Frederica Academy

The Academic Centers



Our alumni state again and again: “Frederica Academy helped me learn how to manage my time well, ask the right questions, and collaborate with my peers allowing me a smooth transition into college.” Frederica Academy’s Academic Centers model what students will experience in college: a student center where all students are supported in their individual learning and encouraged to collaborate with their peers to maximize their academic potential.  



At Frederica, we understand that learning is a complex process. We have three unique Academic Centers serving the needs of school-age children at their respective stages of development. With generous donations by stakeholders, we were able to enhance the campus with three unique spaces to serve our learners. In 2016, Frederica Academy completed the construction of the Nash Academic Center, which is a unique space dedicated to our oldest learners and located in the center of our Upper School. Each of the Academic Centers focus on the individual learner by providing unique support to empower students to become independent, critical thinkers.

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