th grade experienced the ecology and beauty of our island home. Special guests and tours engaged our students in making the link between our fragile ecosystem and the importance of the mantra ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.”

Happy Easter!

Student Research Papers Recognized on National History Day


On March 17, twenty-one Frederica Academy school winners in the research paper and website categories attended the National History Day Regional Competition, sponsored by the Coastal Georgia Historical Society. Students are interviewed about their research projects by a panel of experts during the course of the competition and regional winners are selected to attend the state contest.

National History Day is a year-long academic program designed to engage middle and high school students in extensive primary and secondary research on historically significant topics of interest. Over 600,000 students from around the world compete in National History Day contests each year. These research-based projects are entered into contests at the school, regional, and state levels, where the top student projects have the opportunity to advance to the National History Day Contest at the University of Maryland at College Park.

In the fall semester, Mrs. Mullis' ninth grade Ancient History students developed entries for the research paper contest. This year's students were asked to select a topic interesting to them in ancient history before 1500 C.E., based on the contest theme of "Leadership and Legacy in History." The Frederica Academy school winners in the paper category, and their research topics were:

Hannibal: The Man Who Almost Conquered Rome John Mitchell Brock
The Leadership and Legacy of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian
Reese Brown
The Travels and Influences of Marco Polo Emma Cheripka
The Legacy of Aristotle MacCall Dyer
The Success and Leadership of Julius Caesar Jacob Myers
The Success and Leadership of Julius Caesar Piper O'Quinn
Whitney Ponsell
Leadership and Legacy of Alexander the Great  George Poulakis 
Joan of Arc: An Angel of Action Constance Sullivan

Regional winners in the paper competition invited to compete in the state competition are Emily Harrison, First Place; Reese Brown, Second Place; and Piper O'Quinn, Third Place.

In the spring semester, Ancient History students developed entries for the website contest. This year's students were asked to select a topic interesting to them from any time period, based on the contest theme of "Leadership and Legacy in History. "The Frederica Academy school winners in the website category, and their research topics were:  

Anne Frank  Curran Squire and Maddie Veal
Arnold Palmer Thomas Hogan, Gray Johnston, and Sam Morales 
Nelson Mandela Kailey Baez, Ansley Haulbrook, and Hannah Yarborough 
Elvis Presley Joe Levitan, Chappy Rowland, and Ryan Steilen 
Archbishop Desmond Tutu Chandler Kicklighter
Women's Rights Taylor Crawford, Cameron McClellan, and Trevor Moores
Chandler Kicklighter received first place in the individual website category. In the group category, first place went to Curran Squire and Maddie Veal, second place to Joe Levitan, Chappy Rowland, and Ryan Steilen, and third place to Thomas Hogan, Gray Johnston, and Sam Morales. These students will proceed to the state competition in the website category.

Congratulations to all of these history scholars on their achievements!

Keeping Tradition Alive on the Links

March 13, 2015 Despite the soggy conditions on Friday, the Frederica Varsity Golf Team stayed dry and crisp enough to win the Annual Alumni Challenge Match at the Sea Island Retreat Course, by a score of 7-6.  The event was a match play, two man scramble event, with one point for the front side, one point for the back side, and one point for the overall winner.  Heavy rain shortened the events for some of the groups, so not all points were awarded.  The overall standings after 12 years of play are Alumni 9; Varsity 3.  Individual matches were as follows:

Gray Johnston and Thomas Hogan defeated Reid Zeh and Brian Zeh 2-0
Pope Arline and Manning Mercer defeated Chip Champion and Ryan Levallee 2-0
Dru Love and Harris Jenrette defeated Lowrey Love and Hampton Jenrette 2 1/2- 1/2
Ty Gardner and Nick Noltes defeated Michael Williamson and Chip 2 1/2 - 1/2.
Cole Ackerman and Coach Willis defeated Joe Levitan and Ream Thomas 3-0.

Coach Tom Willis's comments:  We had buckets of rain at the beginning that slowed things down and made it so some of the alumni players had to leave early.  But there were some great matches.  The Love cousins and Jenrette brothers match turned out to be the best match, with Dru and Harris birdieing the last two holes to win by a shot.  They had a lot of fun.  Cole Ackerman was striping it all day to close out his match early, and the Zeh brothers just couldn't top the steady play of Gray and Thomas.  I really appreciate all of the alumni that came out and supported this match. It really helps the team to be able to have great competition and see and play with some of the guys who laid the foundations for this great program. 


They Kept Calm and Read On to Victory

March 16, 2015 - After reading for the entire month of February and accounting for every minute of it in their reading logs, the winners of the Middle School "Keep Calm and Read On" reading contest were ready to be recognized. At Monday morning's Upper and Middle School Assembly, Hannah Kolsch, Molly Mitchell and Caroline Lokey stepped forward to receive their well-earned prizes.
For reading 4679 minutes, Hannah won a gift basket with a Kindle reader (donated by John Pope).  For reading 2287 minutes, Molly won a $20 gift certificate to Books a Million (donated by Books a Million) and a gift basket, and for reading 1825 minutes, Caroline won a $15 gift certificate and gift basket. 
All month, the students (and their families) were urged to keep reading by the Middle School Faculty. Here were some of their reading suggestions.
I love books, and I love to read all types of books! Most of these books are among my favorites because each one tells an amazing story that makes me want to be a better person. Whether it's Redeeming LoveKisses from Katie, The Help, The Noticer, or Unbroken, the different genres and time periods aren't what stick with me. It's their overall message that keeps me flipping pages, staying up late on school nights to read, and also reflecting on how I can apply the good stuff on those pages to my life. These particular books will make you want to love more and be an 'encourager' to others. For that reason alone I highly recommend that you to check out a book from your library that not only makes you want to keep flipping the pages, but also makes you want to be a better person! Go READ! - Sheri Graham
I have always been a huge reader of anything that had to do with sports.  When I was younger -and a bigger dork- I used to get the newspaper at the end of my driveway every day before school to read the stats from the previous night's games.   I chose the Book of Basketball because I love reading about anything that is history-related, especially if it involves sports.  I have a great bookshelf in my room that is filled with books on a wide variety of topics that are always free for any student to take and read. - Ryan Purcell
I think I've read A Prayer for Owen Meany at least a half-dozen times.  Irving's quirky title character, Owen Meany, and his unusual voice and antics still linger in my imagination.  I love the way Irving forced me to examine my own beliefs and question the world around me.  It's a book that opens something new to me every time I read it. - Nikki Walbridge
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable -- Why this book? -- All you have to do is read the back cover to understand why every teacher and every student needs to read this book. "Linchpins are the essential building blocks of great organizations. These people figure out what to do when there is no rule book. They love their work, pour their best selves into it and turn each day into a kind of art."
As the world of education evolves and changes, we need to understand how to be adaptable and use our brains to chart the best path for our school, our students and our community. This book talks about taking risks and thinking outside box in order to create and to make a real difference. - Mike Temple

I enjoy going out to yard sales looking at the all the bric-a-brac that is for sale. I always stop by the books looking for a book to read. My yard sale book find this summer was, “The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to his White Mother” by James McBride. The title intrigued me because as a chemist, I know the color of water is colorless. The book was the fascinating story of James McBride’s mother’s life.  Ruth McBride Jordan’s life journey deals with racism, religious conflict and the struggles of raising twelve children of mixed race. It was a great book that I happened to find at yard sale. - Lori Tigani

My favorite children's book is "¿Eres tú mi mamá?" or "Are you my Mother?  by P.D. Eastman.  My children loved this book.  I would read to them every night after dinner for hours, mostly in English but also in Spanish.  To this day it is one of their fondest memories of their childhood and one of my most precious memories as a parent.   This was the first book my son, Will, ever read to me and he was only three years old!   My children all love to read, and to this day I still read every night for at least an hour.  There is no greater gift a parent can give to his or her child than the love of reading. - Maria Gallagher  
Cooking is one of my passions and I love trying out new recipes. In my spare time, I frequently grab a cookbook and look for an intriguing new meal. I also love that they are full of fractions and everyone knows how excited I am about math! I have shelves of cookbooks and have collected years of annual recipe books by Southern Living. - Sandra Smith


First Grade Gets Down to Business

February 26, 2015  Learning about the way the world operates starts early for Frederica Academy students. On Thursday, the First Grade class journeyed over the causeway to downtown Brunswick, to see first hand what goes on in a bank, the post office and the courthouse.
The first stop was at the main branch of Atlantic National Bank, where President John Rogers invited the children to see everything in the bank including the drive-through, the teller drawers, and even the vault. They learned about the importance of saving money and the many steps the bank takes to ensure the safety of their customers' deposits. At the end of their visit, Mr. Rogers gathered the students in the bank's large conference room and presented each child with a small zippered purse containing a Half Dollar. He reminded the children that they should save money before they spend it and asked them to hang on to their fifty cent pieces for the rest of their lives.
The next stop on the first graders' agenda was a visit to the U.S. Post Office on Gloucester Street. There they purchased stamps and posted letters they had written to their parents and to the President of the United States. When they finished their business as customers, they got a behind the scenes tour of the facility, learning about where the mail goes after it enters the mailbox. They saw post office boxes from the inside and then went into the sorting room where all the mail that has been received is electronically and manually sorted for local distribution, and mail that is being sent away from Glynn County is organized for the truck that will carry it to the next destination. The post office handles everything imaginable and the children were amazed to see a box of live baby chicks waiting to be delivered to their new home in Brunswick.
The morning's exciting activities helped the students work up quite an appetite, so with their teachers and parent chaperones, they made their way down the five blocks to Fox's Den Pizza, on Newcastle Street. There they rested and refueled with cheese and pepperoni pizza and were soon ready for their afternoon destination - the Federal Courthouse.
At the courthouse, they were greeted by Federal Deputy Marshal Marty Fitzjurls, who guided them through security and upstairs to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia. Officer Fitzjurls explained all the elements of the courtroom, from the judge's seat to the benches for the public, where the students were seated. He described courtroom procedure and told the children that in the United States, all are considered innocent until proven otherwise. Then the students were invited to try on the gear of the Deputy Marshals and were even allowed hold a shield and battering ram. Afterwards, they made a quick visit the holding cells where prisoners wait to make their appearances in court.
It was a busy day and the youngsters learned enough about the bank, the post office and the court to gain a real appreciation for all the grown-up work that goes on at each location.

Math Knights and Science Bowl Teams bring home some hardware for the trophy case

Frederica Academy students were busy all over the state this past Friday and Saturday, competing in Math Competitions and Science Bowls. On Monday, March 2nd, they were honored at the Middle and Upper School Morning Assembly.
The first event took place on Friday, February 27, 2015, when the Frederica Academy Science Bowl teams won first and second place at the College of Coastal Georgia Science and Math Expo. First Place went to the Frederica A Team which consisted of Christian Sullivan, co-captain; Jacqueline Lee; Stephanie Baione, co-captain; Amanda Vespucci; and Devin Higgins. Second Place went to the Frederica B Team which consisted of Constance Sullivan; John Mitchell Brock; Nina Poulakis; Alex Dunn, captain; and Nick Noltes.


The competition included 16 teams from local schools including Frederica Academy, Brunswick High, Glynn Academy, and Wayne County schools. The competition consisted of a written test, followed by a buzzer competition. The Frederica B Team, which consisted only of freshman and sophomores, won the written test. The Frederica A Team won the buzzer competition which was a four round single elimination tournament. The overall champion was decided by the written test winner versus the buzzer competition winner in a final lightning round buzzer competition. The Frederica A Team won that match and was determined the overall winner. It was a great day for the school and for these kids who have been practicing during lunch on Mondays since the beginning of the school year.



On Saturday, the Math Knights headed west for the Math Tournament in Statesboro. Sheri Graham recounts the exciting events:
"FA Math Teachers took 30 MS and US students to Georgia Southern University on Saturday, Feb 28 for an all day Math Tournament.
We had 2 Middle School Teams, 4 Junior Varsity Teams, and 2 Varsity teams. Each team is comprised of at most 4 students each. When they arrive, the first part of the competition is a multiple choice written test. All individual placements are based on how well the students do on these written tests. As a team their scores are put together and that's where round two of the tournament comes into play - literally. Round two is a ciphering portion of the competition where students are paired with one of their teammates and compete against themselves and other teams to answer 8 math questions within one or two minutes. The quicker correct answers win more points. Each round of ciphering is a series of 8 questions and there are two rounds total. After the ciphering, we sing math songs and cheers while awaiting our results. Below are this year's results! The Math Knights are AMAZING! We are beyond excited and proud to share these results - Go Math KNIGHTS!!! 
Middle School Team 2 (the 6th Graders!!!) placed 8th overall: Bekah Brooks, Molly Mitchell, Garrett Squire, and David Weaver.

Our JV students and teams were impressive!!! No other school had as many top 20 individual finishes as we did. WOW!

Individually, 8 of our JV students placed in the top 20 out of all JV students that participated today: Alex Dunn (2nd place - won a trophy, and her picture will be on the GSU website soon), Nick Noltes (8th), Constance Sullivan (12th), Kaitlyn Goodbread (13th), Connor Runyan (15th), Rayna Daley (17th), Sarah Higgins (18th), Nina Poulakis (20th).

For our JV overall team finishes, three of our four teams placed in the top 10.
JV Team 1 won the 2nd place trophy for our school: Alex Dunn, Sarah Higgins, Nina Poulakis, and Nick Noltes. Their picture will also be on GSU's website soon.
JV team 2 placed 5th overall: Rayna Daley, Constance Sullivan, John Mitchell Brock and George Poulakis.
JV Team 3 placed 6th overall: R'Nelle Collins, Kaitlyn Goodbread, Emily Harrison, and Connor Runyan.

​Varsity consisted of two teams this year and both placed in the top 10! 
Varsity Team 1 placed 6th: Devin Higgins, Darren Pickren, Nick Steelman, and Christian Sullivan."





Meanwhile on Saturday in Savannah, the Middle School Science Bowl Team took third place at the Georgia Regional Middle School Science Bowl at Armstrong State University, finishing behind Woodstock and Wesleyan and ahead of 21 other teams from throughout Georgia. This is the best-ever result by a Frederica team at this state-wide competition.

Congratulations to our Co-STAR Students

On Friday, February 27, 2015, Frederica Academy's two STAR Students and their STAR Teachers were recognized at a luncheon held at the Brunswick Country Club. This year, Stephanie Baoine and Amanda Vespucci share the honor of being STAR Student, for making the identical top scores on the SAT. Stephanie chose Science teacher, Tom Willis, as her STAR teacher and Amanda chose English teacher, Paige Browning, as her STAR teacher.

The Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) program honors Georgia's highest achieving high school seniors and the teachers who have been most instrumental in their academic development.  Since its creation in 1958 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the STAR (Student Teacher Achievement Recognition) Program has honored nearly 25,000 high school seniors who have in turn chosen their STAR Teachers to share in this recognition. Every accredited high school in Georgia is eligible to participate in this preeminent student/teacher academic recognition.

In the mid-1990's the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) Foundation was asked by the Georgia Chamber and the State Department of Education to assume responsibility for the oversight, administration and promotion of the statewide STAR program.  PAGE's 86,000-plus members and the PAGE Foundation Board of Trustees are privileged to continue the tradition of recognizing Georgia's future leaders and honoring the professional educators who have nurtured these scholars.

To obtain the STAR nomination, high school seniors must have the highest score on any single test date of the three-part SAT taken through the November test date of their senior year and be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students of their class based on grade point average.  Nominees' SAT scores must be equal to or higher than the latest available national average on the critical reading, math and writing sections.  Each high school STAR Student is asked to name his/her STAR Teacher.  High school STAR Students compete for system titles; and system STAR Students in turn compete for region-wide honors in the 12 STAR Regions.  Region winners and their STAR Teachers are invited to Atlanta to compete for the state STAR scholarships and awards.

Locally, STAR Students and STAR Teachers are honored by their schools and receive special recognition in their communities from the more than 165 civic organizations and businesses that serve as local STAR sponsors.  Region recognitions are coordinated by Region Chairs who serve as ambassadors for the state program in the 12 STAR regions. The State PAGE STAR Banquet, held in Atlanta each year, is a gala affair attended by several hundred STAR supporters, including STAR Students and Teachers (who attend as guests of their local sponsors), their families, civic and business leaders and many Georgia educators.  

At the state banquet, the Region Winners and all local winners attending are recognized.  Region Winners are interviewed, and the State PAGE STAR Student and STAR Teacher are announced. At the local, region and state levels, the PAGE STAR Program unites educators with the business and civic community to honor academic excellence. 

Frederica's Fourth Grade Classes March Back Into Time


February 12, 2015  It was a bright crisp morning on Thursday, February 12th, and just the right kind of day for Jan Payne to lead Suzanne Rackley’s and her own fourth grade students, up the road to Darien and back in time, as they visited historic Fort King George on the banks of the Altamaha River.

The students and their chaperones were warmly greeted by Park Ranger Jason Baker, who was dressed from head to foot in the uniform of an 18th century British soldier. He led them to the Visitors’ Center, where they watched a brief film that detailed the history of Fort King George, from the time of the Guale Indians, until its demise in 1736. Following that, the students were invited to explore the exhibits in the museum.

Next, it was off to the recreated cypress blockhouse, to get a feel for what life must’ve been like for the British soldiers at Fort King George nearly three hundred years ago. Ranger Baker, in his role as a soldier, vividly described everything from the miserable living conditions in the mosquito-infested marshes, to the mechanics of loading a musket. He pointed out the view from the blockhouse window, which still encompasses both Saint Simons Island and Jekyll Island, and the students could then understand the strategic importance of this fort that overlooked the mighty Altamaha and its tributaries.

On-site lessons like this give Frederica’s Fourth Grade classes a sense of their place in the ever-unfolding history of life. The rich heritage and unique environment of coastal Georgia and the southeastern United States, provide a classroom unparalleled in diversity and opportunities for students to learn from the past and carry those lessons into the future.

The on-site classes will continue with the next stop at Fort Frederica, on Saint Simons Island.
Stay tuned for this next exciting chapter.


A Policeman and a Pro Golfer Walk Into the Classroom...

February 25, 2015  Last week, students in the Kindergarten and First Grade classes received two very special guests. Glynn County Police Officer Sgt. Randall Lacey, the unofficial "Mayor of St. Simons" and his friend, PGA Tour Golfer Cory Whitsett, came to the Frederica Academy Lower School to read to the young students. Their first stop was in Peggy Russell's and Betsy Doyle's Kindergarten, where they introduced themselves and read When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry... by Molly Bang. The students listened intently and were full of questions at the conclusion of the story, which Mr. Whitsett and Officer Lacey gladly answered. Then Sgt. Lacey asked each child a question of his own: "What do you do when you're really, really angry?" This got the youngsters talking about all kinds of anger management strategies and Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Doyle took the opportunity to create a writing assignment from the children's responses. Fortune Hicks warmed to this topic and wrote five pages describing his method for dealing with bossy people. Click here to read Fortune's account.
After the questions and conversations concluded in the Kindergarten, Officer Lacey and Mr. Whitsett made their way across the hall to the First Grade, where all the students had gathered to hear them read Duck for President, by Doreen Cronin. Duck for President is a very amusing book and Cory Whitsett had to work hard to keep a straight face as he read it. The first graders appreciated the absurd humor and had plenty of observations and questions at the completion of the story. They were also invited to ask about the work that Sgt. Lacey and Mr. Whitsett do, so the duo were peppered with questions that ranged from, "Have you ever shot anyone?" to Sgt. Lacey, (no), to "Have you ever shot a hole in one?" to Cory Whitsett, (yes - six times).
Officer Lacey told the children he was pleased that they were so inquisitive and well behaved and encouraged them to keep reading and studying, so they could grow up to be like Mr. Whitsett, who graduated from the University of Alabama with a 4.0 grade point average and an NCAA Golf Championship under his belt. Sgt. Lacey loves to encourage all the children in Glynn County to read and stay focused on their education. Talking with students is part of his mission as an officer of the peace. To read more about Officer Lacey, click here. To read more about Cory Whitsett, click here.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015  A very special box was delivered to the Third Grade this week and when it was opened, there were smiles all around.  Third Grade teacher Jeannie Furguson explains the excitement.
“Frederica Academy's third grade students are published authors! Together they wrote and illustrated their very own book of poetry titled Uniquely Us! They worked hard to produce a book that is a work of art. We dedicated our precious book to Mrs. Annmarie Torres because of her love of children, learning and books.
The process began after we received our publishing materials in the fall. The real work began in earnest in January. Third grade's part in this year's Lower School theme is poetry, so it was an easy decision to write poetry for our book. We then narrowed the choice down to bio-poems, which are poems the children wrote about themselves.
First the students wrote rough drafts of their poems. Once those were completed, they peer-edited in pairs to revise and edit the poems. They helped each other find more vivid verbs and more vibrant adjectives. The pairs also worked together to make sure their poems contained specific nouns while eliminating over-used words. When this step concluded, it was time for the final copies to be written. This step was a bit difficult because it required the students to write in pen, which is a something we don't do often. However, with only a few glitches, the poems turned out beautifully. As the project drew to a close, the students drew their illustrations and colored them in magic markers. Finally, using Mrs. Youmans' delightful idea, the students created the cover of our book.
We dedicated our precious book to Mrs. Annmarie Torres because of her love of children, learning and books.
The finished project is a masterpiece! We are so proud of our students. Their poems, illustrations and the cover are truly unique to each of our students, yet the thread of our students' love for each other shines through!”

Poetry Meets Technology in Middle School

February 2015 - Learning to analyze and appreciate various concepts and themes in poetry is a fairly standard part of in the Middle School English curriculum, but English teacher Nikki Walbridge wanted to create a more memorable way for her students to explore the poem "Mending Wall". So she collaborated with Technology Coordinator, Dottie Barrow, to teach them how to make poetry videos. Mrs. Walbridge explained: "As part of our unit on culture and history, we had the students illustrate their interpretation of Robert Frost's "Mending Wall."  We talked about the real and metaphorical walls that separate us from each other and sometimes from ourselves.  The videos were designed to capture what the students believed the wall represented."  
Mrs. Walbridge went on to comment about the technical aspects of the project: "Mrs. Barrow helped the students navigate the WeVideo program where they could import copyright friendly pictures into their videos.  The students eventually produced a three to five minute video that incorporated narration (either a summary of the poem or the lines from the poem), pictures, and music.
Mrs. Barrow elaborated on the video creation process: "The technology side involved finding copyright friendly images and putting them into a video editor to bring the poem to life. One feature of the editor allows students to create motion on the images. They could be creative as they matched the words of the poem to the images and as they determined what to emphasize on each image....zoom in, zoom out, pan left to right. They also set the speed of the motion. They narrated the poem, or a summary of the poem, in their own voices. Creating a digital story builds communication, creativity, visual and sound literacy, and project management skills."
The students produced a variety of interpretations of "Mending Wall" using the editing skills they learned in this lesson. To see some of their productions, click on the links below.
Anna, Gracie, Lachlan

Lucy, Alex

Michael, Nathan, Alle

Anna Grace, Mary Joy
Images used for this project are under the copyright label ShareAlike.

Love is everywhere at Frederica

February 13, 2015  Valentine's Day fell on a Saturday this year, but that didn't stop Frederica Academy students from showing some love for their studies and for each other on Friday. All over campus, Valentine-themed lessons were the order of the day.


First graders enjoy Valentine Bingo with conversation hearts.


Conversation hearts make an appearance in third grade, too, helping students with calculations.
Sixth Grade math students LOVE programming Sphero!
 The Geometry class shows "proof" of their love for math with Geometry Valentines.
The Ninth Grade Writers Workshop has only words of love and admiration for each other.
The proceeds from Cookie-Grams are a sweet way to help America's Second Harvest.
AP Literature students exercise their creative skills writing each other poems of esteem and love.

From Songs to Science



Saturday, February 7, 2015  It was a big weekend for Middle School students as they represented Frederica Academy from one side of the state to the other.

In Alpharetta, Alexandra Sheffield, Georgia Waters and Catherine Benefield gathered with other members of GISA choruses from all over the state, for the annual performance of the 2015 GISA All-Select Middle School Chorus.

The GISA had invited all of the independent schools to nominate students to participate in this select chorus, comprised of students from each of these schools. In many cases this was the first time that many students were given the opportunity to sing in such a large choral ensemble. The presiding choral director, Dr. Patrick Freer, chose five musical selections, which the students prepared for at their individual schools with their music teachers, before joining together for the final rehearsals and performance at King’s Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta, on Saturday night. Frederica Academy is proud to have such exceptional students as Alexandra, Georgia and Catherine represent our school in such a noteworthy event.

Meanwhile, in Savannah, the Middle School Science Bowl Team traveled to the 2015 Sub-regional Science Bowl tournament, held at Armstrong State University. There, Team A, made up of Alastair Campbell, William Brock, Michael Mitchell, Garrett Squire and David Weaver, won First Place for the Georgia Southeast Region. Team B, consisting of Sara Seckinger, Britton Sullivan, Josie Leavy and Worth Pickens placed in the final four.

Team A will now move on to the Georgia State Science Bowl, which will take place on February 28, 2015. Congratulations to Alastair, William, Michael, Garrett and David for the hard work that went into their victory at the Sub-regional event and best wishes from Frederica Academy for success at the next level of this prestigious, US Department of Energy sponsored tournament.



Working for the World

Thursday, February 5, 2015  Twenty Upper School students travelled to Statesboro to attend the 44th Georgia Southern University High School Model United Nations Conference, February 5-7, 2015. The Frederica Academy Model United Nations Team represented the delegations of the Russian Federation, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Uganda, the Central African Republic and Zimbabwe in the three day simulation of the United Nations. The Russian Federation was represented by Nick and Alex Dunn in the General Assembly, Cameron Atwood in the Security Council, and Chris Osgood in the Human Rights Council. Turkey was represented by Emily Harrison and Rayna Daley in the General Assembly, and Kailey Baez in the Organization of Islamic Countries. Germany was represented by Sarah Higgins and Hannah Yarborough in the General Assembly, and by Nina Poulakis in the Human Rights Council. Spain was represented in the General Assembly by Jake Wiggins. Uganda was represented by Kaitlyn Goodbread and Ivey Jorgensen in the General Assembly, Grace Cart in the African Union, and Nick Noltes in the Organization of Islamic Countries.  The Central African Republic was represented by Anna Jane Powell and Whitney Ponsell in the General Assembly. Zimbabwe was represented by Reese Brown and Arden Simmons in the General Assembly and Ali Goodman in the African Union.
The students did an outstanding job representing the positions of their countries on important international issues, such as how to best address emerging terroristic threats such as Isis, Bhoko Haram and Khorasan, water scarcity, the empowerment of women, and the issue of Palestine. More than three hundred students throughout the Southeast attended the conference. The delegations of Russia, Turkey, Central African Republic and Germany were all recognized with Honorable Mention.  

The team congratulates senior Cameron Atwood for the completion of four years with the Model United Nations team.  The team and Mrs. Mullis also wish to thank Mrs. Bradford and Ms. Baez for serving as chaperones and bus drivers, and for our supportive parents and faculty!  

Ellis Island Essays Enlighten


Thursday, February 5, 2015  Frederica Middle School students represented their school well in the annual Daughters of the American Revolution American History Essay Contest. This year’s topic “A Child’s Journey Through Ellis Island” captured the imaginations of Alastair Campbell, Virginia Anne Tennant, Cate Seymour and Cason Cavalier and gave them the motivation to create award-winning compositions. At the awards ceremony held at the First Presbyterian Church on Thursday afternoon, Virginia Anne, Cate and Cason swept the Sixth Grade category, winning first, second and third place, respectively. Alastair triumphed in the Eighth Grade, as the first place winner in that group. The first place winners for each grade then read their thoughtful and well-crafted essays, which were very well received by the audience.

More than just a creative writing exercise, the DAR American History Essay Contest demands extensive research and meticulous attention to details. The judging criteria for the essays include historical accuracy, adherence to topic, organization of material, originality, interest, spelling and punctuation, grammar and bibliography. A winning composition represents a considerable investment of time and energy by each entrant.That is why, when it was announced that Alastair Campbell’s First Place Eighth Grade essay had not only won for the Fort Frederica Chapter of the DAR, but for the entire state of Georgia, tremendous applause erupted. Alastair will receive a silver medal and go on to represent Georgia at the US southeast regional level. Frederica Academy proudly salutes this tremendous achievement by Alastair and wishes him all the best in the national competition!

To read more about the DAR American History Essay Contest, click here.




The Frederica Academy Varsity Girls Swim Team made school history in Atlanta Saturday by swimming their way to the school's first ever GISA State Swimming Championship!  Competing at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, the combination of individual and relay performances of Taylor McMinn, Amelia Ham, Emily Parks, Katherine Parks and Maya Stucky scored 86 points to win the 2015 GISA Varsity Girls Swimming State Championship Title.  Senior and NCAA Division 1 signee Taylor McMinn was the individual state champion in the 100 Breaststroke, winning with a time of 1:07.84 and defending her individual state title from last season.  Freshman Amelia Ham also won an individual state title in the 200 Individual Medley, winning with a time of 2:17.82.  These accomplishments designate Taylor and Amelia as All-State Swimmers.  This marks the 4th straight year that Frederica Academy has had individual state champions. 
Taylor also placed second in the 500 Freestyle and third in the 200 Freestyle with a personal best time.  Amelia placed second in the 100 Breaststroke and third in the 100 Freestyle in which she swam personal best times in both these events.  Freshman Emily Parks placed 4th in the 500 Freestyle and fifth in both the 200 Freestyle and 100 Butterfly events, swimming personal best times in all of her events.   Senior Katherine Parks placed 8th in the 500 Freestyle, reaching the awards podium for the first time.  

The combination of Taylor, Amelia, Emily and Maya placed second in both the 200 Medley and 200 Freestyle Relays, proving to make the difference for the Knights.  Going into the meet the girls were seeded second and third respectively in these events, but they were able to score the additional points needed for the state title by swimming personal best splits in each leg of the relays and ultimately placing second in both events.
We could not be more proud of the performances of each one of these swimmers.  Each swimmer "swam-up" by placing higher than they were seeded upon entering the competition, which resulted in the Varsity Girls winning the 2015 GISA Varsity Girls State Swimming Championship.  They knew how difficult the competition would be and they supported and encouraged each other throughout the meet.   Please join us in congratulating these swimmers on this historic win!

Georgia Tech was also the site Saturday for the Junior Varsity season ending meet.  Eighth grader John McMinn won the 50 Backstroke with a time of 29.50 and 50 Breaststroke with a time of 32.79 for the boys and placed second in the 100 Individual Medley.  These were all personal best times for John.  This is the first time a Frederica Academy Middle School student has placed first and won individually at the state level season ending meet.  Eight graders Kelly Quinn and Kate Worthley also qualified to compete at the season ending meet.  Kelly swam personal best times in her events, the 50 and 100 Freestyle and 50 Backstroke.  Kate swam personal best times in the 50 Breast and 100 Individual Medley events.  She also competed in the 50 Backstroke.  The Knights will look forward to these swimmers joining the Varsity Teams in high school next year.

Smart Snacking

February 2015 - There was some mighty good eating going on in Lower School classrooms this week and it wasn't because the cafeteria was closed. No, it was because Chef Sarah had taken her snack cart on the road, with a tasty lesson piled on top of it. Chef Sarah and Nurse Byers visited each grade, from the Pre-Kindergarten to the Fifth Grade and with them brought the Healthy Plate Lesson. According to guidelines set by the USDA, a healthy meal or snack should consist of mostly vegetables and fruits, with protein and whole grains making up the remainder. To help the children understand the ratios better, Chef Sarah gave them plates, with divided sections for each item. Then the students took turns filling their plates with carrots, grapes, cucumber slices, cheese cubes, ham slices and whole grain crackers. Once the healthy plate was built, they were allowed to have one small chocolate heart as a treat. Nurse Byers explained that treats like candy may be tasty, but they don't nourish the body, and if children only eats sweets, they will feel sluggish and tired as soon as the rush of sugar wears off. The teachers in each grade heartily agreed and urged their students to make wise choices about the foods they choose to eat, so that they can stay alert and healthy. A well-fed child always has a bigger appetite for learning!


For the very latest news, announcements and messages from Frederica Academy, go to our Facebook page at or click on the Facebook icon on the lower left side of this page.

Swimming Upstream

January 30, 2015 - The buses and vans were loaded, the energizing snacks packed, and the Frederica Academy Swimming Team was ready to hit the road north for Atlanta. On Saturday, January 31st, at 3:00 pm, they will be giving it their all, in the Georgia Independent School Association State Championship swim meet, at the Georgia Tech Natatorium. This is a huge honor for the four year old team and the Frederica family is proud of all they've accomplished so far this year. Good luck and GO KNIGHTS!
To learn more about the FA Swimming Team, click here to read the most recent story in the Brunswick News.

The Gift of Life

January 28, 2015 The sun was shining, but the air was brisk, as Upper School students made their way to the table on the Sea Island Green, where Nurse Deirdre Byers had set out a nutritious, mid-morning breakfast snack for them. The special food - yogurt, granola and fruit – was designed to give the young people and their teachers an energy boost for later in the day, when they would be donating blood.
This year, the Blood Drive was sponsored by the Upper School Service Council, with Nick Fraiser, Katherine Parks, Arden Simmons, Hunter Levitan and faculty sponsor, Cynthia Swanson making the arrangements and lending a hand. Starting at 1:00 pm, a steady stream of students, faculty and community members marched up the stairs of the Red Cross Bloodmobile and donated blood. Thirty units of blood were collected, which is enough to help ninety patients. The community support was excellent, with approximately fifteen local residents donating alongside the Frederica students and faculty.  
“Our blood drive was a great success,” pronounced Nurse Byers. “Thanks to all who donated, we exceeded our goal for the third year in a row. Thank you to the entire community and thank you to our student leaders of the drive.”

History, A Fort and Gators, too

January 22, 2015 – The school day started extra early on Thursday for Frederica’s fourth graders, their teachers and parent chaperones, as they gathered at 6:30 am, in preparation for their field trip to St. Augustine. They boarded the bus and headed south for the two hour journey to the historic city, to further their studies of Spanish colonial history, the Timucua Indian culture, and one of the southeastern United States’ most fascinating animals, the American alligator.

 Upon their arrival in St. Augustine, the children visited Fort Menendez, at the Old Florida Museum, where they participated in a variety of historically accurate activities, like dipping candles, making a wattle fence and playing the games favored by Spanish colonial children of the late 16th century. They also learned about the Timucua people who inhabited the region before the arrival of the Europeans.

After lunch, a visit to the imposing Castillo De San Marcos National Monument was on the agenda. There the students observed, first-hand, the oldest masonry fortress in the United States, constructed of coquina limestone in the bastion system of fortification. At the completion of the walking tour of the fort, the classes boarded a tram for a tour of the city of St. Augustine. This driving tour allowed the students to see many of the famous churches, houses and fortifications in and around the town, while listening to a fact-filled narration by the tour guide.

The final experience of the day for the fourth graders was a trip to the Alligator Farm, which has been a Florida attraction for over 100 years. Now an accredited member of the American Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the facility is dedicated to education and conservation. It is also home to multiple species of birds, mammals and reptiles, including the local top predator, the alligator. The students enjoyed seeing the many exotic creatures, while learning about their history and habitats.

Then it was time to head back to Frederica Academy, to rest from the long journey and reflect on the interesting events and discoveries of the day. The next journey back in time for the fourth grade will be a trip to Ft. King George in February. Stayed tuned for more of their adventures!


Activities by the Hundred

January 28, 2015 – Wednesday marked the one hundredth day of the school year at Frederica Academy and the Lower School celebrated in a number of exciting ways. As Frederica’s teachers can always be counted on for planning imaginative and interesting lessons, the fun multiplied throughout the day. Whether it was building a tower with 100 cups, doing 100 jumping  jacks, or choosing from among 100 healthy snacks to eat, it all added up to a great celebration. Happy One Hundredth Day to all!
PreK students built a bowling alley with 100 cups, third grade jumped 100 jacks and first grade sported 100 glasses and tally ties.
There were lots of dots in first grade - hundreds! PreK looked at hundreds of bagged items. Second graders counted by 25s to 100.
Making a tally to 100 went pretty quickly. It was fun it have hundreds of tasty snacks. Kindergarteners finished a 100 piece puzzle!

Mean, Median and Mode

January 20, 2015 - Sandra Smith’s sixth grade math students knew they were in for an unusual class on Tuesday, when Technology Education teacher Dottie Barrow appeared at the classroom door, bearing three iPads and three Sphero robotic balls. The students had been studying central tendency and now it was time to learn the difference between mode, mean and median, with a little help from the three spherical robots.
A Sphero is a robot ball with multiple functions that can be controlled from an iPad, using the Macrolab application. The MacroLab system teaches procedural thinking and basic programming skills.
For this lesson, students programmed Sphero to roll forward for a defined distance at three different speeds. The variable was the time, in milliseconds, and the students sought to discover the right amount of time to travel the defined distance. The students performed repeated trials and the results were then recorded, so they could calculate the mean, median, and mode with data from the three groups.
Next the students programmed Sphero to travel at the lengths of time that were determined to be the mean, median, and mode from the first set of data. Then they performed a second set of trials, which produced a more refined set of numbers for their computations. The final analysis showed that the length of time that was the mode of the data, was far more accurate than either the mean or the median.
However, the students learned that a lot of other factors played into their results, including everything from human error, to incorrect calibration within the robots. Still, using a hands-on device like the Sphero gave the students a memorable way to grasp the concepts of mean, median and mode. As Sandra Smith commented, “The students were so engaged and learned from their mistakes.  I think it solidified their understanding of central tendency and all of the variables that must be considered when testing their conclusions.”

Some Sweet Fun with Physics

There was measurable tension at the STEM Club Meeting on Monday afternoon, but not between the club members.  Rather, teams of students had carefully built tension into small catapults, to see who had harnessed enough potential energy to release the winning missile, in the STEM Club Meeting Unofficial Catapult Contest.

The contestants lined up at the end of the upstairs hallway in Corn Hall and took turns projecting Reese’s peanut butter cups as far as their devices would hurl them. The results varied widely, but the clear winner was the catapult operated by Nick Noltes, which sent its load of candy skittering to the opposite end of the building. Though Nick’s plastic spoon, rubber band and wooden stick contraption claimed victory for the day, the contest ended on a sweet note for all, as the participants ate up the chocolate and peanut butter ammunition.


Making the Grade

January 12, 2015  The academic superstars of the Upper School and Middle School at Frederica Academy took center stage on Monday  morning, at the Fall Semester Honor Roll Assembly. First on the agenda, was the presentation of the Head of School Awards to the Middle School and Upper School students. In order to receive this recognition, each student must have an A in every academic class, for the entire semester. This is a tremendous accomplishment and the students’ teachers and fellow classmates gave the hard-working groups an enthusiastic round of applause. Next up were the Honor Roll students, from grades six through twelve, who stood and were recognized for maintaining all As and Bs for the first semester. At the conclusion of the presentations, Head of Upper and Middle School, Mike Temple, thanked all for their dedication and encouraged every student there to become members of these elite groups in the second semester. Go academic Knights!

First of the First

January 16, 2015  Congratulations to former Frederica Academy scholar-athlete, Morgan Brian, who was selected as the first pick, of the first round, in the National Women's Soccer League 2015 College Draft!
The University of Virginia midfielder was chosen by the Houston Dash, at the National Soccer Coaches Association of America Convention, in Philadelphia. This follows last week's announcement that Morgan had won college's highly coveted Hermann Trophy, for the second year in a row.
To read more about Ms. Brian's outstanding achievements, click here for the ESPN story.
Everyone in the Frederica family wishes all the best to this phenomenal young woman!

Bears, Bears Everywhere!

January 15, 2015  No, it wasn’t the Teddy Bears’ Picnic in Claudia Schneider’s class today, despite the presence of a large pile of the bright-eyed, cuddly-soft critters. Instead, the brand-new bears had been collected by the children of the second grade, to donate to the Buddy Bear Program, sponsored by First Coast News, in Jacksonville, Florida.
The Buddy Bear Program gives the bears to all adult chemotherapy patients in the First Coast area and to children at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, to lift their spirits.  Evidence from oncology patient studies indicates that having a positive attitude and feeling a sense of support can improve the chances of recovery and survival for the cancer patient. Hugging a teddy bear during treatments can also reduce tension and anxiety.
Mrs. Schneider and fellow second grade teacher, Lynn Sucilsky, have been very committed to this project and are proud of their students and thankful for contributions they have made. As Mrs. Schneider explained, “It has been a project close to mine and Lynn's hearts. We did it in memory of my husband and Robert Bostock.”

Juggling Act

January 6, 2014  The second semester of the 2014 – 2015 school year got under way bright and early this morning, as students returned to Frederica Academy from their long Winter Break. On hand to greet them was new Interim Head of School, Jay St. John, who had encouraging words for all.
Addressing both the Lower School in Hamilton Hall and then the Middle and Upper Schools in the Gym, he challenged the students to approach this new semester with energy and determination, so that they might build on the successes of the first semester and reach new goals in the months to come. He reminded all that obtaining a great education is a complex business that often presents several challenges at the same time, whether it’s school work, plus sports interests, plus home life, or any other combination of important, but time-consuming activities.
With that, Mr. St John produced colorful balls and began juggling. The students were delighted as he explained that it is difficult to juggle many things at once and that sometimes a ball or two might be dropped. First one ball fell – and then another. “That’s when you need help,” Mr. St. John stated. He told his audience that they should call on their teachers, coaches and administrators at Frederica Academy, when they need help getting everything back into the balancing act of their lives again. Hard work, focus and a helping hand, when needed, will help all FA students succeed. And as Mr. St. John demonstrated, having a little fun in the learning process is a good thing, too!

A Meal that Matters

Manna House, located at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and G Street, in Brunswick, has been serving daily lunches to needy residents in Glynn County for over 30 years. On Friday, January 9th, Frederica Academy Middle School students had the opportunity to help with this mission. Erica Daley, Courtney Hogan, Inaja Brisbane, William Brock, Colton Myers and Michael Mitchell pitched in by greeting diners and serving hot soup, butter beans, bread and dessert. They also made themselves useful by helping in the kitchen and taking inventory of the stock.
It was a great way for the students to see, first hand, how the money was used, that they and the other members of the Middle School Service Council and Middle School Student Council, had raised with their “Soup for the Soul” fund-raiser. Manna House serves upwards of 100 people per day, seven days a week, so every penny of the $700 donated by the Frederica Academy Middle School students was welcomed and quickly put to work.

Reflecting on Time at Frederica

Having attended Frederica Academy since 2007, Caleigh Sherman has had the opportunity to see and do a lot during her academic career, which suits the active senior just fine. Never content to let life just happen around her, Caleigh has embraced countless opportunities and challenges at Frederica and is rounding out her senior year with a full schedule. Recently, she was interviewed by Meredith Deal, of Paisley Magazine, and recounted some of the highlights of her years at Frederica. To read the article in the January edition of Paisley Magazine, click on the cover below.
Article by Meredith M. Deal
Photography by Mike Force

Frederica Names New Head of School for 2015-2016 School Year

After conducting a nation-wide search, the Head of School Search Committee unanimously proposed and the Board of Trustees unanimously approved hiring John Taliaferro Thomas to be Frederica Academy's next Head of School. Mr. Thomas has accepted the position and will start in his new role on July 1, 2015.


John Thomas is currently the Head of School at St. Andrew's-Sewanee School in Sewanee, Tennessee, and has served in this role for the past seven years. Mr. Thomas has earned a widely-touted reputation at St. Andrew's-Sewanee for elevating student achievement, academic innovation, and enrollment, while improving the school's fiscal health, fundraising success, facilities, technology, educational support services, extracurricular/arts activities, athletic programs, and the overall student experience. He is held in high regard for achieving this success through his ability to build and lead a solid team of administrators and educators.


Mr. Thomas' stakeholder community speaks fondly of him as being a dynamic, collaborative, thoughtful leader who is driven by a steadfast commitment to be a lifelong learner and educator. He has 

an acute passion for working with children, which is guided by his faith, the love of his family and a determination to heal, engage, enrich and enhance the mind, body and spirit of each young life and adult touched by his service and leadership. Mr. Thomas has a distinguished record in this regard as a teacher, a coach, and an 

administrator during his stellar career.


Prior to leading the St. Andrew's-Sewanee School, Mr. Thomas spent nearly nine years as the Chaplain at the St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, while also serving as an Adjunct Associate at St. Columbia's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. He also served in clergy roles at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Christ Episcopal Church in Pensacola, Florida, and St. David's Episcopal Church in Ashburn, Virginia.


Mr. Thomas is a native Georgian having graduated from Athens Academy before receiving a B.A. in English Literature from The University of the South in Sewanee and a Masters of Divinity at the Virginia Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Janice, have three children: Emily, a sophomore at Elon; Lucas, a sophomore at The University of the South; and Sam, a sophomore in high school at St. Andrew's-Sewanee.



Frederica Academy has hired Jay St. John to serve as Interim Head of School, effective immediately. Mr. St. John will work closely with school administrators to ensure that Frederica Academy continues its commitment to excellence in all aspects of serving its mission during the second semester. His extensive experience having served in two highly successful interim roles and a career of serving as a Head of School for nearly three decades gives us great confidence that he is the right leader to help manage the day-to-day operations of the school until Mr. Thomas assumes his responsibilities in July. Mr. St. John will work closely with Mr. Thomas over the next few months and continuing through July to ensure a smooth transition in preparation for the 2015-2016 school year.


Mr. St. John was the Interim Head of School at Houston Academy in Dothan, Alabama, in 2012-2013 and the Interim Head of School at Episcopal Day School in Southern Pines, North Carolina, before becoming its Head of School for seven years (2005-2012). He also served as a Head of School at The O'Neal School in North Carolina (5 years), the University School of Nova Southeastern University in Florida (5 years), and the Trinity Preparatory School in Florida (6 years).


A graduate of the Delbarton School in Morristown, New Jersey, Mr. St. John has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Boston University and a Master's Degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University.


Mr. St. John will be joined by his wife, Beth, while he serves as Interim Head of School between now and June 30, 2015

A December to Remember

As Frederica Academy's fall semester winds down in December, with the conclusion of courses, followed by semester tests and final exams, the holiday season begins in earnest. Classes devoted to studying cultural celebrations like Hanukkah and Christmas in Latin America, along with special field trips, decorating contests, class parties and musical performances, add to the holiday spirit throughout the entire school. However, all the festivities never obscure the real meaning of the season for the students - giving to others with an open heart. 

One of the most eagerly awaited holiday traditions at Frederica Academy is the annual Lower School Giving Tree Ceremony. This year, on the last day of school before Christmas break, the Lower School students gathered in Hamilton Hall, bringing gifts they had specially chosen, for children and babies in the community, who are in need. The community groups who received the FA children’s offerings were Babies Can't Wait, Coastal Coalition for Children – the Healthy Families Program, Safe Harbor and the Glynn Community Crisis Center. Frederica's children brought their gifts with the hopes that they could make other children's Christmases a little happier and a little brighter.

 Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and joy and peace to all in the New Year!



Hanukkah History

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - Students in Lower School have been studying world history and world cultures over the last few months, and in first grade, last Friday was the day to learn about the ancient Hebrew people and the story of Hanukkah. As the first grade students munched on delicious potato latkes and apple sauce, teacher Jennifer Waters brought several beautiful Menorahs to their tables and explained how the eight nights of Hanukkah are celebrated in Jewish households. The children took turns placing nine candles in the menorahs, making sure the shamash, or helper candle, was in the appropriate spot. Then it was time for some Dreidel fun. Mrs. Waters gave each child a Dreidel and explained the Hebrew letters on the four sides. Soon Dreidels were spinning everywhere and shouts went up every time a Gadol came up. A Gadol (pronounced gimel) means the player wins all and all the first graders were feeling pretty much like winners after having such a fun afternoon, learning all about Hanukkah. The eight nights of Hanukkah begin tonight.

Making all the right moves

Over the weekend of December 12 - 14, the United States Chess Federation National K-12 Grade Championship was held in Orlando, Florida. It is one of the two most prestigious scholastic chess tournaments yearly, bringing the best chess players from across the U.S. to square off for the coveted title of Grade Level National Champion for their particular grade. In the 5th grade section, there were 187 of the top competitors. Frederica Academy’s Adam Elsharkawi entered the tournament ranked 41st. He played opponents from New York, Virginia, Florida, Arizona and Kansas in a total of 7 rounds, with each round lasting 3+ hours.

In 14th place entering the final round (only 15 get trophies), Adam was paired against a boy from New York, rated 160 points higher. Adam's chess coach, Grandmaster Alonso Zapata, texted him before the round, saying, "Remember to keep calm and focused." While Adam’s mother paced and tried to calm her nerves, Adam meticulously and steadfastly played his game. After nearly three hours, he finally exited the tournament hall, in which over 2000 amazing students had been playing, with a smile that said it all. Then he pointed at the trophies and nodded assuredly.  Final placement: 6th place tie.
Congratulations to Adam for this chess championship victory and for representing Frederica Academy so well! Adam has just received an invitation to the Georgia Scholastic State Championship to be held at Emory on January 10-11 2015.

Hour of Code

Tuesday - December 9, 2014  Frederica Academy is participating in a global campaign called "Hour of Code." This project was launched in 2013 and is dedicated to expanding participation in computer science in more schools, with a vision that every student in every school worldwide should have an opportunity to learn computer programming. Experts predict that over the next ten years, there will be 1.4 million jobs in computer science and only about 400,000 graduates that will qualify for those jobs. That's a shortage of a million people!

We are proud to be a part of this campaign. The official dates of Hour of Code are December 8-14. The seventh grade Computer Science class has already started and will devote two weeks to computer programming. On Monday and Tuesday, a group of these seventh graders, along with Technology Coordinator, Dottie Barrow, began working with students in the first grade. The first graders caught on quickly and with some guidance from their Middle School mentors, they bounded through the levels of the code teaching program. First Grade teacher Jennifer Waters was thrilled to see her class so enthusiastic about learning the basics of coding. "When my students leave at the end of each day, they have to tell me one special thing about their day before they leave. They ALL said 'learning to code!!!!!'." 

If you would like to try it, follow this link: hourofcode Watch the short 1-2 minute videos (from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and other major names in computer programming) with explanations of new steps in coding as you progress through the sequence.


A Souper Evening

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 – At 4:30 p.m., a phalanx of Crock Pots stood ready for the 8th Annual “Soup for the Soul” in Hamilton Hall. This traditional fund-raiser was sponsored by the Middle School Student Council and Service Council, to raise funds for Manna House, which serves meals to homeless and impoverished residents in Brunswick. All Frederica families were invited to participate in this “Souper” meal and the dining hall bustled with activity all evening. Over $700.00 was raised, as participants made generous donations for their delicious bowls of soups and chilis. 

Many thanks to all who made this event such a success!


One of the most eagerly awaited highlights for fifth graders at Frederica Academy is the annual overnight trip to Ebenezer. On October 15th, teachers Carla Cate and Melanie Howell, along with intrepid chaperons, Brad Lawrence and Page Aiken, took the fifth grade classes on the journey north to Rincon, home of the New Ebenezer Retreat.

For three days, the students immersed themselves in a variety of character-building activities designed to help them learn about history, their heritage, and the natural world around them. Activities included hands-on lessons in everything from making cane syrup to handling reptiles. In addition to the time spent at Ebenezer, the students went to Savannah for a special evening, where dressed in their best, they attended a live performance of “Jukebox Journey” at the historic Savannah Theatre.

At the end of their sojourn, the students and adults arrived back at Frederica Academy tired, but with many happy memories to share. At Lower School Morning Meeting on Friday, December 5th, they will present a slideshow of their experiences. Morning Meeting starts at 8:05 a.m. For those unable to attend, please see the abbreviated slideshow below. For more information about the New Ebenezer Retreat, click here.

The Holiday Spirit Fills Frederica Academy

December 4, 2014 - The greens were hung, the decorations in place, rehearsals were completed, and Santa was in his chair. It was time for the Annual Frederica Academy Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony to begin!

As little brothers and sisters delighted in a sneak preview with Santa, Lower School students and the Fall Middle School chorus assembled for their holiday musical performance in the gym. Led by Lower School Music teacher, Amy Bishop, and Middle School Music teacher, Misty Renard-Laskowski, the two choral groups sang a variety of songs, ranging from whimsical holiday tunes, to heartwarmingly moving classics. The enthusiastic audience of families and friends were also treated to beautiful solos by sixth grader Georgia Waters and eighth grader Kelly Quinn. At the conclusion of the musical performances, verses from Luke 2, describing the first Christmas, were read by the Middle School Student Council members.
Then it was out to the Sea Island Green and the entrance to Corn Hall, for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Mason Waters led his combo and Malik Tatum sang "Silent Night" as the tree lights came on. A shower of Christmas snow swirled down, much to the delight of the children and their families. Cookies and milk were served, and Santa, ensconced in Hamilton Hall, greeted every child who came to see him. The Christmas holiday season has officially begun at Frederica Academy!


Photo courtesy of

Congratulations to Morgan Brian, (Frederica Academy Class of 2011), on being named the 2014 U.S. Soccer Young Female Athlete of the Year. This award is to honor a player who played for a youth national team during the calendar year and can only be awarded to the player once in their career. To read the complete story from the Brunswick News, click here.

Magnetic Attraction


December 1, 2014 – Once again the Frederica Academy Seventh Grade class has created a product to sell, to benefit our sister school, the Jubilee School, in Haiti. This time, the technology and art classes have combined forces and fabricated colorful ceramic tile magnets, just in time for Christmas. They are individually hand crafted, available in an assortment of colors and cost $3.00 each. Students will be selling the magnets during the Scholastic Book Fair in the Media Center all week, at home basketball games and at the annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Winter Music Program on Thursday, December 4th, starting at 6:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity to get your stocking stuffers and help the Seventh Grade help Haiti!

A Thanksgiving Tradition

On Tuesday, November 25, 2014, fifteen intrepid little souls, dressed in traditional Pilgrim and Native American garb, set forth from Frederica Academy and landed at the historic Tabby House, at Epworth by the Sea, to take part in their annual Thanksgiving Feast. There, they were greeting by Governor Bradford (played by John Beimler) and the ceremonies and festivities began. 

This First Grade Thanksgiving reenactment began over 20 years ago and has occurred at Epworth for 15 years.  Each year, First Grade students begin the study of Thanksgiving by investigating all of the early European settlements in the New World, including Plymouth and Jamestown.  Within their studies, students learn about the local colonial connections of our area.  Students plant the Three Sisters (squash, corn and beans) in the school garden and our school chef prepares their produce for them to enjoy at the feast. By dressing as Pilgrims and Indians and learning their individual stories, students are able to "live" as those individuals and truly feel as if they have stepped back in history. 

To see the First Grade Reenactment story in the Brunswick News, click here.


A Little Winter Music

On Sunday, December 7, 2014, the Golden Isles Youth Orchestra will present their annual Winter Concert, at the Glynn Academy Auditorium, starting at 3:00 p.m. The talented young performers include Frederica Academy's Emma Thomas (violin), Stephanie Baione (piccolo) and Maddie Myers (violin). Tickets for this performance may be purchased directly from orchestra members, or at the door for $5 (students) and $7 (adults). For more information about the Golden Isles Youth Orchestra, click here.

This Camel can swim!


Taylor, surrounded by her family, signs the document.

November 17, 2014 - Taylor McMinn made history on Monday, by becoming the first Frederica Academy swimmer to sign a letter of intent to swim at an NCAA Division I college. Next year, she'll swim for the Campbell University Camels, in Buies Creek, North Carolina.
Taylor joined the FA Swim Team when the program started four years ago. She is also a member of the Golden Isles Swim Team (GIST). Taylor's best events are the 100 and 200 Breaststroke, and she was named the GISA State Champion for the 100 Breaststroke and the 500 Freestyle in 2014. Congratulations, Taylor!
Taylor McMinn with the Frederica Academy Knights Swim Team

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving celebrations began early Tuesday morning at Frederica Academy, when the Kindergarten presented their fall play, "The ABCs of Thanksgiving".

In a lively romp through the alphabet, punctuated by several charming tunes, the children assigned each letter with a particular significance related to Thanksgiving. Dressed in costumes they had made themselves, they delivered small messages like, "J is for Join", "U is for Us" and "D is for Dinner" which added up to one big message of welcome and thankfulness. Each child then gave his or her personal reasons for being thankful, which ranged from "Everything!" to "My beautiful hair!"

At the conclusion of their tribute to Thanksgiving through the alphabet, they hosted a Thanksgiving brunch in the Kindergarten classroom for family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


A Decent Home for Everyone

November 7, 2014 – On Friday morning, students in Jan Payne’s and Suzanne Rackley’s fourth grade classes learned that many families in Glynn County live in unsafe, substandard or overcrowded houses. They also learned about Habitat for Humanity, the organization that works to replace those kinds of structures with safe, basic and affordable homes. Bert Brown, executive director for the Glynn County affiliate of Habitat, spoke with the children about the process of getting families into decent homes and fielded the many questions that arose after his talk, that included queries about everything from construction techniques to paying mortgages. One answer that the students were disheartened to hear, was that they were too young to do actual construction work on a Habitat house themselves. However, both Mr. Brown and Mrs. Payne pointed out that youngsters, with their parents' help, can assist with the landscaping of a new house and they can certainly donate something that can be used in the house. With that, a bookshelf, filled with books gathered by the fourth grade, was presented to Mr. Brown, to go to the children who will be moving into the next Habitat home in Glynn County. Work is projected to begin in the next few weeks and the children have been invited to the dedication ceremony that will follow in the spring. For more information about the work Habitat for Humanity is doing in Glynn County, click here.

Veterans' Day 2014

November 11, 2014 – Veterans’ Day was celebrated at Frederica Academy on Tuesday morning, at an assembly for the entire school, held in the gym. The speakers for the day included Middle School English teacher Melinda White, Fifth Grade teacher Melanie Howell and U.S. Army Sargent John Lovell.

Mrs. White and Mrs. Howell spoke movingly about growing up in military households, with fathers who were often away for extended deployments and who frequently faced great danger. 

As a young child, Mrs. White didn’t understand the risks her fighter pilot father regularly took in his missions. It was only when she grew older that she recognized the peril involved in piloting jets off and on Navy aircraft carriers. She knew that despite the hardships her family endured because of her father’s commitment to the Armed Forces, the work he did to protect his country was worth the sacrifice.

Mrs. Howell’s father served a tour of duty in Vietnam, at the height of the war, and sustained considerable injuries in combat. Mrs. Howell shared a letter he wrote home to his parents from the military hospital, trying to assure them that he was really all right, despite the shrapnel in his head and both legs. The young man’s poignant words, which painted a frightening picture of what it was like to live through an ambush, were as affecting to hear at the morning assembly, as they were when the letter was first opened over forty years ago.

Sargent John Lovell, of the U. S. Army Airborne Rangers, Special Ops, was the final speaker of the morning. He briefly detailed his time spent in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, but mainly focused on telling his young audience what they should be doing with their lives now, to prepare them for what lies ahead. He emphasized the importance of being physically fit, well educated and always willing to learn more.  In his time as a trainer for the elite Airborne Rangers, he found that the soldiers who arrived the most physically and mentally prepared, but still with a measure of humility and a willingness to be taught, became the best warriors. Sargent Lovell did not glamorize war though. He pointedly told the audience that it’s a terrible business and that it took his strong Christian faith to get him through the dark days in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At the conclusion of the touching and thought-provoking presentations, the Fifth Grade Chorus sang two songs, the first; a sweet tribute to all who have served their country called, "Thank You Soldiers" and the second; a rousing rendition of "God Bless America".


Making a splash

Frederica Academy hosted the 2014 Joust in the South Swim Meet on Saturday.  With 189 swimmers from 11 GISA and GHSA schools competing in what was a cold and blustery day, the Frederica Academy Knights Varsity Girls won the high point GISA team award while Taylor McMinn was the Varsity Girls individual high point winner and John McMinn was the Junior Varsity Boys individual high point winner. 

THE FA KNIGHTS Varsity Girls 200 yard Medley Relay Team of Lexi Harmon, Taylor McMinn, Emily Parks and Amelia Ham placed first overall.  Taylor McMinn won both the Girls 200 Free and 100 Breast, Amelia Ham placed first in the 200IM and second in the 100 Free, Emily Parks placed second in the 100 Fly and third in the 500 Free and Lexi Harmon placed second in the 50 Free and fourth in the 100 Backstroke.  Katherine Parks placed ninth in both the 200 Free and 100 Backstroke events.  These Varsity Girls achieved nine GISA state qualifying times.

For the Junior Varsity Girls, Kate Worthley placed third in the 100IM and seventh in the 50 Breast, achieving 2 state qualifying times.  Caroline Lokey swam in her very first swim meet ever on her 12th birthday!

 For the Junior Varsity Boys, John McMinn won both the 100 Free and 50 Breast, achieving 2 state qualifying times.

 The FA KNIGHTS Swim team wishes to thank all the volunteers that helped them run this meet including many students, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and trustees.  It could not have run so smoothly without their help and support.  In addition, we had many visiting volunteer officials.  CONGRATULATIONS to all swimmers and schools who participated!  These swimmer athletes demonstrated great sportsmanship and team spirit during tough swimming conditions!



Pirate Day 2014

November 6, 2014 - When you live on a barrier island in Georgia, that’s less than 30 miles away from another barrier island named for the notorious pirate, Blackbeard, it comes in pretty handy to know a thing or two about pirates. That’s just what the second graders in Mrs. Sucilsky’s and Mrs. Schneider’s classes have been studying for the last few weeks, and on Thursday, the stories, lessons and research culminated in the annual full-blown Second Grade Pirate Day.

Dressed from head to toe in clothes that would make Captain Hook proud, the students participated in a wide variety of pirate-themed activities, with the highlight of the day being the capturing of Head of School, Greg Griffeth and Lower Head of School, Annmarie Torres. The young scallywags surprised Mr. Griffeth and Mrs. Torres and demanded that stories be read and ransom be given in the form of loot. From there the motley crew went on to sack Business Manager Mitzi Gregg’s office and terrorize the first grade.

All this looting and pillaging made the mob of marauders work up a healthy appetite, so a hearty lunch was provided by pirate parent volunteers, who looked to be enjoying the day as much as their children. “Twas a good day to be a pirate at Frederica Academy. Rrrrrr!”


October 31, 2014 – Halloween officially started at Frederica Academy early on Friday morning, as princesses, Harry Potters, super heroes and nearly every storybook character imaginable, arrived at school, all with great expectations of the day.

Lower School Morning Meeting was livelier than usual with certificates being awarded to the students who had completed their books for the STAR Reader program, followed by a motivational speech to the students by Head of School, Greg Griffeth’s friend, “Ricky”, and finally, the introduction, on stage, of each child, dressed as his or her favorite storybook character.

As Frederica Academy teachers will teach anywhere, any time and any place they can, Halloween activities and storybook fun were neatly folded into a day of cross-grade interaction and lessons specifically tied to the day’s events.

The pre-school Halloween parade brought out the generosity in older students who filled their small treat bags.

 Costumed lower school students paired up with their Buddy Classes (5th with 3rd,4th with 1st and 2nd with K) for character study games that focused on their specific reading themes.

 Fifth graders decorated and filled toiletry and treat bags for the children at Safe Harbor Children’s Shelter.

 Middle school students created Boo Bags for Safe Harbor.

 In the Upper School, hard-working freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors took a quick break from studying, attending the PROBE Fair, and consulting with visiting colleges, to have their annual costume contest. This year’s winner was R’Nelle Collins, ingeniously dressed as a carousel.

 The day ended with a Knights’ Varsity Football Team victory over opponent Monsignor Donovan, to finish their season. It was truly a happy Halloween for everybody!

Play Ball!

October 21, 2014 – The baseball diamond at Frederica Academy doesn’t generally see a lot of action this time of year, but on Tuesday evening, it was a hotbed of activity. For the third year in a row, the dugouts and field were filled with excited children, PGA TOUR players and PGA TOUR wives, as the PGA TOUR Wives Association and the McGladrey Classic co-hosted the annual Wiffle® Ball Classic.

This event, held in conjunction with The McGladrey Classic Tournament, raises funds for the Blessings in a Backpack program that serves Altama Elementary School, in Brunswick, Georgia. Participating children (all those who are eligible for the free lunch program at school) receive a backpack every Friday, filled with non-perishable, nutritious foods like granola bars, raisins, apple sauce, crackers, macaroni and cheese, soups, etc. These healthy foods keep the children nourished over the weekends, which allows them to come to school on Mondays alert and ready to learn.

The Wiffle® Ball Game itself was a boisterous, laughter-filled affair that pitted the PGA golfers and boys from Altama Elementary School against the PGA Wives and the girls from Altama. The children on the teams were chosen to represent their school through the Positive Behavior and Support Initiative program at Altama. The competition during the game was keen, but all came away as winners. Frederica Academy PGA family members who helped make this rewarding event possible this year were Zach and Kim Johnson, Matt and Sybi Kuchar, and Jonathan and Amanda Byrd.

On the Big Stage

The Frederica Academy Friends of the Arts is proud to announce that two Frederica students are performing in The Island Players' First Production of the 2014-2015 Season.  Eli Waters (third grade) and Georgia Waters (sixth grade) are prominently featured in the cast of Shrek - The Musical that is playing at the Pier Village Casino Theatre at 8:00 PM on October 30, 31 and November 1 and matinee performances at 3:00 PM on October 26 and November 2.  Click here for more information.

A Very Special Football Practice

October 20, 2014 - It’s not uncommon to see visitors on the sidelines at Frederica Varsity Football team practices, but yesterday, as the sun set, a visitor who has cast one of the greatest shadows in the history of the NFL stood quietly by the field, observing the action. The incomparable Jim Brown, storied running back for the Cleveland Browns and St. Simons Island native, had come to give the young Knights some words of encouragement and advice. The coaches called for a break and the players scrambled to take a knee and listen to what the living legend had to say.

In a soft but powerful voice, Mr. Brown emphasized the importance of playing with great determination - despite the odds, playing intelligently and playing with dignity and respect for fellow teammates. Citing his years of being pummeled by defensive lines that specifically targeted him, he told the boys that he never gave up, never quit working and always gave everything he had to the game. He encouraged them to do the same and to listen to the coaches who are trying hard to steer them to victory, both on the field and off of it.

He then welcomed questions from the players and the coaches and didn’t pull any punches in giving them direct and honest answers. Gracious to the end, he kindly met the players individually and posed for photographs. It was a football practice that all involved will never forget.



A Way With Words

October 21, 2014 – Nikki Walbridge’s seventh grade English class knew they were in for a treat and might also get some valuable writing tips, when guest speaker, Ragan Flowers, visited their class on Tuesday morning. That’s because Ragan Flowers is a spoken word performance artist, a gifted writer and wordsmith, as well.  She spoke to the class about her writing process and how it informs her readings.  She talked about using particular words as tools to deliver a message. Then she performed, This Is Not Enough. When the applause that followed the reading died down, the students then seized the opportunity to read their poems and prose compositions for Ms. Flowers, who generously offered praise and encouragement to the young writers. If you would like to see a performance of This Is Not Enough, recorded at the Ritz Theatre in 2012, click here.

Pre-K Fall Fun Day

Thursday, October 9, 2014 - Frederica Academy's preschoolers knew they were in for a special day when they arrived at their classroom and found it filled with set-ups for all kinds of exciting fall activities. With the help of parents and grown-up friends, the children bobbed for apples, strung beads to make fall necklaces, decorated autumn cookies, rolled up apple turnovers, painted picture frames with beautiful fall colors, played candy corn hopscotch and bingo, bowled with pumpkins, created a special bag for all their goodies and went on a nature scavenger hunt. Fall has officially arrived at Frederica!


Altruism and Art

Saturday, October 4, 2014 - There could not have been a more glorious morning on St. Simons Island for a benefit race than this past Saturday. Well before the 8:30 AM start time, students, parents, teachers, local citizens and even an entire training class of United States Capitol Police, from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, gathered at the Coast Guard Station, for the first Run for Jubilee 5K Walk/Run. Frederica Academy Cross Country Varsity and Middle School team members participated, along with many FA faculty and family members.  After an amazingly short interval, the participants completed the 3.1 mile course in the East Beach area, with Frederica coach Christy Barrow coming in fourth in the race and first for all female runners. All participants were awarded hand-crafted medals, created by the women of Jubilee, particularly for this event. In this race, everyone was a winner!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the causeway, thousands of visitors streamed into the DNR Regional Headquarters for the annual CoastFest, to see and experience over 80 environmental, educational research and resource exhibits.  Artwork by Frederica Academy Lower School students was on display at the CoastFest Art Exhibit, which showcased coastal-themed drawings, paintings, sculptures and relief pieces created by local students. Frederica students Brolan Griffeth, Gloria Brownlee and Jackson Byrd received 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons, respectively, and Banks Harrison received a Special Award. Many other Lower School children received ribbons of merit. All the work was admirable and the students' love for their coastal home was clearly on display in every piece.

And We Are All Together

 September 30, 2014 - There was a flash mob, Frederica-style, in front of Corn Hall at 8:15 am, on Tuesday, when the students from the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, as well as faculty and staff members, gathered for the annual "bucket shot". The mob was orderly and managed to assume an amorphous shape fairly quickly, so the photo shoot went smoothly. 
Folks at Frederica love putting on their welcoming smiles! 

Making the Most of Their Money


The seventh grade class members present the proceeds from their bracelet sales to Mr. Emory Wilson, who will take the funds to the Jubilee School for construction of playground equipment.


Wednesday - October 1, 2014 

From Dottie Barrow: 

Thanks so much to everyone who supported our business/fundraising venture for Jubilee School. We raised $1,000 for the school with our bracelet sales. They will use $700 for a piece of equipment for their playground. After doing the school physicals this year, they determined that many of the children had below normal upper body strength, so our money will be used to build a spider monkey bar to help with this. This will be built locally by a Haitian man. We presented the money today to Mr. Emory Wilson, who will be going to Haiti this month. The $300 that we have left will be used to purchase a basketball hoop, basketballs, nets, and a ball pump here (can't get this in Haiti). We will send it with the next group that travels to Haiti. 

Our next product that we will sell will be refrigerator/locker magnets that are being made in art class. 

Thanks again for your support!


A special day for the Frederica Academy NHS

September 23, 2014 - A rainy Tuesday morning at Frederica Academy was brightened considerably by the induction of sixteen shining lights into the National Honor Society. All are fine scholars and leaders among their peers. They pledge to continue to give their best, both to their school and to the world at large. Congratulations all!


Front Row: Simms Claire O’Quinn, Margaret Courtney Fairless, Caleigh Nicole Sherman, Manning Claire Mercer, 
Claire Clement Lucile Candler, Maya Alexandra Stucky, Cameron Grace Anderson
Back Row: Kem-Malik Jajuan Tatum, Joseph Lawrence Owens, Brannen Hollis Veal, Nicholas Houston Harrison, 
Brett Karl Steilen, Michael Devin Higgins, George Nicholas Steelman, Maxwell Justin Brown, Christian Michael Sullivan

 The National Honor Society Pledge

I pledge myself to uphold high purposes
of the National Honor Society
to which I have been elected,
striving in every way by word and deed
to hold scholarly habits,
to engage in worthy service,
and to lead forward in all things
that shall advance
the welfare of the school
and community. 






Stepping Up

On Saturday, October 4th, the Frederica Academy Cross Country Knights will put their best feet forward in the Run for Jubilee 5K Run/Walk. The proceeds from this race will go to Jubilee Kids, Inc. which supports our sister school, the Jubilee School (Academie la Saline) and the Nutrition Program in Jubilee Blanc, Haiti. The walk/run starts at 8:30 AM at the Maritime Center, at 4201 First Street in Saint Simons.  For more information about Jubilee Kids, Inc. click here. For race information and to register, click here.


Homecoming 2014

September 15-20, 2014  Creativity and a keen sense of competition were on display during the week leading up to Homecoming at Frederica Academy.  Upper School students went all-out for the themed dress-up days, dazzling the rest of the school with elaborate costumes and props for Neon Day, Favorite Celebration Day, Patriotic Day and Beach Day.  At the end of the week, the Seniors narrowly beat the Freshmen for the Class With the Best-Dressed Spirit.   Friday's pep rally brought everything to an exciting and loud conclusion, as the cheer squads got the whole school up and cheering while the Varsity football team members were introduced. Then the freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors launched into some highly entertaining and raucous lip-sync skits, in yet another competition for the class with the most spirit.  This time, the winners were the Sophomores, whose show ended with a knock-out performance by Nick Fraser, lip-syncing to "Con te Partiro".  It brought the entire audience to its feet, roaring with approval. Finally, the Most Spirited Student Awards went to Ansley Haulbrook '18, R'Nelle Collins 17', Manning Mercer '16 and Caroline Worthy '15, who worked hard to keep their fellow classmates up and enthusiastic all week.

Friday night meant game time for the Knights, as they took on the Bethesda Academy Blazers.  To read the account of this thrilling Homecoming game, click here.  Halftime saw the crowning of a new Homecoming Queen; the lovely Morgan Sullivan.  At the Homecoming Dance on Saturday night, the Homecoming King was announced.  Henry Heery took that honor this year.  It was a great way to end a great week!

FA Student Artwork Goes Coastal

A lot of serious work goes into a truly fun playground

On Friday, September 12th, 2014, the Terry Thomas Playground officially opened at Frederica Academy.  This extensive renovation and refurbishment project was accomplished thanks to the committed teamwork of many dedicated friends, family members and alumni of the school.
With tremendous gratitude, we would like to recognize the following people for sharing the gifts of their time and talents in this undertaking.
Dr. Ashley and Dr. Buck Cavalier served as the Encompass Capital Campaign Steering Committee Playground Coordinators, initiating the process of the playground reconstruction.
Kim Johnson, Peggy Russell, Carla Cate, Katy Morgan, and Jennifer Waters put their creative minds to work, as the Playground Design Committee, which worked hand in hand with the children of the Lower School, deciding exactly what would be best for the new playground.
Skip Russell, husband of Kindergarten teacher Peggy Russell, and owner of Skip Russell Construction, donated months of his time, energy and expertise, as general contractor for the entire project.
Architect Nate Brock, who graduated from Frederica Academy in 1987, along with his wife, Liane, and their team at Wiregrass Studio, designed the magical play space for the FA children, volunteering countless hours of creation time to make the dreams into a buildable reality.
Steve Shoettle, another member of Frederica Academy’s class of 1987, is a very gifted and talented artist.  He and his team built all of the wood and metal structures on the playground, which are as beautiful as they are functional.
One more alumnus from the FA class of 1987 put his talents to use for the playground renovation. Jeff Seymour, a passionate soccer enthusiast and member and chairman of the Frederica Academy Sports Hall of Fame, built and provided the soccer goals for the new soccer field on the playground.
First grade teacher, Jennifer Waters, knew that an amphitheater was an integral part of the new playground design, so she persuaded her husband, Van, a well-respected local contractor, to take on the task of building it.  Van worked with Nate to design the amphitheater and then volunteered his time and services to manage the project.  On the day of the official Terry Thomas Playground opening, the amphitheater was dedicated to first grade teacher, Charlotte Floyd, who has brought theater and a love of the dramatic arts to hundreds of children, in her many years of teaching at Frederica Academy.
No outdoor space on St. Simons Island would be complete without lush plantings, so the kind folks at Southeast Nursery generously donated all of the plant material for the new playground and the surrounding areas.  Southeast Nursery is owned by Frederica parents Delaine and Robert Haulbrook.
Finally, special thanks is due to the Terry Thomas Foundation, for the lead financial gift to the playground renovation, to the PGA TOUR, through which Zach Johnson and Matt Kuchar donated their Presidents Cup proceeds, and to the more than fifty contributors to the Encompass Capital Campaign, whose collective gifts have brought to fruition, a beautifully creative space, for Frederica Academy’s children to play and grow.

In the Business of Helping

The Frederica Academy Seventh Grade students have gone into business. Under the guidance of Media Specialist and Technology Coordinator, Dottie Barrow, and Middle and Upper School Art Teacher, Laura Edenfield, the young capitalists have started an enterprise selling bracelets to raise money for their sister school in Jubilee Blanc, Haiti; Academie la Saline, also known as the Jubilee School.

First they chose a product that they thought would sell well – stretchy rubber bracelets.  Next they created the designs and phrases for their two models.  After that, they began marketing their products with signs and a video commercial.  Then the job of selling began.  Every day, at morning break, students man the cart that serves as their shop; and at home games, they urge families, friends and visitors to don the green or blue bracelets and help support the school that is bringing hope through education, to the children of Jubilee Blanc.  As of September 23rd, the students sold enough bracelets to earn over $1,000.00 in profits. Every penny of that will go to the Jubilee School.

For more information about this altruistic endeavor, or to get a bracelet of your own, contact Dottie Barrow at  To see the video commercial created by the seventh graders, click here.

For only three dollars, you can help teach valuable lessons to children in two parts of the world.


They're Back!

August 13, 2014 marked the beginning of a brand new school year at Frederica Academy.  Younger children slowly let loose of their parents' hands and walked into their classrooms, middle school students consulted complex schedules and searched for lockers, and upper school students assumed their new places for another year's worth of assemblies, leaving the front row of honor to the Senior Class of 2015. Whether it was moving to a new classroom, a new school, or being entirely new to Frederica Academy, the first week was filled with exciting changes for everybody. 

Back-To-School Barbecue

August 12, 2014 - Loud thunderclaps signaled the beginning of the annual Back-to-School Barbecue on Tuesday evening at Frederica Academy. Stalwart students, parents, families and faculty were not fazed in the least by the typical, soggy August weather, and greeted each other excitedly, as they gathered for the traditional repast of barbecue, grilled chicken, delicious sides and some mighty tasty desserts. Many little Knights and the bigger ones, as well, went home well-fed and ready to head back to school in the morning, for the beginning of another great year at Frederica.


Feeling Like Fall at Frederica Academy

July 28, 2014 - It may be pushing 97 degrees on St. Simons, and feeling like 104 degrees with the humidity, but the Frederica Football Knights continue to soldier away in daily morning practices, preparing for the upcoming 2014 football season.  With only a month to go until the first kick-off against St. Andrew's School in Savannah, Coach Brandon Derrick and his dedicated coaching staff are getting the players in great shape for the third season of FA Football.  If you would like to show your support for the Knights this fall, by placing an ad in the Fall Sports Program, please contact Julie Hancock for more information.  Go Knights!


The best kind of overtime

August  1, 2014 – It wasn't the usual morning of learning formations and running  plays for the Frederica football players on Friday. Instead, the Knights left their home field to work as volunteers at the Children in Action Summer Football Camp, at the North Glynn Recreation Complex. There, they helped coach a large and lively group of 7 to 12 year old boys, as they ran, jumped, passed and kicked their way through the morning.  

C.I.A. Sports Club’s Summer Outreach is a recreational ministry that offers free sports camps to local children. The club’s stated mission is to “utilize sports and physical activities as an outreach to children, youth and adults, to build character, excellence, and teamwork. By increasing physical activity, as a team, our programs put into action the gospel of Jesus Christ through relationship building, character building, and one-on-one interactions with participants during practice, game and devotion times.”  For more information about C.I.A. Sports Club, click here.

Summertime and the Living is Busy

There are two words you will never hear at a Frederica Academy summer program: “I’m bored.”  Whether it’s the thrill of learning a new skill, like sailing, or the satisfaction of creating something beautiful, like a clay pot, having new adventures and sharing favorite activities with friends makes everyone a happy camper.    

Jubilation for Jubilee

Frederica Academy is pleased to announce a Sister School relationship with the Jubilee School (Academie la Saline) in Jubilee Blanc, Haiti, for the upcoming school year.
The Jubilee School was founded in 2009 by missionaries and teachers from southeast Georgia. The School's mission is to nourish the bodies, minds and souls of the children of Jubilee Blanc. Jubilee Kids is the non-profit organization that provides support and manages the funding for the School and Jubilee Nutrition Program, which provides the students' meals.
Jubilee Kids is based in Brunswick and receives support from local churches, businesses and individuals.
Our Sister School partnership with Jubilee formalizes a relationship that started in 2012, when Frederica Academy helped establish the Jubilee School library by furnishing it with equipment and supplies. This past year, Frederica second grade students enjoyed a year of connecting with their second grade counterparts at the Jubilee School. The students exchanged pen-pal letters and videos that traveled back and forth with mission teams originating from Brunswick.  Click here and here to watch videos that illustrate this student-centered partnership.
Dottie Barrow, Frederica Academy Technology Director, has agreed to represent our school on the Jubilee Kids' Board of Directors.  Dottie was instrumental in establishing our relationship with the Jubilee School and has participated in several mission trips to Haiti to visit the school since it was established. 
Click here to watch a video about the school and here to learn more about the Jubilee Kids organization.
----------------------------   CALL TO ACTION  ----------------------------

Frederica Academy has offered to help provide school uniforms for students for the upcoming year.  Students wear green shirts (with or without collars) and khaki bottoms.  These items can be dropped off at the Frederica Academy Media Center during our summer school hours.  Click here to learn more about the uniform program or here to email Dottie should you have questions or need more information. If you prefer to make an online donation, click here to access the Jubilee Kids' online giving program.

Dress for Success

The 2014 – 2015 school year is rapidly approaching, not only for Frederica Academy students, but for the children of the Jubilee School (Academie la Saline), in Jubilee Blanc.  And just as our students need new school supplies and uniforms to begin the year, so do their friends in Haiti.
Frederica Academy parents whose children have outgrown their green polo tops and khaki shorts or skorts may donate these uniforms to Dottie Barrow, who is overseeing the collection and transportation of clothing items to Haiti in the coming weeks (mission trips are currently scheduled to leave on July 22nd and August 12th, with another trip tentatively set up for later in August).
In addition to used uniforms, a donation of $15 will purchase a new uniform for a child.  Checks should be made out to Jubilee Kids, Inc. and the donations are tax deductible.
For more information about the Jubilee School, and how to help with the ongoing work there, go to Jubilee Kids, Inc.  To see a video of Frederica Academy Lower School students singing a Creole song they learned from the Jubilee students, click here. For up-to-date information, check out the Jubilee Kids Facebook page.

All dressed up and ready to learn - Jubilee School students
proudly display their school uniforms. 

Getting in the swing of things on Sunday

Great day on the fairway

Sunday, June 29 – Sea Island Retreat Golf Course
The inaugural Frederica Academy Booster Club Golf Tournament got off to a tasty start on this sultry summer morning, as twenty-nine teams of golfers gathered for a delicious lunch in the Retreat Clubhouse ballroom. From there, it was out to the course, for the shotgun start at 1:00 p.m.
The full day of persistently warm sunshine and muggy air did not hinder the 116 participants from having a great day of golf, and when they reconvened in the clubhouse, they still had enough energy to participate in the silent auction and enjoy some post-tournament snacks, drinks and camaraderie.
The event wound down with the announcement of the golf cart raffle winner - Patrick Dunn. Other eagerly awaited news was the announcement of the tournament winners. Congratulations to the team from St. Simons Bank and Trust! Phil Davis, Ryan Cowart, Steven Price and Frank Mitchell played a great round of golf to stay ahead of some very stiff competition.
Frederica Academy thanks all who participated in this inaugural tournament, which will benefit so many programs at the school. We appreciate the gracious support that allows the school to carry on its mission to maximize each student's potential and prepare him or her for college and adult life through the development of mind, body, and spirit.

Chilling out on a sultry summer day

Monday, June 16th - The heat and humidity were no match for excited groups of rising Pre-K and Kindergarten children, and their families, as they gathered on the Sea Island Green to play with friends and meet their new classmates. Between rounds of blowing bubbles, making chalk art, and tumbling in the bounce house, the youngsters cooled off with ice pops and cold water -- then went right back at it again.

Graduation 2014

A finer day could not have been ordered for the graduation ceremony of Frederica Academy's Senior Class on Saturday, May 17, 2014.  With heartfelt addresses and encouraging words, the graduates were extolled for their commitment to education and encouraged to take their gifts and talents into the world.

Frederica Academy Commencement 2014

Processional: Highland Cathedral

*Invocation and  Pledge of Allegiance Emory Larkin


  Honor Council Senior Representative Isaac Daley

Greetings from the Head of School Gregory F. Griffeth

          College Counselor Laura Nevins

Assistant Upper School Director Joel Karpowitz

Salutatory Address Kaitlin Shea

Valedictory Address Cole Mullis

Presentation of Class Gift

         President of the Class of 2014 Alexis McBride

Introduction of  the Speaker

         President of the Student Council Park Brady

Commencement Address

CCGA Executive-in-Residence J. Reginald Murphy

Presentation of Diplomas

         Chairperson, Board of Trustees Bonney Shuman
*Introduction of the Class of 2015 Gregory F. Griffeth

*Alma Mater Audience

Alma Mater

On an isle in southeast Georgia, there’s a school we love;
Set near sea and pearly beaches, moss draped oaks above.
Frederica, how we love thee, our dear high school home;
And our memories we’ll cherish, as from thee we roam.

A Bit of Pomp and Circumstance for the Lower School

The school year ended with celebrations, graduations, and recognition of a job well done by the students in the lower school.  Special awards were given to students who had demonstrated exemplary citizenship, unique talents and superior academic achievement.


2014 Frederica Finale

As the sun grew warmer and the days stretched longer, Frederica students ran, jumped, laughed, sang, and studied their way to the end of the school year.



Cate Seymour Makes History

On Friday, May 16th, it was announced that fifth grader Cate Seymour had placed Second in State, in the Americanism Elementary School Poster Contest, sponsored by the Sons of the American Revolution.  Her poster, depicting the life and contributions of patriot Francis Marion, was the first from Frederica Academy to place at the state level. Steve Ford, of the Marshes of Glen Chapter of the SAR, presented the award, a certificate, and a check for seventy-five dollars to Cate.  He cited her thorough research as the deciding factor in winning second place.  Other runners-up from FA were Molly Mitchell, Clayton Moores and Luke Veal.  Fifth grade teacher, Jill Sorbie, and Lower School art teacher, Leigh Lane, guided the students through the research and creative process as they produced their colorful, fact-filled posters.

Friday at Frederica - Lessons with an International Flavor

May 16 - On Friday morning, Scottish storyteller Linda Bandelier visited Frederica Academy as part of the celebration of Lower School Reading Day and the completion of this year's Accelerated Reading (AR) program.  Throughout the year, students read hundreds of books, an accomplishment that first grade teacher, Jody McCollum, thought worthy of unique recognition.  She engaged Rev. Bandelier, a member of the Scottish Storytelling Network, to tell stories to the children as a special treat.  With her dramatic voice and lilting accent, the storyteller held the children spellbound all morning in the Knights' Reading Room, with her tales and songs.  For more information about  Linda Bandelier and her mission, visit

Later that morning, fourth graders prepared for a feast when Restaurante Delicioso opened for business in Roxana Bush's Lower School Spanish classroom.  For months, the students had been learning the names of all sorts of foods in Spanish and on Friday, they were required to put that knowledge to the test.  In order to eat, they had to order their meals entirely in Spanish.  Thanks to all they had learned from “Chef” Bush, no one went hungry.

Lower School Shows Some Love for Their Mothers

The children of the Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Second Grade spread out celebrating Mothers' Day from Friday through Monday, as they treated those very special people in their lives to brunches and lunches and displays of the wonderful gifts they had made for them. 

Derby Day 2014

Saturday, May 3 -  Families, friends, faculty, and a phalanx of fine Frederica Academy supporters gathered in the glow of the late afternoon sun, for the 13th Annual Derby Day Fundraiser, at the Sea Island Retreat Clubhouse.  The festivities got off to a musical start with Soul Gravy, as guests mingled, bid on Silent Auction items and readied themselves for the big race.  Excitement continued to build through the night with the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, the Hat Parade, the Vespa Raffle Drawing and the thrilling Live Auction.  The evening wound down with dancing under the stars.  

Frederica Academy thanks all who attended and gave so much to support the ongoing mission of the school, which is to maximize each student's potential and prepare him or her for college and adult life through the development of mind, body, and spirit.

Some Things Are Worth The Wait

May 9 - Dreary weather may have postponed the annual May Pole Dance by a week, but the wait made the event all the more exciting for the charming participants and the delighted spectators.  Laughter and smiles were as abundant as the sunshine, thanks to the fine performances of Frederica's fourth and fifth grade classes.

They Wear it Well

Dressing down on T-shirt Fridays has kept enthusiasm up during the soggy spring, for this year's exciting Derby Day fundraiser.  The fun starts on Saturday, May 3rd, at 5:00 pm, at the Sea Island Retreat Clubhouse.  For event tickets, raffle tickets or more information, call 912-638-9981

May Day Grandparents Day 2014

May 2 - A grand celebration of spring filled the Frederica gym on Friday morning, as grandparents, parents, families and friends enjoyed the joyful tradition that is May Day - Grandparents Day.  The program started on a high note with the first, second and third grades singing a delightful medley of songs that spanned the decades.  Next, the 2014 May Court was introduced, after which the announcement of this year's May Queen was made.  That honor fell to Ms. Madi Bush. The fourth and fifth grade May Pole dancers and their escorts then paraded by the May Court to pay them honor.  The traditional May Pole Dance will take place on Friday, May 9th.


Earth Day 2014

April 22 – A welcome dose of sunshine and a soft, cool breeze heralded the start of a particularly beautiful Earth Day at Frederica Academy. Throughout the school, students engaged all kinds of activities involving math, poetry, writing, art, science, reading and even digging in the dirt, to get a better appreciation of their wonderful home planet. The beautiful flower garden, planted by the second grade, will be a vivid reminder of the splendors of nature, for all of Frederica's students, teachers, and visitors to enjoy, for months to come.

For Mac Patch the grass is a little greener at Berry College

April 23 - With Coach Tom Willis and his mother, Tammy Patch, looking on, Mac Patch made it official that he’d be hitting the links for the Berry College golf team this fall.  The Junior PGA and JGT veteran, and valued member of the Frederica’s championship varsity team is excited about the contributions he hopes to bring to the Vikings’ golf program.

After committing to Berry, Mac played in the GISA AA State Golf Championship, at Jekyll, on Monday, April 28, where the Frederica Golf Knights shot a 300 for the win.  The seven straight titles by FA is a Georgia record for any classification, public school or private.

"He could've been something."

It is not a story Cap and Catherine Fendig enjoy telling.  They ask for prayers of family and friends before they set out to deliver their message.  It’s an account that no parent ever wants to give, but they do it in hopes of sparing other families the grief they live.  On September 27, 2013, their 26 year old son, David, died of a methamphetamine overdose.

David grew up on St. Simons and its surrounding waters, a brilliant young man who graduated from Frederica Academy in 2005, and went on to college at Georgia Tech, where he excelled in computer engineering.  He graduated at the top of his class and began work as a software engineer for National Cash Register.  Life on the surface appeared to be going well for David, but underneath it all there was, what his father calls, a “mean giant” waiting to take over his life completely – his abuse of alcohol and drugs.  While the protective bubble of caring family, teachers and friends in his island home surrounded him, he could get by with his growing habit.  Once away from his support structure, in a college atmosphere where 75% of students at some point abuse drugs and alcohol, his addiction and the poor choices that came with that, made him vulnerable.  Every encounter with his drug of choice, “Molly”, or MDMA, which is the active ingredient in Ecstasy, was like playing Russian roulette with his life.  Seldom is this “party” drug exactly what it is purported to be, and such was the case on the last night of David’s life.  What he thought was the drug that would give him a sense of euphoria for a few hours, was pure methamphetamine, and as his father explained to Frederica students, it cooked his brain.  He died in the shower, trying to get cooler.

With their tragic story, the Fendigs are reaching out to all the high school students of Glynn County, imploring them not to experiment with alcohol and illegal drugs and to seek help, if they are already ensnared in the web of social drinking and drug abuse.  As Catherine Fendig, herself a recovering alcoholic, explained, “You can make the choice not to go down that road,” and if you are fortunate enough to survive, “don’t spend half your life cleaning up what you did the first half.”

Frederica Academy is also reaching out to its students and Head of School, Greg Griffeth, asked the assembled upper school, “What do you want from us?  We want to help. ”  He announced that a comprehensive survey would be given to all the high school students that day, which would allow them to express their worries and concerns anonymously.  The results of that survey will guide the school in creating the kind of support and educational program that will serve the young people best.  Frederica wants to equip each and every student with the knowledge and courage it takes to make the right decisions now and for the rest of their lives.  Cap Fendig’s final words about David reiterated the danger and sadness of making bad choices.  “He took a gamble one night.  Don’t let that be your story.  Please.”

To see a video of the Fendig's presentation, click here:

Bright Smiles on a Cloudy Day

Cool temperatures and threatening skies on Thursday did little to dampen the spirits of the children of the Lower School, as they celebrated Easter festivities on the last day of classes, before the holiday weekend.

The morning kicked off with the Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt, in Hamilton Landing Park.  Excited children raced from the playground equipment to the bases of the giant live oaks, scooping up bright colored eggs and even sharing their finds with classmates.

Next on the agenda was the Pre-School Easter Parade, where the youngest Frederica students showed off the fine Easter bonnets and bunny ears they had made themselves.  After their procession through the school, they settled down to a story read by Mrs. Dyer.  


In the early afternoon, the Sea Island Green rang with the shouts of exuberant first graders, as they finished their study of the White House, by enacting their own version of the famous White House Easter Egg Roll. Armed with plastic spoons, they rolled, pushed and even tossed hard-boiled eggs across the lawn, to the finish line.

"May we have more kale chips?"

“Mrs. Payne, may we have more kale chips?”

It’s not a phrase one often hears from nine-year-olds, but on Wednesday in Hamilton Hall, children were clamoring for their greens.  That’s because the fourth-graders in Mrs. Payne's and Mrs. Waters' classes had harvested the kale and collards from their garden on Tuesday, and given the produce to Chef Sarah Horne-Cox to create something special.  Chef Sarah rose to the challenge with two mouthwatering dishes, Collard Green Flatbread Pizza and Kale Chips with Creamy Hummus.

The students enjoyed the tasty final products of their “Farm to Table” study and were especially partial to the crunchy kale chips.  If you would like to try these dishes at home, click here for Chef Sarah’s Kale Chips recipe and here for her Collard Green Flatbread Pizza recipe.

Digging Deep Into the Past

Months of study and research culminated in an exciting final week of Colonial Era activities for Jan Payne’s and Jen Water’s fourth grade classes.  On March 25th and 26th, the children dug in at Fort Frederica National Park, and sifted through the centuries, to bring up an array of artifacts, all under the careful supervision and guidance of Ranger Ellen Strojan.


They returned to the school to wash their finds, and on Thursday, March 27th, spent an entire day in the lab examining and cataloging the items, which ranged from pipe stems to ax handles.

The sights and sounds of days gone by filled the campus on Friday, March 28th, when the fourth-graders wrapped up the week with Colonial Day. After a traditional Early American lunch of ham biscuits, corn on the cob, beef jerky, carrots, and dessert, the students engaged in a wide range of 18th century pursuits which included making butter, writing letters with quills and ink, making their own whirligigs, and playing traditional games like cup-and-ball, marbles, and hoop and stick.

March Goes Out On A Groovy Note

The last 30+ years melted away, as the second grade brought the oh-so-sweet seventies to the stage of Hamilton Hall, on the last day before spring break.  With lava lamps erupting and disco lights flashing, the young performers gave voice to the decade of bell-bottoms, Watergate and some of the best music ever written.  Parents, friends and fellow students got down with the beat and learned a lot of history, too, as the youngsters joyously powered through the greatest hits of the decade.

More to March than Madness

The 6th grade Community Service class started the month of March promoting a fundraiser aptly named "March Madness". The goal of the fundraiser was to raise money for a non-profit organization called Children in Action, located in Brunswick. Children in Action is a Christ-centered ministry intentional in building relationships with children ages 7-12 and helping equip them to make healthy choices. Upon donating to this fund, students were allowed to fill out a NCAA Men's Basketball March Madness bracket. The winner of this challenge will present the money raised to Children in Action.

The March Madness Challenge served as the tip-off to multiple other projects during the month of March. The students traveled to Magnolia Manor where they used balloons to lead an exercise program with the patrons. The students then walked the halls of Magnolia Manor engaging patrons in friendly conversation before leaving for the day. The students also traveled to the Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia to tour the facility and learn about caring for animals. This trip opened the students' eyes to the various needs of dogs and cats in the Brunswick community. A possible pet food drive was suggested as they brainstormed ways that Frederica could help the community. Finally, the students served on campus by visiting the Pre-Kindergarten room during lunchtime. Students enjoyed reading to the children, helping prepare lunches, and escorting them to car pool.

The goal of the 6th grade Community Service class is to broaden the experiences and minds of the students by introducing them to people and environments different from their own and thereby encouraging them to be more compassionate and aware of the needs around them. The hope is that these students will experience heart-felt compassion for a particular group and be motivated to serve them in a greater capacity. Ms. delaRosa is very proud of her students and their willing participation and openness to these different experiences.


They arrived with their bags full, but their minds open to the learning adventure that awaited them at New Ebenezer Retreat. For three days and two nights last week, Carla Cate’s and Jill Sorbie’s fifth grade classes engaged in a gamut of activities ranging from dressing in historical garb to handling reptiles, all designed to help them develop an appreciation for U.S. history, a love for the natural environment, and an understanding of their own place in the world. Their action-packed trip culminated in a special dress-up evening in Savannah, where the students enjoyed dinner and a performance of “Savannah Live” at the Savannah Theater.

The Gift of Music: Mike Hasty Donates Guitars to Frederica Academy

March 20 - The first day of spring was especially celebratory for the music department at Frederica Academy this year as three exquisite handmade guitars were given to the school that afternoon, by their creator, luthier Mike Hasty. Mr. Hasty presented one Dreadnaught style and two orchestra model guitars to Music/Drama Instructor, Amy Bishop and Head of School, Greg Griffeth, to encourage students to create music and explore their musical potential.

All three instruments are steel six string guitars, crafted by Mr. Hasty from a wide variety of specialty woods including American quilted maple, walnut, Sitka spruce, western red cedar, cocobola, Indian rosewood, African ebony, holly, Adirondack spruce, canary wood and mahogany. The fretted fingerboards are embellished with beautiful mother of pearl inlays. To learn more about Mike Hasty and his work in building custom guitars, please visit

Passing the Spoon

Respected Chef Sarah Walters will soon be leaving Frederica Academy to return to her former position at the Coastal College of Georgia, and Chef Sarah Horne-Cox, who is currently working at CCGA, will take her place.  The two Chefs Sarah are sharing the kitchen this week, to ensure a smooth transition.  Asked about the change, Chef Sarah Walters said she is sorry to be leaving, but knows that the dining program is in good hands with Chef Sarah Horne-Cox.

Sarah Horne-Cox is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York, having served her internship at the Cherokee Town and Country Club in Atlanta.  Since graduation, Chef Sarah served in various culinary capacities with the Sea Island Resorts and as the Presidential Chef at Florida State University.  She and her husband both call the Golden Isles home.

Chef Sarah Walters and Chef Sarah Horne-Cox - both are dedicated to healthy eating at Frederica Academy.


Two dozen Middle School and Upper School students traveled to Statesboro on Saturday to compete in the 26th Annual Invitational Mathematics Tournament, sponsored by the Georgia Southern University Department of Mathematical Sciences.  The students were accompanied by Julie Boatright, Jody Bradford, Sheri Graham, and Sandra Smith.


FA Middle School Team 1 placed 8th out of 31 teams overall.  Team members included:  Alastair Campbell, George Poulakis, Sara Seckinger, and Constance Sullivan. FA MS Team 2 Members: William Brock, Emily Harrison, Michael Mitchell, and Hannah Yarborough. FA MS Team 3:  Logan Bauer, MacKenzie Morgan, Whitney Ponsell, and Britton Sullivan.


The Varsity team placed 8th against about twenty varsity teams.  FA Varsity Team members included: Ted Davis, Isaac Daley, Will MacArthur, and Christian Sullivan. Ted finished in the Top 10 Individuals and Christian finished in the Top 20 Individuals category. The FA Junior Varsity Team 1 placed 6th out of 17 teams overall. Nick Noltes and Alex Dunn placed in the Top 20 Individual competition. Sarah Higgins and Nina Poulakis were also on the FA JV Team 1. FA JV Team 2 members included:  R'Nelle Collins, Rayna Daley, Kaitlin Goodbread, and Chris Osgood.


"It's no secret.  Whatever you want to do, it's going to take hard work." - Adrian Peterson

Monday morning assembly was considerably enlivened by the appearance of former NFL running back, and Georgia Southern alumnus, Adrian Peterson, who started off his presentation with a bang, shouting, “HARD WORK!” to which students eagerly responded, “PAYS OFF!”

Peterson then proceeded to tell his story of growing up with a debilitating speech impediment which his dedicated parents would not allow to hinder his path, even when he, himself, felt defeated by it. Their insistence that he never give up, pushed him to work hard in everything he did, be it speech therapy, school work or football practice. Peterson reminded students that at this point in their lives, they must always remember that, “Mom and Dad know best!” He said that without the value his parents inculcated in him, that working relentlessly was necessary to achieve any worthy goal, he would have never become an award winning football player nor, more importantly, a person with impaired speech who could give hope and encouragement to others with disabilities.

Though Peterson still struggles with his speech, he has not let his disorder define him, and is grateful that God has blessed him in so many other ways. He advised Frederica students to keep in mind that, “whatever situation you are going through, you can overcome it” and “it’s never too early to set dreams – or never too late”. With those inspiring thoughts, he opened the floor to questions, which were abundant. Peterson then stayed the rest of the morning at the school, meeting students and talking with them individually.

Adrian Peterson’s book Don’t Dis My Abilities is available from Imprint Publishing.


Fifth Graders Create a Revolution

On Tuesday, March 4th, Revolutionary patriots took over the front porch of Frederica Academy, and captured the attention of fellow students, parents and teachers.  Dressed in wigs, tricorn hats and colonial era costumes, the fifth graders enacted the 8th Annual American Revolution Wax Museum, bringing to life their favorite historical characters, in oral presentations prepared from weeks of reading and research.  The following day, they took their show on the road and performed again at the A. W. Jones Heritage Center.  They will make a final appearance on Saturday, April 19th, at the Patriot’s Day Parade at the St. Simons pier. 

Tucker Anderson Assembly - The Importance of Making Wise Decisions

On Monday, February 24, former Frederica Academy student Tucker Anderson spoke to the Upper School and eighth grade students about his 2012 auto accident and subsequent difficult recovery. He emphasized the importance of thinking first about God and family, before acting rashly and possibly making poor decisions. As one of only 1% of victims who has survived the types of injuries he sustained, Tucker feels that he has been spared by God to spread the word to young people to be cautious and thoughtful in all their actions, or risk unfortunate consequences.

Manners Matter

Carla Cate’s graciousness and good manners have not gone unnoticed. Jaiden Rose-Scally, one of Mrs. Cate’s fifth grade students, chose her as the subject of his “Best Mannered Teacher” essay, and in writing his award-winning letter describing her, secured a nomination for the prestigious award by the Golden Isles Chapter of the National League of Junior Cotillions. On Tuesday, February 25th, Mrs. Sara Rollison, Chapter Director, made a short presentation recognizing Jaiden for his winning recommendation letter and Mrs. Cate for her esteemed “Best-Mannered” accolade. Jaiden and Mrs. Cate will be honored at the March 7 Lower School Morning Meeting for their achievements.

Lady Knights to Play NCAA Soccer and Lacrosse

Congratulations to senior students Jordan Hazzard, Madi Bush, and Emily Kate Finn, (pictured l to r), who announced their recent commitments to NCAA programs last week. Hazzard will be playing soccer for the Vikings at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Bush will become a Knight at Middle Georgia State College in Macon, where she will also play soccer. Finn will attend Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, where she will play Lacrosse for the Ducks. We are very proud of our Lady Knights and wish them the best of luck as collegiate athletes!

Morgan Brian '11 named 2013 Player of the Year by Soccer America magazine (1.16.14)

Click here and here to read the articles featured in The Brunswick News regarding Morgan Brian being named the 2013 Player of the Year by Soccer America Magazine.

In addition, click here and here to read the articles in The Brunswick News regarding Morgan receiving Missouri Athletic Club's Hermann Trophy.

Morgan has arguably become the most decorated player to ever compete in high school and collegiate soccer. In 2011, she became the first soccer player to be named the Gatorade Player of the Year (awarded to the nation’s top high school athlete). During her career at Frederica, Morgan received almost every major region, state, and national honor given to an elite high school soccer player.

Morgan continues to fill her trophy case with school, conference, and national awards as a member of The University of Virginia’s (UVA) soccer team. At age 15, Morgan became the youngest member of the United States U-17 women’s national soccer team. After competing on youth national teams for several years, Morgan was called up to the U.S. Women’s National Team in June 2013.

We look forward to cheering for Morgan as she enters her senior year at UVA this fall and continues to compete on the world stage as the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team prepares for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015 and the Olympics the following year in Rio de Janeiro.

Click here to view the full ad featured in The Brunswick News

SteerSmart Student Assembly

A special Student Assembly, "SteerSmart", took place on Thursday, February 20, in Hamilton Hall. Lauren Winborne, mother of six and founder of SteerSmart, presented a session to the entire Upper School. The SteerSmart program teaches teens and new drivers about the risks of the road, focusing on decisions and consequences. For more information, go to

Coastal Georgia Youth Symphony Chamber Ensemble

Members from the Coastal Georgia Youth Symphony performed for the 2nd through 5th grade students on Tuesday, November 26. Some of the songs included Over the Rainbow, String a Song of Christmas, and Georgia on My Mind. Ted Davis, Maddie Myers, Emma Thomas, Margaret Spiers, and Crystal Murphy represented Frederica Academy.

2013-2014 National Honor Society Inductees

The new members include: (back row, L-R) William Aylward, Isaac Daley, Trey Manor, Will MacArthur, Drew Brunson, Henry Heery, Lucas White, Cameron Atwood, J.P. Conway, (middle row, L-R) Emma Thomas, Courtney Been, Park Brady, Jonathan Schmidt, Drew Childers, J.D. Keith, Sellers Pickens, Jacqueline Lee, Chelsea Morris, (front row, L-R) Amanda Vespucci, Felder Anne Martin, Hayden Squire, Sarah Ashley Trowbridge, Stephanie Baione, Kate Harrison, Emily Kate Finn, Maddie Myers, Caroline Worthy.

Bradley Parker '11 Doubles as Pro Sports Agent

Middle School Laptop Program

Coastal Youth Symphony Partnership

The Strings Program is a new component of the school's Lower School music curriculum. Amy Bishop, Frederica's Lower School Music teacher, develops a foundation for students in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and grades 1-5 using the Orff musical approach. Crystal Murphy, an instructor with the CYS, builds on the Orff foundation by teaching fourth and fifth grade students to play String instruments. Frederica Upper School students Ted Davis, Maddie Myers, and Emma Thomas are members of the CYS and are assisting Ms. Murphy with the Lower School Strings classes.

FA recognized as best in class in athletics

Defending champs reward new coach with easy victory

It took exactly 46 seconds for the Frederica Academy football team to notch its first touchdown in the season after winning the state title. Before Thursday night’s 2013 season opener was done, the Knights would score six more times and send David Emanuel Academy back to Stillmore with a 45-0 loss in the Georgia Independent School Association contest. At Frederica Field on St. Simons Island, senior running back Shaun Tatum ran for two touchdowns and threw another to lead FA to its 10th consecutive win dating back to 2012. The reigning Class A champion Knights led 17-0 after one quarter and 38-0 by halftime and won the head coaching opener for new coach Brandon Derrick. “I thought the kids came out and did what we asked them to: come out early and be in attack mode,” said Derrick, who took over for the departed Clint Morgan. “I thought with our scrimmages we kind of slid into it, and tonight we got after it right off the bat. The kids did a good job preparing for it all week. They did what we coached them to do offensively and defensively.” Tatum’s 42-yard scamper to the right corner of the end zone just 46 seconds into the night started the scoring. He added a second rushing touchdown of 24 yards exactly four minutes later. After a 41-yard field goal by senior Landon Barrow made it 17-0 to close out the first-quarter barrage, Tatum put Frederica up 24-0 on a pretty 39-yard halfback toss down the right side that found senior wideout J.P. Conway alone behind his cover man. “We took the same approach we want to take in every game,” Tatum said. “We just have to stay humble. We know we can beat any team, but we also know any team can beat us. We just take the same approach every week and come out and play.” Tatum said his touchdown pass — the “68 halfback pass” play — was a nice call by his coaches. “We practiced it (Wednesday) and I overthrew him, so I said I can’t miss him in the game,” he said. “We ran that play last year, and (the receiver) dropped it, so I had to stick it right on him this time.” Frederica’s offensive line — that averages in excess of 260 pounds per man — made his job easy, said Tatum. “I love running behind those guy,” he said. “I go five yards and don’t get touched, then I’m off to the races.” Last year’s state championship hero, Max Bourne, put his team up 31-0 midway through the second. The senior quarterback burst through a hole on the right side of FA’s line and outran half the DEA team 75 yards to the end zone. With 45 seconds to go before intermission, Barrow and Bourne effectively put the game on ice with an 18-yard pass-and-catch touchdown.“ Generally, we like to run the football,” Derrick said. “Coach (Geoffrey) Cannon does a good job of adapting what we want to do (as offensive coordinator), and the offense did a great job of spreading it out and attacking their weakness. We’re going to continue to push that offensive line to set the tone, but it’s good to have the ability to spread it around and do some things. Max gives us a lot of things to do. We definitely did a good job in the first half.” The Knights rolled up 247 rushing yards and another 130 through the air in the first half alone and finished with 480 yards of offense and 15 first downs. David Emanuel managed just 94 first-half yards and wound up with eight first downs and 125 total yards — 42 of that on one first-half pass play. Bourne led FA with 110 yards rushing on just six carries, and Tatum wound up with 86 rushing on five totes. Freshman runner Pierce Gunderson, shouldering the bulk of the Knights’ rushing load after halftime, finished with 92 yards on 12 carries and scored the game’s final touchdown midway through the fourth quarter on a 1-yard run. Barrow was a perfect 5-for-5 on extra-point kicks, and Conway booted the final PAT. The Knights did commit eight penalties for 85 yards but none in the final two quarters. “We played a little high and didn’t tackle real well on defense. We’ll fix that,” Derrick said. “Offensively, we just have to eliminate mistakes. We had two touchdowns called back on penalties and one fumble, so we have to eliminate those first-game mistakes. We try to pride ourselves on no turnovers. If we eliminate mistakes and work on our pursuit angles, I think we’ll be OK. “Our guys were able to stay in control of the game, and that’s a good way to be.”

Native Speakers Help Class Navigate Learning Spanish

Balance is key to preparing for school