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Morgan Brian Nominated for 2014 Hermann Trophy

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The Rise of Morgan Brian, America's Next Big Soccer Star
By Graham Hays | Oct 24, 2014

Click here to read an article about Morgan Brian '11 in the current online issue of espnW.  Below is an excerpt: 


... The national team has benefited from the likes of Long Island and Oahu before, but it is difficult to find any smaller landmass represented in the all-time player pool than St. Simons Island, one of Georgia's barrier islands along the Atlantic Ocean. It measures just 18 square miles, which makes it easy to understand why Brian estimated her senior class at Frederica Academy in 2011 at about 30 students (while Frederica is on the island, St. Simons isn't even big enough to merit its own public school; Brian would have crossed to the mainland had she attended one).


In a state obsessed with the other football, the island's small size and insularity played its part in shaping Brian's passion. While Frederica didn't have a football team when Brian went there (its first team took the field the fall after she left), the school and the island had a mutually beneficial soccer culture. Brian won four consecutive state titles in high school, her teams outscoring the competition 171-17 in the postseason alone during that reign, but the school was a powerhouse for both boys and girls, including her older sister, Jennifer, even before Brian arrived on the scene. Brian enjoyed basketball, maybe more than anything else at times, but soccer surrounded her and pulled her in.


"I really enjoy playing soccer," Brian said. "It's such a beautiful game. And It's a difficult thing to do -- I mean, you're playing with your feet. And when you do get things right and you play really good soccer, there's nothing better than that." ... 


University Student Doubles as Pro Sports Agent

Communications junior Bradley Parker works at a Miami sports and entertainment group

By Samuel Gordon, Minnesota Daily
October 2, 2013

Communications junior Bradley Parker manages basketball players and their schedules
through phone calls and emails everyday. Parker is a player manager at United 
Worldwide Sports and Entertainment. 

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